Chapter 629 - Its Not That I Dont Want to Chase You, Its That I Cant CatChapter You
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  Tang Jinyu looked around and noticed the mini locator on the bed.

  His expression darkened as he pulled off the tracker. He turned around and looked at the window.

  There were still some marks on the window.

  She was telling herself clearly that this was where she left from!

  Tang Jinyu stared out of the window and looked into the distance quietly.

  Qi Mo stood at the side. When his gaze landed on Tang Jinyu’s hand, he smiled faintly.

  How rare!

  How could Instructor Tang be bested like this one day?

  Most importantly, he managed to capture her twice in a row but she managed to escape. She was indeed capable!

  After expressing his approval of Jian Qi, Qi Mo couldn’t help but laugh.

  If it weren’t for the fact that he cared about her, she wouldn’t have been able to escape.

  Qi Mo couldn’t help but smile as he looked at Tang Jinyu. Although his brother seemed sad, he still felt happy!

  After all, he had never imagined such a scene!

  Tang Jinyu stared out of the window quietly.

  Qi Mo thought that he would leave after standing there for two minutes. However, he stood there for half an hour without moving.

  Was he going to turn into a fossil?

  “Aren’t you going to chase after her?” Qi Mo couldn’t help but interrupt him.

  Tang Jinyu remained quiet. He seemed cold and distant.

  “What are you doing? Say something?”

  Qi Mo couldn’t help but frown when he saw how quiet he was. What did he mean?

  “Young Master Tang?” Qi Mo said again. “If you don’t chase after her, you might not be able to catch up!”

  Tang Jinyu took a deep breath. His expression was dark. No one could see through his eyes. No one could understand what he was thinking.

  “We can’t catch up anymore!” Tang Jin said calmly.

  “Don’t you have points for your soldiers?”

  Qi Mo was surprised.

  After a while, Tang Jinyu said, “She’s…… different!”

  Three times was enough to show her determination to leave!

  At the same time, it proved that he was right!

  She wanted to run several times.

  Previously, she stopped everything when he stopped her. This time, she ran three times!

  Clearly, she was determined to leave!

  Therefore, they couldn’t catch up to her now!

  Moreover, she was already on guard. It was impossible for them to catch up to her!

  “Are you not going to chase her?” Qi Mo was surprised. Wasn’t it important?

  “It’s not that I don’t want to chase after her. It’s just that I can’t catch up to her anymore. If she wants to hide, she’ll run a hundred times even if I catch her 99 times!”

  Tang Jinyu sounded serious.

  Qi Mo wasn’t conflicted about whether he should pursue her or not. Instead, he asked curiously, “Is she your soldier? Or is she just a foreign aid?”

  Tang Jinyu frowned.

  Suddenly, he smiled. However, his smile seemed rather bitter.

  “What did you see?”

  Qi Mo raised an eyebrow.

  It seemed like he wasn’t the only one who realized the problem!

  Who else was there?

  Was it Tang Jinyu himself?

  “What is it? You already know the answer. Why ask me?” Qi Mo asked.

  Seeing that Tang Jinyu didn’t say anything, Qi Mo continued, “Instructor Tang, as your brother and comrade, I have to remind you that you’re a soldier. Moreover, you’re not alone. There’s a group of people behind you. You have to be responsible for all of them!”