Chapter 627 - Im Not Your Sister!
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  After boarding the bus, Jian Qi sat down. However, her stomach was slightly upset.

  She had just endured so much and drank two glasses of juice. Then, she started running vigorously. Now that she had stopped, her stomach felt terrible!

  Jian Qi rubbed her stomach and took a deep breath.

  She cursed herself.

  Why did she eat so much when she knew that she had to run?

  It was getting closer and closer to the time when the car would be sent out. Jian Qi did not relax at all. Instead, she felt strangely nervous.

  This kind of frightening intuition made her feel especially tense!

  If she were caught a second time, she wouldn’t jump into the river. Tang Jinyu would throw her into the river.

  Jian Qi sighed in relief when she saw that the driver had finally gotten into the car.

  She was about to leave!

  Jian Qi stared at the driver intently.

  As the car backed off, Jian Qi smiled.

  Suddenly, her master stepped on the brakes. Jian Qi looked ahead, and her smile froze.

  She subconsciously hid under the stool.

  An old lady sitting beside her looked at her in confusion. “Little girl, what are you doing?”

  At that moment, the car door was already opened. The two people who walked up made everyone confused, especially the person in the lead. He had a scar at the corner of his eye and a cold aura around him. He looked like he wasn’t to be trifled with!

  Everyone was even more surprised when they saw him holding a phone and walking toward a spot behind Jian Qi.

  After all, there was only an old lady there.

  The old lady did not notice the person walking toward her. She patted Jian Qi’s back worriedly. “Little girl, what’s wrong? Are you unwell?”

  Jian Qi wanted to die!

  “Do you want to come out yourself or do you want me to carry you out?” A familiar voice was heard. It was cold and distant.

  Jian Qi knew that it was impossible to escape!

  She wanted to be punished as little as possible so that she could still struggle!

  Her stomach hurt even more.

  Jian Qi’s eyes lit up. Then, she closed her eyes and fainted on the chair.

  Tang Jinyu noticed her movements.

  He knew that she was an actress.

  “Old lady, can you please make way?” Tang Jinyu asked politely.

  The old lady had a sense of justice. When she saw Tang Jinyu’s ferocious expression just now, she thought that he was a bad person. She stopped him. “What do you want to do to her?”

  Jian Qi couldn’t help but praise the old lady.

  “She’s my sister. She ran away from home!” Tang Jinyu said calmly. “My father was worried about her, so he asked me to bring her back.”

  Jian Qi thought to herself,

  The old lady seemed to consider whether he was telling the truth. Qi Mo’s attitude became even more gentle. “Old Lady, it’s true. She’s indeed our younger sister!”

  The old lady looked at Qi Mo’s sincere expression and chose to believe him. Hence, she stood up and sat in the back row.

  After the old lady left, Tang Jinyu’s expression changed. He reached out and picked her up.

  Jian Qi closed her eyes and looked pained.

  Tang Jinyu was about to scold her when he saw her expression. He couldn’t help but frown. “What’s wrong with you?”