Chapter 626 - Jian Qi, How Dare You Run!
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  Sitting in the dining room, Jian Qi was focused on eating. She was thinking about how to run!

  She was shocked that Tang Jinyu found her so quickly.

  If she had known, she would have left immediately!

  Who knew that he would find her so quickly?!

  This was a mistake!

  On the other hand, Qi Mo was calmly and elegantly eating the food on his plate. From the beginning to the end, Tang Jinyu did not move at all. He just stared at Jian Qi wolfing down her food.

  “You look really hungry!” Qi Mo smiled faintly.

  Jian Qi ignored him and said to Tang Jinyu, “Little Tang Tang, why aren’t you eating?”

  Qi Mo was speechless.

  Who called him brother just now?

  It had only been a short while, and she was already turning her back on him?

  “Little Tang Tang, do you want me to feed you?” Jian Qi smiled.

  Tang Jinyu stared at her with a dark expression.

  “Don’t pull a face. It’s so ugly!” Jian Qi smiled and touched his head.

  Tang Jinyu looked at her coldly, forcing Jian Qi to retract her hand.

  Qi Mo watched their interaction and found it funny.

  Jian Qi finished her food and drank two glasses of juice. Then, she looked at Tang Jinyu again. “Little Tang Tang, I want to go to the washroom.”

  “Go!” Tang Jinyu said.

  Jian Qi quickly got up and went to the washroom.

  After they left, Qi Mo looked at him calmly. “Young Master Tang, what do you mean?”

  “I don’t want to answer any of your questions now. Don’t talk to me!” Tang Jinyu’s expression darkened. He looked at the time in the store.

  Qi Mo looked at the person in front of him and said nothing.

  At the same time, he noticed that Tang Jinyu was spending a lot of time.

  Ever since they left the island, Tang Jinyu had never relaxed.

  He had always been tense!

  He might not be so nervous even when he was carrying out a mission!

  He had always been calm and collected.

  Now, he wasn’t as calm as before.

  Three minutes later, Tang Jinyu suddenly stood up.

  Qi Mo raised an eyebrow. What was he doing?

  At that moment, he saw Tang Jinyu walking toward the washroom.

  Qi Mo was curious and followed him calmly.

  When they arrived at the washroom, Tang Jinyu said to a cleaner, “Go in and help me see if there’s anyone inside.”

  “No!” The cleaner replied. “I just came out of the toilet!”

  The cleaner’s words made Tang Jinyu’s face darken. He seemed worried and pushed the door open again. There were only three cubicles. They were all open!

  “Young Master Tang, I don’t understand your hobbies anymore. You even have the habit of barging into girls’ toilets!” Qi Mo teased.

  Tang Jinyu chased after the back door with a dark expression.

  Qi Mo soon came after him. He finally found Tang Jinyu, but he didn’t see Jian Qi.

  “Where’s Qi Zai?” Qi Mo asked.

  Tang Jinyu’s face darkened.

  Jian Qi held the ticket in her hand. Her face was slightly red from running so hard, and she was panting.

  She was almost caught up!

  Fortunately, she was quick to react. Moreover, she was fast enough to dodge it!