Chapter 625 - Little Tang Tang, I Love You!
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  After thinking about it, Qi Mo felt that he was thinking too much.

  How could Tang Jinyu be gay?

  However, Qi Mo couldn’t imagine such a woman.

  Tang Jinyu had a strong taste!

  Especially the scene where the girl was about to jump into the river. Was she really not invited by a monkey?

  Qi Mo looked at the two of them. His gaze landed on Tang Jinyu’s face. Although his eyes were lowered, he could still feel a hint of suppressed emotions.

  Qi Mo had never seen Tang Jinyu like that.

  This man had always been blessed by the heavens. Since when did he have such an expression?

  How rare!


  Qi Mo smiled mysteriously and walked toward her.

  “Little Tang Tang, don’t worry. Don’t cry!” Jian Qi patted Tang Jinyu’s back gently. She smiled and rubbed her head against his chest.

  How long had it been since she took advantage of him!

  Tang Jinyu’s expression darkened. He took a deep breath and pulled her away.

  Jian Qi pouted. “Little Tang Tang……”

  “Don’t change the subject. Tell me the truth!”

  Jian Qi was speechless.

  Was she crying and making a scene just now?

  Jian Qi stood properly and looked at him pitifully. “I’m done. What else do you want to hear?”

  “Do you think your answer is what I want?” Tang Jinyu asked.

  “Little Tang Tang……” Jian Qi blinked. “What else do you want me to say?”

  “Say that I love you?” She smiled playfully. “Little Tang Tang, I love you!”

  Jian Qi pouted at him.

  Tang Jinyu covered her face and pushed her away.

  Jian Qi was annoyed. He was so stubborn!

  What should she do?

  “Public display of affection?” A teasing voice was heard.

  Jian Qi turned around and looked at him.

  Tang Jinyu frowned.

  What was he doing here?

  Qi Mo looked at Jian Qi and raised an eyebrow. He didn’t expect her to be such a beautiful girl!

  This ever-changing drama queen’s personality was a little divided!

  He always thought that the girl that Tang Jinyu liked was quiet and obedient.

  After all, Tang Jinyu had always been a cold person. He was even quiet and did not say much. Occasionally, he would say something that made people want to vomit blood.

  He didn’t think that it would be a noisy one instead of a quiet one!

  “Brother…… Brother…… Brother……” Jian Qi said to him. Her smile deepened.

  Qi Mo’s lips twitched when he saw this strange smile.

  “Young Master Tang, let’s find a place to sit down and chat!” Qi Mo said.

  Jian Qi nodded at Tang Jinyu cooperatively. “Little Tang Tang, I’m hungry!”

  Tang Jinyu pursed his lips and took a deep breath. He looked at her bitter face. She even put her hand on her stomach. She seemed upset.

  “Let’s go!”

  Jian Qi smiled and hugged his arm. “Little Tang Tang, let’s go.”

  Looking at the two people walking in front of him, Qi Mo felt like he was the third wheel!

  Since when was Tang Jinyu so easy to talk to?

  Tang Jinyu would never change his mind because of what he said just now!

  It was because of her pitiful look!

  So…… he really did like her!

  Qi Mo’s gaze fell on Jian Qi’s back. His eyes darkened.

  Soon, he retracted his gaze and followed her calmly.