Trapped with the CEO
Chapter 1 You Must Save Me (CEO)
Chapter 2 The Most Precious Thing
Chapter 3 Three-Sec Qi
Chapter 4 I’m Your Man
Chapter 5 I Can Help You Revenge
Chapter 6 It’s Enough for You to Have Me
Chapter 7 No More Cry in Future
Chapter 8 Blue Island Mall
Chapter 9 Red Diamond
Chapter 10 You Should Yield to Me
Chapter 11 Marry an Old Man
Chapter 12 Be Your Mistress
Chapter 13 Lola’s Husband
Chapter 14 First Day of Work
Chapter 15 Sara Fu’s Older Female Cousin
Chapter 16 Man in the Back Seat
Chapter 17 You Drank
Chapter 18 Being Divorced Successfully
Chapter 19 Lonely Nights
Chapter 20 Running a Red Light
Chapter 21 Three Men
Chapter 22 I Have Tolerated You for Two Days
Chapter 23 The CEO Is an Idolater, Too.
Chapter 24 Mrs. Si Ran Off With the Car
Chapter 25 Four Police Cars Were Scrapped
Chapter 26 I Am Sure to Sue Her
Chapter 27 Abusing Lovely Girls
Chapter 28 A Very Handsome Guy
Chapter 29 The Men on Top
Chapter 30 Boss Si, You Are Awesome
Chapter 31 Childlike Smile
Chapter 32 No Idea
Chapter 33 Bitch
Chapter 34 Depend on Her Husband
Chapter 35 Not Let It Go at That
Chapter 36 Arrange for You
Chapter 37 Seeing Harry’s Mother for the First Time
Chapter 38 A Tramp
Chapter 39 I Am Not Your Mother
Chapter 40 Wait and See
Chapter 41 Mother-in-law Made a Scene in the Company
Chapter 42 Honey, Please Forgive Me
Chapter 43 Wendy Yu Refused Him
Chapter 44 Surprise Turned into Shock
Chapter 45 Yolanda Mo
Chapter 46 I Am Yolanda Mo, Harry’s Fiancee
Chapter 47 Not Come Back
Chapter 48 You Have My Permission
Chapter 49 I’ll Send You Back Now
Chapter 50 Please Don’t Get Us Wrong
Chapter 51 A Sharp Sound of Slap
Chapter 52 My Lawful Wife
Chapter 53 Go with Me
Chapter 54 You Dare to Hit Me
Chapter 55 Naughty
Chapter 56 Brown Wallet
Chapter 57 Your Cat Is Dead
Chapter 58 Laboratory Bench Was in a Mess
Chapter 59 Get Out of My House
Chapter 60 Trash whichever Room Yolanda Stays In
Chapter 61 Mr. President
Chapter 62 Lola’s Post Was Pushed to the Cusp of Public Opinion
Chapter 63 N7d9 Virus
Chapter 64 You Killed Her
Chapter 65 Abortion Surgery
Chapter 66 Bless Me with Happiness
Chapter 67 Joseph Li
Chapter 68 Are You Out of Your Mind
Chapter 69 I Found You Filthy
Chapter 70 Hook up with Mr. President
Chapter 71 Began to Fight
Chapter 72 I’ll Do You A Favor
Chapter 73 Make Her Famous at Any Cost
Chapter 74 Throw Money in Harry’s Face
Chapter 75 Became a Hit
Chapter 76 The Man Who She Secretly Missed
Chapter 77 Not Me
Chapter 78 I Will Be in Hell
Chapter 79 All She Needed to End Everything
Chapter 80 Wanting Nothing from Divorce
Chapter 81 Incomparably Beautiful
Chapter 82 Showing Love in Public
Chapter 83 Taking Each Other as A Passer-by
Chapter 84 Can I Help You
Chapter 85 Get Out
Chapter 86 Atone For Your Sin
Chapter 87 Get Out of My Room
Chapter 88 The Wrap Party
Chapter 89 Ban Lola Li From the Entertainment Circle
Chapter 90 Cancel the Contract
Chapter 91 There Must Be an Explanation
Chapter 92 Boiling With Rage
Chapter 93 Someone Who Was Determined to Leave
Chapter 94 Let Bygones Be Bygones
Chapter 95 This Is A Secret
Chapter 96 A Flash In the Pan
Chapter 97 Sorry, I Can’t Drink
Chapter 98 Welcome, Boss Si
Chapter 99 Boss Si, Please Behave Yourself
Chapter 100 Miss Li, Please Behave Yourself
Chapter 101 Make It Up to My Bestie
Chapter 102 Who Was That Child
Chapter 103 If You Dare to Say No
Chapter 104 I’m Not Going to Be With Her
Chapter 105 I Am Here to Propose You
Chapter 106 This Son of A Bitch
Chapter 107 Promotion and Pay Raise
Chapter 108 Bitch is Bitchy
Chapter 109 Fiancee’s Schoolmate
Chapter 110 Fiancee’s Number
Chapter 111 Then Get Out of My House
Chapter 112 CEO Lost His Temper
Chapter 113 Don’t Call Me President
Chapter 114 Mr. Si. What A Coincidence
Chapter 115 I Bring My Girlfriend
Chapter 116 Become the Victim of Verbal Assault and Died in D City
Chapter 117 Do I Look Like A Ghost
Chapter 118 A Young Hunk
Chapter 119 Beaten to Death in the Street
Chapter 120 She Was Playing With Fire
Chapter 121 What’s Wrong with You Today
Chapter 122 Compensate Me for Ten Times of Medical Expense
Chapter 123 These Are All From Your Daddy
Chapter 124 I’m Busy Hitting on Her
Chapter 125 I’ll Announce My Resignation
Chapter 126 Gave Lola a Hard Slap
Chapter 127 His Ex-wife Was Beaten Up
Chapter 128 Resignation Letter
Chapter 129 Staying with the Boss Was Too Dangerous
Chapter 130 Joey’s Bonus Will be Cut for Three Months Onward
Chapter 131 Did You Step Aside
Chapter 132 Let’s Have a Race
Chapter 133 I Quit
Chapter 134 Daddy’s So Handsome
Chapter 135 Grew Up Without the Company of Her Dad
Chapter 136 Call Me Brother-in-Law Next Time
Chapter 137 You Also Have a Child, Don’t You
Chapter 138 She Had to Obey This Big Shot
Chapter 139 Mike
Chapter 140 Spend the Rest of Her Life with Him
Chapter 141 Mike is Dead
Chapter 142 Chasing the Same Girl
Chapter 143 Acute Gastroenteritis
Chapter 144 I’m Going to Die
Chapter 145 It’s All Your Fault
Chapter 146 I Wanna Hit Someone With My Car
Chapter 147 Give Up the Position of President
Chapter 148 My Daughter with Thomas
Chapter 149 Such a Flirty Man
Chapter 150 Return From the Glaciers
Chapter 151 Stupid Face
Chapter 152 Yolanda Fell Down on All Fours
Chapter 153 Sister, How Could You Do That
Chapter 154 Groped Harry’s Phone
Chapter 155 A Natural Intimacy Between Father and Daughter
Chapter 156 An Eternal Picture
Chapter 157 Echo Bay
Chapter 158 Being Parted From Her Daughter
Chapter 159 No One Would Disturb Them
Chapter 160 Fairy Coming Down from the Heaven
Chapter 161 Shameless
Chapter 162 Nicole’s Grandma
Chapter 163 Fighting for a Mother and Daughter Pair
Chapter 164 Must Feel Terrible
Chapter 165 Their Well-planned Marriage
Chapter 166 It is the Show Time
Chapter 167 Passed By Distantly
Chapter 168 How Much is She Paying You
Chapter 169 Harry Si, Where are You
Chapter 170 Why Did You Slam the Door
Chapter 171 Sneaking Back Home
Chapter 172 A Beauty like You Dies Young
Chapter 173 Be with Her Forever
Chapter 174 My Daughter-in-law
Chapter 175 Tell Him to Pick Me Up
Chapter 176 I Am So Flattered
Chapter 177 Not Bother to Even Wash His Face
Chapter 178 Make It Up for Nicole
Chapter 179 Old Flames Have Sparked to Life
Chapter 180 Being in Intimate Relationship with Two Women
Chapter 181 More Than Justified to Pursue the One You Love
Chapter 182 Stepping Away is Also a Way of Expressing Love
Chapter 183 Freeing Himself
Chapter 184 You Scum
Chapter 185 Protect Your Mommy
Chapter 186 So Shameless
Chapter 187 Worn-Out Shoes
Chapter 188 Ninety-Nine Colors
Chapter 189 You Are Doomed
Chapter 190 Showing His Love to Her
Chapter 191 Five Hours and Twenty-one Minutes
Chapter 192 The Missing Mother and Daughter
Chapter 193 Keep Their Physical Strength
Chapter 194 I Love Lola
Chapter 195 Where Did Lola Go
Chapter 196 I Want to See You Happy
Chapter 197 Rode a Big Caucasian Ovcharka
Chapter 198 A Mutilated Body
Chapter 199 The Perfect Zoe
Chapter 200 Letter of Resignation
Chapter 201 Made a Lot of Effort
Chapter 202 Taking Me and the SL Group as Your Bitter Enemy
Chapter 203 Appear Charmingly
Chapter 204 Share Honor and Grace Ever Since
Chapter 205 I Can’t Forget About Him
Chapter 206 I Can’t Bear the Consequence
Chapter 207 My Sister Was Not The Third Woman
Chapter 208 I Won’t Interfere
Chapter 209 I Will Do It for You
Chapter 210 Mando Bay
Chapter 211 The Secret of the Old Pocket Watch
Chapter 212 So Powerful
Chapter 213 Reviled and Abused by the Public
Chapter 214 Have Our Last Romance
Chapter 215 The Liger
Chapter 216 Let Her Imagination Run Wild Without Borders
Chapter 217 I Will Be Yours
Chapter 218 Full of Her Shadows
Chapter 219 All Acknowledged Lola Was Really Loved by Boss Si
Chapter 220 Thomas Herren’s Resignation
Chapter 221 Blue Enchantress
Chapter 222 On the Hot Search
Chapter 223 The Hype
Chapter 224 Was He Falling in Love with Someone
Chapter 225 She was Quite Satisfied with That Son-in-law-to-be
Chapter 226 Kiss Another Woman
Chapter 227 Just A Stranger to You
Chapter 228 The Wedding Day
Chapter 229 Steal Your Brother’s Thunder
Chapter 230 Not to Give Up
Chapter 231 Welcome the Beautiful Bride
Chapter 232 Game was Over
Chapter 233 I Know My Distance And Limitations
Chapter 234 Give Nicole Back to Me
Chapter 235 Sheep Being Fed to the Mouth of a Tiger
Chapter 236 Face Reddened Due To Her Wrath
Chapter 237 Who Gave You the Permission to Pick Up Girls
Chapter 238 Not A Girlfriend Yet
Chapter 239 Kill Both of You
Chapter 240 Cheat on Me
Chapter 241 Yolanda’s Cousin
Chapter 242 Help Your Subordinates
Chapter 243 Can’t You Fight on Your Own
Chapter 244 Treat Nicole as My Own Child
Chapter 245 Harry’s Attitude
Chapter 246 A Plastic Ring
Chapter 247 A Friend of Your Brother
Chapter 248 Divorce Her
Chapter 249 Greatly Worry About Them
Chapter 250 Loves the Color Pink So Much
Chapter 251 It’s Mother’s Order
Chapter 252 A Military Salute
Chapter 253 Taking Care of Your Image
Chapter 254 Punish Her as a Warning to Others
Chapter 255 My Daughter’s Chauffeur
Chapter 256 Manipulate Each Other
Chapter 257 How Many Banks does This Guy Own
Chapter 258 I’m Already Bound to Him
Chapter 259 Showed His Anxiety on His Face
Chapter 260 Have Yet Reached a Consensus
Chapter 261 I’m Gonna Marry You
Chapter 262 Say Hello to Your Father
Chapter 263 Court Date
Chapter 264 Amazing Marriage Proposal
Chapter 265 What About the Lawsuit
Chapter 266 Showing off
Chapter 267 Lillian was Pregnant
Chapter 268 Slapped Him on His Face
Chapter 269 You are Going to be a Grandmother
Chapter 270 Have an Abortion
Chapter 271 I Do Not Want a Stepmother
Chapter 272 So I Let You
Chapter 273 One of My Betrothal Gifts for Lola
Chapter 274 Have I Told You
Chapter 275 My Computer Just Got a Virus
Chapter 276 I Love You Dearly
Chapter 277 Got Pregnant All of a Sudden
Chapter 278 Almost Caught Up with His Conflicts with Them
Chapter 279 Give Birth to a Son Too
Chapter 280 Then I Regret
Chapter 281 Appeared in Her Shot
Chapter 282 Hit His Face
Chapter 283 A Loving Smile
Chapter 284 Current Fiancee
Chapter 285 Take Nicole to My Birthday
Chapter 286 Pretty Lady
Chapter 287 It is Better to Offend a Villain Than to Offend a Woman
Chapter 288 She Won’t Come Home
Chapter 289 Let’s Go Home
Chapter 290 You’re Welcome to Supervise My Work at Anytime
Chapter 291 This was a Good Day
Chapter 292 I Only Want You
Chapter 293 Princes of Barbecue
Chapter 294 Honey, You Decide
Chapter 295 His Pretentious Ex-fiancee
Chapter 296 The Wedding was Cancelled
Chapter 297 Her Life was Already on the Edge of the Cliff
Chapter 298 The Ties Between Us Will be Severed Forever
Chapter 299 Get Her Out of Here
Chapter 300 Topmost Floor of the Hospital
Chapter 301 Enough is Enough
Chapter 302 A Pair of Sisters
Chapter 303 The Special Lady
Chapter 304 Fell Down to the Ground
Chapter 305 Have a Fresh Start
Chapter 306 Never Possible
Chapter 307 Every Memory I Have of You
Chapter 308 LN
Chapter 309 Imprint a Kiss on His Lips
Chapter 310 Wouldn’t You Go Mad
Chapter 311 There Won’t be Any Connection Anymore
Chapter 312 Has Taken Control of Her Body
Chapter 313 So Cruel
Chapter 314 I Will Call Him
Chapter 315 Don’t You Mind Doing Degrading Things Like This
Chapter 316 Why Would You Even Care About Other Women
Chapter 317 Journey of Wining Lola Back
Chapter 318 Had a Fight
Chapter 319 I Want to See You
Chapter 320 Taking Him Under Her Wing
Chapter 321 Never Rely on You
Chapter 322 Drunk Woman
Chapter 323 Let Their Relationship End
Chapter 324 Are There Anything Left to Explain
Chapter 325 Flowers are Blooming Along the Walkway
Chapter 326 There was A Backup in My Computer
Chapter 327 Smiled Like That Again
Chapter 328 Panlong Cemetery
Chapter 329 A Chance to Remedy for Your Loss
Chapter 330 Perfect Reason
Chapter 331 Are They Mad or Short of Money
Chapter 332 Carried over His Shoulder
Chapter 333 I’ll Take You Away from Him
Chapter 334 Murderer
Chapter 335 The Baby was Missing
Chapter 336 Beat Her Until She Has a Pig’s Face
Chapter 337 I Don’t Want to Break Your Heart
Chapter 338 So Bold and Daring
Chapter 339 All Will Turn Out Well
Chapter 340 You are Mine
Chapter 341 Stay out All Night
Chapter 342 Don’t Hang up the Phone
Chapter 343 Instantaneous Mood Reversal
Chapter 344 In a Much Better Mental Condition
Chapter 345 My Date
Chapter 346 His Woman
Chapter 347 This is Your Boss, Miss Li
Chapter 348 Throw You Out As A Third Party
Chapter 349 Harry Si is My Man
Chapter 350 How Dare He
Chapter 351 I Still Owe You So Much
Chapter 352 Dumped Him in Public
Chapter 353 Joseph Li Had Sold Her Out
Chapter 354 It Was Just A Matter Of Time
Chapter 355 What a Best Friend
Chapter 356 All Of These Will Be Yours
Chapter 357 Became One of the Presiding Judges
Chapter 358 Annual Salary of Five Hundred Thousand
Chapter 359 He’s Still Yours
Chapter 360 No Good News
Chapter 361 Put Your Dad on the Spot
Chapter 362 Don’t Talk to Me Anymore
Chapter 363 May I Pursue You
Chapter 364 Gradually Recover at Home
Chapter 365 What Happened Five Years Ago Happened Again
Chapter 366 Are You Molesting My Wife
Chapter 367 Either to Obey or Just Get Out
Chapter 368 Not Qualified for the CEO Position of the SL Group
Chapter 369 Severe Mysophobia
Chapter 370 Felt Insulted
Chapter 371 We are Just Strangers
Chapter 372 Thank You For Taking Care of Mr. Si
Chapter 373 I am Not Lola
Chapter 374 Nicole Hit Me
Chapter 375 My Daughter’s Medical Expenses
Chapter 376 You’re A Nagger
Chapter 377 A Stroke Caused by High Blood Pressure
Chapter 378 Excitedly Turned His Look
Chapter 379 The Two Women Smiled at Each Other
Chapter 380 Don’t Ignore My Warning
Chapter 381 Why was Harry Being So Hard on Him
Chapter 382 A Life Without Much Troubles and Pain
Chapter 383 Paraiba Tourmaline
Chapter 384 My Wife Ran Away from Home
Chapter 385 How Many Imperial Harems Would He Need
Chapter 386 Lillian Did A Favor
Chapter 387 You Might as Well Leave Her to Me
Chapter 388 Why Do You Have to Tell Me Again
Chapter 389 Has Lola Forgiven You
Chapter 390 Eiffel Tower
Chapter 391 Did Not Dare to Look Into Her Eyes
Chapter 392 Do You Believe it
Chapter 393 I Said No Photos
Chapter 394 Tour Around the World to Spend Our Honeymoon
Chapter 395 Felt Alone
Chapter 396 Lola’s Rounds of Sweet Giggles
Chapter 397 Trace of a Bright Red Lipstick
Chapter 398 Have a Lot of Affairs Going on
Chapter 399 Don’t Call Him Brother-in-law
Chapter 400 Lola Was Gorgeous
Chapter 401 It’s My First Time Ever Cooking
Chapter 402 Be Their Puppet
Chapter 403 International Arrest Warrant
Chapter 404 Catch Lola Red-handed
Chapter 405 Confront Harry Face to Face
Chapter 406 Oscar Owes You An Academy Award
Chapter 407 I’ll Give You My Wallet Now On
Chapter 408 Get Lost
Chapter 409 When I Earn Some More
Chapter 410 How Dare You Keep Your Second Purse from Me
Chapter 411 You Have Conquered Me
Chapter 412 This Was A Woman Wrapped in Diamonds
Chapter 413 Her Beauty Was Really Breathtaking
Chapter 414 Mr. Shao Has Reached Middle Age
Chapter 415 They’re Together at the Night Club Now
Chapter 416 I Don’t Gossip
Chapter 417 Same As You
Chapter 418 How About Staying Here
Chapter 419 How Can She Escape
Chapter 420 Took Off His Suit
Chapter 421 She Had No Choice but to Put Up with It
Chapter 422 I’ll Go Back with You This Time
Chapter 423 Were You All Right There
Chapter 424 It Hurts
Chapter 425 The Mother Needs a Transfusion
Chapter 426 More Blood is Needed for the Mother
Chapter 427 Yolanda Can’t Die
Chapter 428 He Couldn’t Wait Anymore
Chapter 429 I Don’t Want to See You Here
Chapter 430 There was Not a Slight Hint of Mercy
Chapter 431 His Son Had Grabbed Lola From Him
Chapter 432 I’m Waiting for My Darling to Take Revenge
Chapter 433 We Have Found Clues on the Masked Man
Chapter 434 Something Bad Happened In The Manor
Chapter 435 Daniel Has Been Taken Away
Chapter 436 The Security System Has Been Hacked
Chapter 437 Our Daniel is Missing
Chapter 438 Where is Daniel
Chapter 439 Ask Her to Call Me Daddy
Chapter 440 Lola Was in Despair
Chapter 441 He Would Put Faith in Lola’s Love for Him
Chapter 442 Does Harry Know
Chapter 443 He Won’t Let You Go
Chapter 444 Torture Her to Death
Chapter 445 Harry Has Acknowledged Daniel as His Heir
Chapter 446 He Wouldn’t Mind Destroying Her Himself
Chapter 447 Do You Still Want Your Son Back
Chapter 448 Of Course I’ll Kneel
Chapter 449 Where are All the Durians in the Supermarket
Chapter 450 If You Love Me, Kneel on the Crisp Instant Noodle
Chapter 451 How Could He be Simple
Chapter 452 Find Out the Secrets of the Old Pocket Watch
Chapter 453 Do I Also Need to Go to the Balcony
Chapter 454 You Even Want to Kill Me
Chapter 455 No One is Prettier Than My Wife
Chapter 456 A Princess Charming
Chapter 457 Men and Women Work Well Together
Chapter 458 Why are You on the Floor
Chapter 459 Bright Red Spider Lilies
Chapter 460 Brother’s Situation Unknown
Chapter 461 We Serve for Mr. Yun
Chapter 462 So Excited and Almost Cried
Chapter 463 Why is Joey Here
Chapter 464 Joey Had Come Back
Chapter 465 Showing Love Wherever You are
Chapter 466 Did the Wolves Come
Chapter 467 No Time for Negotiating
Chapter 468 Survival was the First Choice
Chapter 469 The Big Shot is Still Behind The Curtain
Chapter 470 You are Disgusting
Chapter 471 There Were Also Some Burning Marks
Chapter 472 Be Careful
Chapter 473 How Stupid I am
Chapter 474 He Died a Decade Ago
Chapter 475 Time Froze
Chapter 476 Looks Like We’re in Trouble
Chapter 477 Launch a Charity Program
Chapter 478 She Waited Quietly
Chapter 479 Prefer Girls to Boys
Chapter 480 It Has Been At Least Seven Or Eight Months (Lawyer Hero)
Chapter 481 You Can Do Nothing Except Pretend To Be Innocent
Chapter 482 I Like Your Toughness
Chapter 483 It Was Too Hard to Leave This Place
Chapter 484 Caused Ella to Feel Inferior For A Moment
Chapter 485 Please Lend Me Some Money
Chapter 486 It was Tiring to Be Pregnant
Chapter 487 Be Right There
Chapter 488 I Have Something to Ask You
Chapter 489 Congratulations on the New Baby
Chapter 490 Jerry Shao
Chapter 491 What To Feed the Son
Chapter 492 We Will Not See Each Other in the Future
Chapter 493 You Want Her to Live Outside
Chapter 494 As if You were Not a Scumbag
Chapter 495 We Will Have a Little Reunion
Chapter 496 Chasing His Wife
Chapter 497 My Wife and I Are Both Very Happy
Chapter 498 He is Gonna Shine After He Grows Up
Chapter 499 Mr. Bo, Sorry for Keeping You Waiting
Chapter 500 There was a Woman Named Emma
Chapter 501 Touched the Switch
Chapter 502 Let Me Teach You
Chapter 503 You Don’t Have the Right
Chapter 504 The Child She Was Carrying
Chapter 505 You Go and Marry Her Yourself
Chapter 506 Mom Likes Emma
Chapter 507 Was He Showing Off
Chapter 508 Massage My Shoulder Please
Chapter 509 She Was a Bloody Nightmare
Chapter 510 What Do You Mean by Another One
Chapter 511 Today, She’s My Girl
Chapter 512 It Depends
Chapter 513 I Need a Successor Once I Get Married
Chapter 514 It is Your Honor
Chapter 515 As Long As Emma Can Give Up
Chapter 516 No More Makeup in the Future
Chapter 517 Didn’t Samuel Teach You about Manners
Chapter 518 You Will Meet Someone Better
Chapter 519 Knew How to Sweet-talk a Woman
Chapter 520 No Red Pepper
Chapter 521 I Hate Deception above All Things
Chapter 522 Does Miss Bo Still Want to Argue
Chapter 523 She Was a Little Bit Daft
Chapter 524 Right Into The Arms Of Mr. Si
Chapter 525 Don’t You Like Your Child
Chapter 526 We Are Fine
Chapter 527 Your Brother Has Deflowered and Discarded Me
Chapter 528 She Heard It Right
Chapter 529 It’s Inconvenient When My Son Is There.
Chapter 530 How Dare You Bully Your Wife
Chapter 531 Grandma Got Your Back
Chapter 532 My Husband Is So Rich
Chapter 533 His Woman
Chapter 534 Though I love Chuck
Chapter 535 Infant Matrimony
Chapter 536 This Bitch
Chapter 537 Under Grandmother’s Wing
Chapter 538 It’s So Damn Hard To Love Someone
Chapter 539 It Has Been A Long Time
Chapter 540 For The First Time, Ella Stayed Out All Night
Chapter 541 Don’t Make Trouble For Me
Chapter 542 Domestic Violence Should Never Be a Choice
Chapter 543 Ella’s Birthday in The Same Day with Emma’s
Chapter 544 I Will Provide You a Monthly Salary of 50,000
Chapter 545 Who Allowed You to Leave
Chapter 546 You Must Be Kidding Me
Chapter 547 Do You Want to Be An Unfilial Daughter
Chapter 548 She Must Win Back Samuel’s Love
Chapter 549 Are You Two People Looking for Trouble
Chapter 550 She’s Lost It
Chapter 551 Just Like A Female Mafia Boss
Chapter 552 Like A Father Protecting His Kid
Chapter 553 How Could She Look Like Ella So Much
Chapter 554 Setting The Trap
Chapter 555 I Don’t Want A Divorce
Chapter 556 It’s Been Over 24 Hours
Chapter 557 Will You Marry Me
Chapter 558 Bite Down If It Hurts
Chapter 559 Catherine’s Heart
Chapter 560 A Small Tragedy
Chapter 561 Could We Just Take Our Own Fun
Chapter 562 Played the Fool
Chapter 563 Payback Time
Chapter 564 The Morning Argument
Chapter 565 I Won’t Let Them Get Away
Chapter 566 A Fight Breaks Out
Chapter 567 Talks of Separation
Chapter 568 Why Would He Have A Fever
Chapter 569 Men Are Natural-born Cheaters
Chapter 570 From Insults to Pleas; Harry’s Plan
Chapter 571 Planned Marriage
Chapter 572 Love Triangles
Chapter 573 Breaking Free
Chapter 574 A Separation and Re-joining
Chapter 575 A Dinner of Love and Hate
Chapter 576 A Molestation Attempt
Chapter 577 An Eventful Night
Chapter 578 A Visit from Eason
Chapter 579 Backfired
Chapter 580 The Fang Group Anniversary Party
Chapter 581 Sum’s Confession
Chapter 582 Tough Choice
Chapter 583 Ella Escapes with Jerry
Chapter 584 Ella and Jerry in France
Chapter 585 The Games of Jealousy
Chapter 586 Mistreated and Misused
Chapter 587 Confused Passion
Chapter 588 What Do You Take Me For
Chapter 589 Fool-Proof Plan
Chapter 590 Emma’s Cousin
Chapter 591 Nowhere to Hide
Chapter 592 Enthusiastic Wife
Chapter 593 Nothing but Nightmares
Chapter 594 A Recipe for Failure
Chapter 595 Attack on Ella
Chapter 596 What happened to Ella
Chapter 597 Is She OK
Chapter 598 Work for Me
Chapter 599 Quick Investigation
Chapter 600 As Long As You Are Happy
Chapter 601 Can We Stop Doing This
Chapter 602 I Owe My Wife an Apology
Chapter 603 What Are You Smiling for
Chapter 604 Ella Bo, I Love You
Chapter 605 I’ll Kill You Myself
Chapter 606 Abort The Pregnancy
Chapter 607 The Baby is not Mine
Chapter 608 Are You Sure About This
Chapter 609 It Was Too Late
Chapter 610 I Choose My Unborn Child
Chapter 611 Journey to Fame
Chapter 612 Unfit to be a Father
Chapter 613 Got Caught
Chapter 614 Revenge Plan
Chapter 615 Samuel and Ella Confront Each Other
Chapter 616 The Cuckolded Professional
Chapter 617 Filming the Play
Chapter 618 The Largest Investor
Chapter 619 I Married Another Man
Chapter 620 He Hadn’t Forgotten About Emma
Chapter 621 Are You Sure She’s a Strange Lady
Chapter 622 I’ll Sleep Here Tonight
Chapter 623 How About Being My Mistress
Chapter 624 Teach Amber a Lesson
Chapter 625 Are You Insane
Chapter 626 Let Me Take Care Of You
Chapter 627 Peel Off Your Skin If You Dared To Change Your Mind
Chapter 628 Journalists Making Trouble
Chapter 629 Samuel’s Visit
Chapter 630 A Man Visits in the Middle of the Night
Chapter 631 It’s An Honor To Kiss Me, You Know
Chapter 632 My Name’s Jane
Chapter 633 Grandma, As Long As You Are Happy
Chapter 634 Name Your Price
Chapter 635 She’s my Grandson’s Wife
Chapter 636 Bias towards Ella
Chapter 637 Father and Son Work Together
Chapter 638 Mind Your Behavior
Chapter 639 Even If You Were The Last Woman On Earth
Chapter 640 What Happened to Ella
Chapter 641 Amber Regretted Her Actions
Chapter 642 Don’t Touch Me
Chapter 643 Amber’s Confession
Chapter 644 Ella’s Visit
Chapter 645 Wily Opponent
Chapter 646 Angry Ella
Chapter 647 Tension Running High
Chapter 648 No-One Had Escaped
Chapter 649 Mild-Intermittent Psychosis
Chapter 650 In The Nick Of Time
Chapter 651 Human Error or On Purpose
Chapter 652 Shopping For Some Food
Chapter 653 Let You Go No Way!
Chapter 654 Just For One Week A Month
Chapter 655 Are You Going to Remarry Ella
Chapter 656 Desire
Chapter 657 Take Good Care of Your Kidney
Chapter 658 Sum Is Getting Married
Chapter 659 What If That Was The Daughter You’ve Been Yearning For
Chapter 660 I Don’t Want to Be a Monk
Chapter 661 Chef Shao
Chapter 662 Longing For Mr. Shao
Chapter 663 Wrecking His Company
Chapter 664 Ella, My Girl
Chapter 665 Taking You Back To C Country
Chapter 666 How about Steamed Samuel
Chapter 667 You Have My Word!
Chapter 668 How Affectionate!
Chapter 669 His Conspiracy Plan
Chapter 670 Home Wrecker
Chapter 671 As You Wish
Chapter 672 Samuel, Help!
Chapter 673 I’ll Support You Always
Chapter 674 She Calls the Shots
Chapter 675 If Only She Were My Daughter
Chapter 676 Nothing Could Tear Us Apart
Chapter 677 Nothing Better To Do
Chapter 678 Henpecked Husbands
Chapter 679 We Aren’t Divorced
Chapter 680 Puppeteer Revealed
Chapter 681 Sweetheart
Chapter 682 Reminiscing On Hard Times
Chapter 683 Coquettish Bitch
Chapter 684 We Will Eat Millet Congee
Chapter 685 Merits Offset Mistakes
Chapter 686 It’s My Duty
Chapter 687 We Saw Nothing
Chapter 688 Do Not Kill Her
Chapter 689 Back From The Dead
Chapter 690 Longing for Eason for Over A Decade
Chapter 691 I’m Back
Chapter 692 You Are The Father
Chapter 693 What Are You Sorry For
Chapter 694 The Baby Was Mine
Chapter 695 You Are the Best in Everything You Do
Chapter 696 No Wonder You’re a Superstar
Chapter 697 I’m Leaving Right Now
Chapter 698 Where Are You Taking Me
Chapter 699 It’s Your Duty
Chapter 700 Joseph And Ella Had An Affair
Chapter 701 Perfectly Solved the Gossip
Chapter 702 You Were The Scape-goat
Chapter 703 Does Mr. Shao Have A Daughter
Chapter 704 The Painful Truth
Chapter 705 I Control Her Too Much
Chapter 706 Did You Care About My Feelings
Chapter 707 Let Me Serve You Samuel
Chapter 708 You Know Who the Father Is
Chapter 709 Bringing Another Man’s Child To My House
Chapter 710 Are They Good in Bed
Chapter 711 Do You Want Us to Freeze to Death
Chapter 712 It’s Not What You Think!
Chapter 713 Don’t Hide From Me
Chapter 714 The Bedroom
Chapter 715 A Certificate for Flirtation
Chapter 716 Father and Son
Chapter 717 Call Me Dad
Chapter 718 What a Cruel Son I Have
Chapter 719 A Familiar Face
Chapter 720 Honey, Please Punish Me!
Chapter 721 Bring You the Breakfast
Chapter 722 Wasting Food Is Shameful
Chapter 723 Why Are You Following Me
Chapter 724 Let Go of My Child
Chapter 725 I’m Going to Rescue My Sister
Chapter 726 The Person Behind it All
Chapter 727 Your Daughter
Chapter 728 The Prisoner Was Dying
Chapter 729 Catherine’s Death
Chapter 730 I’ll Make You Happy Again
Chapter 731 Will There Be A Wedding
Chapter 732 I Want A Daughter Too
Chapter 733 You Are My Bride
Chapter 734 Yang and I Are Getting Married
Chapter 735 We Understand You Want To Kiss Her
Chapter 736 Greetings Your Daughter-in-law
Chapter 737 Suspected In A Murder Case
Chapter 738 Self-Defence Is Not Punishable By Law
Chapter 739 Justifiable Defense
Chapter 740 No Silly Trying, No Billy Dying (Billionaire Love)
Chapter 741 Just Go On and Challenge Me. If Not, Sit and Admire
Chapter 742 Let’s Get Hammered Tonight
Chapter 743 Don’t be So Serious with This Childish Girl
Chapter 744 She Was Drunk
Chapter 745 I Want Revenge
Chapter 746 You Are A Rapist
Chapter 747 Arrange A Job for Jane in the SL Group
Chapter 748 Nobody Knew Why Daniel Frowned
Chapter 749 She was Even More Arrogant than the CEO
Chapter 750 I’ll Let Him Rot In Jail
Chapter 751 Don’t Try to Seduce Me
Chapter 752 Do You Want To Be Fired
Chapter 753 Daniel Gets Along Pretty Well With His Girlfriend
Chapter 754 You Take The Engagement As A Trifling Matter
Chapter 755 Why Do You Always Refuse to Help Me Get Out of Trouble
Chapter 756 Now Behave Yourself And Go Back Home
Chapter 757 You Want Me to Spend the Night Here
Chapter 758 Can You Be Like Liu Xiahui
Chapter 759 Both His Lover and His Neighbor
Chapter 760 He Got A Nosebleed
Chapter 761 Why am I Sleeping in Daniel’s Arms
Chapter 762 What Did You Do Yesterday
Chapter 763 A Soldier Is Looking For You Downstairs
Chapter 764 You Have Already Slept with Jane
Chapter 765 I Came to Take Back My Hair
Chapter 766 You were Asking For It
Chapter 767 Did You Seduce My Jane
Chapter 768 How Could You Fall in Love with My Girl
Chapter 769 You’re Just A Spoiled Child
Chapter 770 Han’s Family is a Military Family
Chapter 771 She is More Like a Sister to Me
Chapter 772 Jane Was At the SL Group
Chapter 773 From Now On We are Rivals in Love
Chapter 774 Shut Up
Chapter 775 Janet Again Sought Personal Privileges
Chapter 776 Would You Like to be My Girlfriend
Chapter 777 Why is There One Person Missing
Chapter 778 Come and Tell it to Me Face to Face
Chapter 779 Could You Not be Such a Bully For a Moment
Chapter 780 I’ll Beat You Up Every Time I See You
Chapter 781 Since You Are Pregnant
Chapter 782 You’d Best Put Me to Death
Chapter 783 Track Down and Arrest Janet Shao
Chapter 784 Wasn’t That Daniel’s Car
Chapter 785 I Accept the Punishment
Chapter 786 This Time She Must Break up All Relations with Daniel
Chapter 787 It was Daniel Who Begged Me to Come Over Here
Chapter 788 I’m Going To Sleep With Him
Chapter 789 You Won’t be Allowed to Get Close to Me Anymore
Chapter 790 Janet, Are You Pregnant
Chapter 791 Marriage Between Two Rich and Powerful Families
Chapter 792 We Weren’t at all Like Brother and Sister
Chapter 793 Mr. Si Actually Showing His Affection in Public
Chapter 794 You’re My Boyfriend
Chapter 795 How Could Two Good Friends Ever Get Married
Chapter 796 Who’s the Owner of the Samoyed Outside in the Garden
Chapter 797 I Never Expected That You Could Be So Heartless and Unreasonable
Chapter 798 It’s Exclusively for Luring Men
Chapter 799 Now, Explain Yourself to Brian
Chapter 800 My Brother is Coming Back Home
Chapter 801 Add Me as Friend on WeChat Without Even Me Knowing
Chapter 802 My Family Even Has One Hundred Billions
Chapter 803 Tonight We’ll be Drunk with No Return
Chapter 804 How is It That I Run Into Your Brother Everywhere I Go
Chapter 805 She Really Hated Daniel
Chapter 806 Can’t Get in Touch with Daniel
Chapter 807 Take Your Ring Back and Get Out of My House
Chapter 808 First One to be Cracked in an Anti-pornography Campaign
Chapter 809 Come Back to Me
Chapter 810 Damn! This Man is Luring Me Again
Chapter 811 How are You and Your Baby Doing
Chapter 812 He’s Got A Girlfriend
Chapter 813 Can You Afford It
Chapter 814 She Couldn’t Stand Idle
Chapter 815 What A Chinese Beauty
Chapter 816 I Will Marry You Tomorrow
Chapter 817 Won’t You be Eaten by Him to the Bone
Chapter 818 I Won’t Be Coming to See You Anymore
Chapter 819 Indulging in the Company of Other Women
Chapter 820 Janet Had Become Even More Morose
Chapter 821 You’re His So-called Sister
Chapter 822 Never Stepping a Foot in the Kitchen
Chapter 823 You Really are A One Thousand Year Old Scumbag
Chapter 824 You are Really Good at Making Trouble out of Nothing Now
Chapter 825 Someone Has Bullied My Daughter
Chapter 826 If You Hate Me, Just Get Away from Me
Chapter 827 Have You Ever Thought Of My Integrity
Chapter 828 Why Didn’t You Tie Your Hair Up
Chapter 829 You are Quite Good at Making the Bed
Chapter 830 Buy Some Tonics to Strengthen Yourself
Chapter 831 Sneak Through the Window
Chapter 832 She Was Screwed
Chapter 833 What Do You Think I Am!
Chapter 834 From Now On You Can’t Meet With Brian Anymore
Chapter 835 We’ll be Together Until Tomorrow Morning
Chapter 836 Janet, You’re Really Gonna be the Death of Me
Chapter 837 I’ll Find a House of My Own and Move Out These Days
Chapter 838 Nothing Will Ever Separate Us
Chapter 839 Because I Love My Childhood Playmate
Chapter 840 I’ll Solve Everything
Chapter 841 The Labor Force Cost Will Do As Payment For The Rent
Chapter 842 Decided to Live Here
Chapter 843 Doesn’t He Love You Back
Chapter 844 This is on My Uncle
Chapter 845 Birds of A Feather Flock Together
Chapter 846 Everyone Knows She Is Major Han’s Girlfriend
Chapter 847 She Kicked the Back of the Chair
Chapter 848 Boss Si and Miss Shao Bear a Grudge
Chapter 849 I’ll Bear Your Man’s Child
Chapter 850 I Will Beat Your Woman
Chapter 851 I Don’t Like You Anymore
Chapter 852 Is That Kate’s Blood
Chapter 853 What Did She See
Chapter 854 Go Out For a Walk
Chapter 855 It’s All Made Up
Chapter 856 They were Both Just Two Little Kids
Chapter 857 Find Someone and Spend the Night Together
Chapter 858 My First Kiss was with A Man
Chapter 859 Thank You for Your Kindness
Chapter 860 Do You Even Know Who Your Son Is Chasing
Chapter 861 Scolded by His Own Son
Chapter 862 Before You Do It, Think It Twice
Chapter 863 Bill Did Go To Africa
Chapter 864 Nicole was Pregnant
Chapter 865 That’s Daniel’s Business
Chapter 866 Leave the Business Here Unattended
Chapter 867 Open the Door
Chapter 868 You’d Better Go Out Through the Back Door
Chapter 869 I Haven’t Handled It Properly
Chapter 870 I Will Never Yield to a Bastard
Chapter 871 This is Janet Shao, My Girlfriend
Chapter 872 Sit Down and Watch Us Show Affection
Chapter 873 You Have Nothing to do with Cleverness
Chapter 874 I Will Talk to My Father-in-law
Chapter 875 You Must be My Girlfriend
Chapter 876 Samuel, Please Don’t Be So Unreasonable
Chapter 877 How to Change Diapers
Chapter 878 Wait for Me at Home
Chapter 879 Why are You Pressing on My Sister
Chapter 880 Keep a Distance from Him from Now on
Chapter 881 I Can Chase after Them
Chapter 882 The Man in Camouflage Clothing Was Exactly Brian
Chapter 883 You’re Calling Him in Such an Intimate Tone
Chapter 884 Jane Will Be Easily Offended by Their Presence
Chapter 885 The Si Family Carried the Twin Gene
Chapter 886 He Was Ready to Run Away at Any Time
Chapter 887 Why Haven’t You ever Peeped in on Me When I was Taking a Shower
Chapter 888 Jane, You’re So Amazing
Chapter 889 Make A Man Want To Conquer You
Chapter 890 Sabina Was Constantly in His Villa
Chapter 891 This Was Difficult to Explain
Chapter 892 Register Our Marriage
Chapter 893 I’m Heartbroken
Chapter 894 She Even Hangs Out with Brian
Chapter 895 Am I That Kind of Woman in Your Eyes
Chapter 896 When Your Attitude Improves
Chapter 897 Just Mind Your Steps
Chapter 898 Was She Trapped by Him
Chapter 899 Call Me Tonight
Chapter 900 Is This What You Wanted
Chapter 901 How Did She Die
Chapter 902 How Could It Be Daniel
Chapter 903 Specific Uneasiness Overpowering Her
Chapter 904 Daniel and Janet Made Up
Chapter 905 I Miss You too
Chapter 906 Something is Missing on Your Finger
Chapter 907 You Are Always the Most Attractive and Elegant Woman in C Country
Chapter 908 Your and Daniel’s Wedding Ceremony
Chapter 909 Get Married at a Registry on My Birthday
Chapter 910 Where Jane Always Nibbled on
Chapter 911 I Must Make You and Poe Yi Pay for What You Have Done to Me
Chapter 912 Don’t Tell her
Chapter 913 I Will Find You An Apartment Tomorrow
Chapter 914 Not Just Give Up My Love That Easily
Chapter 915 True Love
Chapter 916 Follow the Man in A Military Uniform into His Room
Chapter 917 A Women is a Bane
Chapter 918 He is Not the Father of the Baby
Chapter 919 Why wasn’t Janet the Pregnant One
Chapter 920 Five Weeks Pregnant
Chapter 921 You Should Call Ivanka Instead
Chapter 922 Flirt with the Best Friend of the Ex-girlfriend
Chapter 923 If She Wanted the Baby
Chapter 924 Janet Left
Chapter 925 Looking for a Woman Called Janet Shao
Chapter 926 I Just Want You to Teach Me How to Cook
Chapter 927 It Was His First Time To Feel Sorry For A Woman
Chapter 928 How Such a Stupid Woman Could Exist
Chapter 929 I Come from C Country
Chapter 930 Regular Pregnancy Check
Chapter 931 Let’s Play Hide-and-seek
Chapter 932 Who are You Afraid of Finding You Here
Chapter 933 He is Going to Marry That Woman
Chapter 934 Don’t You Think that You’re Unfilial and Ungrateful to Us
Chapter 935 I’ll Destroy Your Company
Chapter 936 So Desperate to Get Rid of Me
Chapter 937 It Was All Because of Your Stupid Idea
Chapter 938 Daddy Will Not Lie to Me
Chapter 939 I Will Kill You
Chapter 940 Is Daniel One of Vern’s Relatives
Chapter 941 We Can’t Hurt Her
Chapter 942 Nobody Would Feel Sorry For Me Nor Care About Me.
Chapter 943 Daddy is So Handsome
Chapter 944 Didn’t You Know that She Got Pregnant
Chapter 945 I will Also Destroy This Woman
Chapter 946 I am Afraid Pink No Longer Suits Me
Chapter 947 Your Father Will Run After You With A Besom in His Hand
Chapter 948 How Dare you Mock Her
Chapter 949 Otherwise How Could It Be Possible that I Love you
Chapter 950 Go to the Waterside Complex Now
Chapter 951 Do You Want Me to Show You, Mr. Si
Chapter 952 Shirley’s Hairpin
Chapter 953 You Will Do More Tasks
Chapter 954 You Shouldn’t Have Come Back
Chapter 955 Do You Think I Like Daniel
Chapter 956 He Had Lost His Left Arm
Chapter 957 We Both shall Bear the Respective Criminal Consequences
Chapter 958 I Would Provide For You And Your Child
Chapter 959 I am at the Front Gate of Han Family
Chapter 960 Some Media Reported that Daniel Had Become a Supper Nanny
Chapter 961 Did He Go to Mummy’s Room in the Night
Chapter 962 How Excellent Daniel’s Gene Was
Chapter 963 I’m Very Fond of Kids
Chapter 964 Will You Die If You’d Stop Humiliating Me
Chapter 965 Send Red Envelopes
Chapter 966 Brother and Sister-in-law, Are You Here Just to Show Off Your Love
Chapter 967 You Actually Want Me To Sell My Body
Chapter 968 I Will Dump You
Chapter 969 I Don’t Like Women Who Misbehave
Chapter 970 Of Course in My Clothes
Chapter 971 A Warm Family for the Twins
Chapter 972 Why did You Have to Mention It
Chapter 973 That Man is Her Husband
Chapter 974 They Quarreled Fiercely
Chapter 975 I Want You to Carry Me on Your Back and Climb the Mountain
Chapter 976 You Two Still Have the Nerve to Mess Around
Chapter 977 You Have the Nerve to Blame Me
Chapter 978 Everything Has Its Conqueror
Chapter 979 I Am Totally Under Daniel’s Control
Chapter 980 Leaving the Tent Behind on Purpose
Chapter 981 The Sun is Coming Up
Chapter 982 You Can Be My Brother-in-law
Chapter 983 Not At All Afraid of Him
Chapter 984 Don’t be So Childish
Chapter 985 Let’s Have A Try Tonight
Chapter 986 She Only Liked What Daniel Bought For Her
Chapter 987 Why Don’t We Have a Fair Competition
Chapter 988 I Am a Law-abiding Good Citizen
Chapter 989 Bad Romance
Chapter 990 I Am Daniel’s First Love
Chapter 991 She has A Violent Temper
Chapter 992 There are Two Women in My Villa
Chapter 993 You Can Act Pouty and Cute to Please Him
Chapter 994 How about I Buy A Doll for You
Chapter 995 Give Without Asking For Anything Back
Chapter 996 I Will Transfer the Money to You Through Wechat
Chapter 997 Daniel Looked Charming
Chapter 998 Does She Have Two Names
Chapter 999 Why will You Become My Stepmother
Chapter 1000 What a Father You are
Chapter 1001 I’ll Divorce You the Following Day After
Chapter 1002 Something’s Happened to Caspar
Chapter 1003 Mind your Own Business
Chapter 1004 She Had Some Bastard’s Baby
Chapter 1005 You Need to Schedule An Appointment to See Mr. Si
Chapter 1006 I would’ve Destroyed the Wedding Ceremony Myself
Chapter 1007 Is Our CEO So Afraid of Janet
Chapter 1008 Daddy is Going to Z Country Tomorrow
Chapter 1009 How Dare You Come So Close To Boss Si
Chapter 1010 I’m Not Your Wife
Chapter 1011 Don’t Dream of Marrying Caspar
Chapter 1012 I am Afraid That You May Cheat on Me After Our Marriage
Chapter 1013 Mr. Caspar and I Have Something Personal to Deal with
Chapter 1014 You Can Ask Them to Do Whatever You Want
Chapter 1015 He Could Never Abandon Her
Chapter 1016 The Sanitation Here is Grossly Unqualified
Chapter 1017 I Meant to Get A Divorce
Chapter 1018 I Don’t Want You To See Her
Chapter 1019 Unable to Distinguish Between the Real and Her Nightmare
Chapter 1020 Dispose of People Without Ever Being Noticed
Chapter 1021 What Have You Experienced
Chapter 1022 Killing People on the Street in Daytime
Chapter 1023 So Happy at the Thought of It
Chapter 1024 It was Hobson’s Grandpa
Chapter 1025 Don’t Blurt out to Him My Secret
Chapter 1026 She Should Say Something Nice to Please Him
Chapter 1027 Low EQ
Chapter 1028 The Dress is Tailor-made for You
Chapter 1029 Why are You Wearing A Naive Smile on Your Face
Chapter 1030 She is Way out of Your League
Chapter 1031 Clarissa Got Slapped
Chapter 1032 Contact My Legal Team
Chapter 1033 Perhaps You Can Get a Wealthy Husband
Chapter 1034 Go to the Jail
Chapter 1035 Have Been Watching Me for Such A Long Time
Chapter 1036 Your Mother Had Defended Herself Justifiably
Chapter 1037 You Have So Many Wives
Chapter 1038 Shopping with Ivanka
Chapter 1039 Mr. Harry Took Her out Today
Chapter 1040 They Wanted to Train Me to Be A Killer
Chapter 1041 Be His One and Only
Chapter 1042 You Look Like A Clown
Chapter 1043 Did He Want to Marry Her
Chapter 1044 We Can Get a Divorce Tomorrow
Chapter 1045 It’s Up to You
Chapter 1046 Daniel, You’re So Kind
Chapter 1047 Did You Beg That Bitch
Chapter 1048 You’d Better Shut Up
Chapter 1049 What a Beautiful Girlfriend You Have
Chapter 1050 Go and Report to The Human Resources Department Tomorrow
Chapter 1051 Can I Bring Bill with Me
Chapter 1052 I’ll Take Bill to KTV
Chapter 1053 Who’s the Lady Boss
Chapter 1054 Prevent Her Tears from Pouring down Her Cheeks.
Chapter 1055 Three Children of the Si Clan
Chapter 1056 Haven’t We Met Each Other Somewhere
Chapter 1057 How About Listening to Daniel Singing
Chapter 1058 Sally is About to Give Birth
Chapter 1059 You and Daniel Should Have Another Child
Chapter 1060 I am Not the Type of Woman that You Want to Marry
Chapter 1061 I Do Not Wish to Live With You
Chapter 1062 My Father Does Not Lack Money
Chapter 1063 Where’s Father
Chapter 1064 Find Some Handsome Men to Please me
Chapter 1065 She is Obviously Suspecting Him
Chapter 1066 Hatred is the Most Horrible Thing
Chapter 1067 Otherwise We will Die Together
Chapter 1068 He or She will Become My Enemy
Chapter 1069 She was Sent to Prison for Five Years by Her Ex-boyfriend
Chapter 1070 We Will Never Be Friends
Chapter 1071 Whoever Dares to Hurt Her, Dies
Chapter 1072 His Grandpa would Handle It for Him
Chapter 1073 I Will Force Jane to Break up with Him
Chapter 1074 What A Sweet Loving Scene
Chapter 1075 Daniel Had Got Married
Chapter 1076 Want to Kill You
Chapter 1077 Why Don’t You Go and Ask Jane
Chapter 1078 I Am A Respectable Doctor
Chapter 1079 Who am I in Your Mind
Chapter 1080 His Wife was the Most Important Person
Chapter 1081 My Wife Has Already Forgiven Me
Chapter 1082 What Are Those Photos on Weibo
Chapter 1083 He Knew Janet Best
Chapter 1084 I Won’t Be In Your Way
Chapter 1085 Kill Janet
Chapter 1086 A Lover is Indeed More Important than A Good Friend
Chapter 1087 Three Veterans
Chapter 1088 I Want to Go Back to the Villa
Chapter 1089 You Seem to Have A Hearing Problem
Chapter 1090 Mr. Si is So Handsome and Loving
Chapter 1091 Think It over Again
Chapter 1092 Brother-in-law Is Our Family Member
Chapter 1093 You’ve Betrayed Your Own Sister for Blind Wealth
Chapter 1094 We could be with Minus Distance
Chapter 1095 Why did He Love His Stupid Daughter
Chapter 1096 Do Not Get into the Kitchen
Chapter 1097 City of Rose
Chapter 1098 Is It A Beast
Chapter 1099 Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Chapter 1100 I’m So Clever
Chapter 1101 Miss Shao Used Mr. Si’s Cup
Chapter 1102 Our Wedding will be Held at the End of the Year
Chapter 1103 Was He Playing Tricks on Me
Chapter 1104 How do You Have Time to Joke Around
Chapter 1105 Love will Grow as Time Goes By
Chapter 1106 Am I Really His Sister
Chapter 1107 Have Fun
Chapter 1108 Mommy Scolded Us
Chapter 1109 They All Have Doting Fathers
Chapter 1110 Please Don’t Marry Janet
Chapter 1111 You are My Precious Treasure
Chapter 1112 Daniel Could Be So Good at Acting
Chapter 1113 She Janet was not the Virgin Mary
Chapter 1114 Women were Unpredictable
Chapter 1115 They Thought Alike
Chapter 1116 Six Cases of Bank Notes with Consecutive Serial Number
Chapter 1117 She Looked Like an Empress
Chapter 1118 Could That Girl Be the Poker Face’s Girlfriend
Chapter 1119 It is a Wedding Gift from Me to You
Chapter 1120 Colin’s First Step to Play with Fire Began
Chapter 1121 Male Friend is Similar to Boyfriend
Chapter 1122 Bad News from America
Chapter 1123 Jane is Pregnant
Chapter 1124 He was Seen to be Buried in Flames
Chapter 1125 We are in Love
Chapter 1126 My Brother is Unfortunate in Some Ways
Chapter 1127 Great-Grandma is Blessed
Chapter 1128 His Smile
Chapter 1129 It’s a Boy
Chapter 1130 I Need to Let You Know
Chapter 1131 Don’t Ask a Man Such A Question!
Chapter 1132 Darling I Love You
Chapter 1133 No. 296, You Can Go! (Romance)
Chapter 1134 Shall We Call You Soapy
Chapter 1135 The Unusual Woman
Chapter 1136 You Think I Am Not Good Enough for You
Chapter 1137 Was she threatening him
Chapter 1138 I Won’t Do What You Want!
Chapter 1139 I Will Be Well With Colin
Chapter 1140 Hugh
Chapter 1141 Look What’s Behind You
Chapter 1142 Fat and Ugly
Chapter 1143 What Happened to Miss Lo’s Face
Chapter 1144 Have A Child As Soon As Possible
Chapter 1145 Who Punched You In The Face
Chapter 1146 This Tramp Is Not Worthy!
Chapter 1147 You Want to Use Me
Chapter 1148 Where’s Your Self Respect
Chapter 1149 Looked Like a Girl Who Was Wronged
Chapter 1150 A Spoiled Woman Lived A Better Life
Chapter 1151 Both of You Will Apologize to Sophia
Chapter 1152 How did She Get Colin Li
Chapter 1153 I Am So Very Ungrateful
Chapter 1154 That Made a Lot of Sense
Chapter 1155 Kneel And Apologize
Chapter 1156 Have You Lost Your Mind
Chapter 1157 Pretend to be My Girlfriend
Chapter 1158 Mr. Huo Has Done It Again!
Chapter 1159 To Catch a Foodie
Chapter 1160 Ego or Love- Colin’s Dilemma
Chapter 1161 Lovers’ Quarrel
Chapter 1162 A Snitch
Chapter 1163 Why Are You Still Here
Chapter 1164 I Need To Borrow Your Secretary
Chapter 1165 He’s Already Married!
Chapter 1166 What Is Going On with Mr. Li and Miss Lo
Chapter 1167 Our Marriage Will End in Divorce
Chapter 1168 Lightning Will Strike You, If You Tell Lies
Chapter 1169 A Big Shot
Chapter 1170 Speak To Me Now
Chapter 1171 What Was He Mad About
Chapter 1172 The Many Faces of Love
Chapter 1173 Waking Up Naked In The Morning
Chapter 1174 Didn’t I Sleep With You Last Night
Chapter 1175 Leave Sophia Lo to Mrs. Li!
Chapter 1176 Little Sophia, Take Care!
Chapter 1177 The Final Say
Chapter 1178 The Lonely Figure
Chapter 1179 I Don’t Want to Get Hurt Again
Chapter 1180 Complicated
Chapter 1181 You Don’t Have to Pretend
Chapter 1182 Family Dinner
Chapter 1183 A Relaxing Evening
Chapter 1184 No Escape
Chapter 1185 The Fifth Time
Chapter 1186 Just an Act
Chapter 1187 I’m Not Going to Touch You!
Chapter 1188 Please Help Me
Chapter 1189 Ransom
Chapter 1190 No Other Choice
Chapter 1191 I Will Die if You Divorce Me!
Chapter 1192 Only Three Hundred Thousand
Chapter 1193 Not Wanton
Chapter 1194 A Letter from a Foreign Land
Chapter 1195 Terrible Love Story
Chapter 1196 Let Me Treat You
Chapter 1197 Dinner Meeting
Chapter 1198 Do You Love Him
Chapter 1199 Does Colin Love Sophia
Chapter 1200 What You Deserve
Chapter 1201 Aftermath
Chapter 1202 The President’s Wife Is a Friendly Person
Chapter 1203 The Birthday Present
Chapter 1204 Meeting the Li Family
Chapter 1205 The Warmth of a Family
Chapter 1206 A Perfect Match
Chapter 1207 What Do You Want
Chapter 1208 Leila’s Feelings
Chapter 1209 Invisible Colin
Chapter 1210 Sibling Reunion
Chapter 1211 Don’t Play Dumb with Me
Chapter 1212 The New Sophia
Chapter 1213 No Competition
Chapter 1214 Out of Line
Chapter 1215 Heartbreaking News
Chapter 1216 Overtime
Chapter 1217 Dorothy’s Curse
Chapter 1218 Money Matters
Chapter 1219 Company Gossip
Chapter 1220 Sophia’s Husband
Chapter 1221 Emotional Comfort
Chapter 1222 Media Ambush
Chapter 1223 Getting Along
Chapter 1224 Red Light District
Chapter 1225 Prince Charming
Chapter 1226 Back to the Beginning
Chapter 1227 Good For You
Chapter 1228 Colin’s Cooking
Chapter 1229 Getting Closer
Chapter 1230 Date Night
Chapter 1231 The Best Present
Chapter 1232 Out of Line
Chapter 1233 Unbelievable Woman
Chapter 1234 For Sophia’s Happiness
Chapter 1235 Heaven on Earth
Chapter 1236 Stirring Trouble
Chapter 1237 Colin’s Confession
Chapter 1238 I Don’t Want to Go Back to the Past
Chapter 1239 Leila’s Offer
Chapter 1240 Old Habits Die Hard
Chapter 1241 Through Thick and Thin
Chapter 1242 New Year’s Celebration
Chapter 1243 Family Photos
Chapter 1244 Eason’s Daughter
Chapter 1245 The Most Handsome Li
Chapter 1246 The Right Time
Chapter 1247 Levi’s Punishment
Chapter 1248 Future Daughter-in-Law
Chapter 1249 A Visit to Granny
Chapter 1250 Tearful Reunion
Chapter 1251 Sinister Plot
Chapter 1252 Take You Away
Chapter 1253 Dinner with Payne
Chapter 1254 Oily Mouth
Chapter 1255 Leila’s Mother
Chapter 1256 Brother-in-law’s New Spouse
Chapter 1257 Did You Meet Payne
Chapter 1258 Our Home
Chapter 1259 Love Me Forever
Chapter 1260 Your Husband Asked Me to Protect You
Chapter 1261 Convenient for Our Private Meeting
Chapter 1262 To Prove Everyone’s Innocence
Chapter 1263 Why Wasn’t She Pregnant
Chapter 1264 Should She Go to the United States
Chapter 1265 I’m Married
Chapter 1266 I Like Them Very Much
Chapter 1267 Her Enemies were Too Powerful
Chapter 1268 This is Karma
Chapter 1269 Who Has the Chip
Chapter 1270 Misfortune
Chapter 1271 Grandmother Died
Chapter 1272 Crying Like A Child
Chapter 1273 Mr. Li was So Good to Maeve
Chapter 1274 Colin’s Wife was Carrying Other’s Child
Chapter 1275 It wasn’t Me
Chapter 1276 I Don’t Want to Divorce Him
Chapter 1277 I Hate You Too
Chapter 1278 Does June Also Hate the Lien Family
Chapter 1279 Do You Want to Avenge Your Mother
Chapter 1280 Rewind and Pretend
Chapter 1281 The Way You Love Me
Chapter 1282 Shocking News
Chapter 1283 Shattered Faith
Chapter 1284 How Can You Renege on Your Words
Chapter 1285 My Best Love
Chapter 1286 The Divorce
Chapter 1287 Revelations and Regrets
Chapter 1288 Herring’s Confrontation
Chapter 1289 Only Trouble
Chapter 1290 The Hope of the Lo Clan
Chapter 1291 Lost the Baby
Chapter 1292 Renewed Determination
Chapter 1293 For the Child’s Sake
Chapter 1294 Premature Birth
Chapter 1295 Find the Chip
Chapter 1296 Study Fashion Design in Milan
Chapter 1297 The Hell Will Break Loose
Chapter 1298 Where Do You Get That Damn Report
Chapter 1299 Slapped for Nothing
Chapter 1300 Future Sister-in-Law is Here
Chapter 1301 Ambrose’s Identity
Chapter 1302 Unaffected Colin
Chapter 1303 The No. 8 Cruise Ship
Chapter 1304 Old Friends
Chapter 1305 Like A Moth to A Flame
Chapter 1306 Colin’s Grievance
Chapter 1307 She Smells Like His Mother
Chapter 1308 I Want to Buy Aunt Sophia Dinner
Chapter 1309 Waiting for You to Call Me Mom Again!
Chapter 1310 Your Purpose
Chapter 1311 Being a mistress was not what she wanted.
Chapter 1312 I Will Run Away With Sophia
Chapter 1313 Kill Sophia Lo
Chapter 1314 What Did You Do to My Son
Chapter 1315 Throw Himself at Me!
Chapter 1316 A Romantic Accident
Chapter 1317 You Love Me, Not My Dad
Chapter 1318 Pick a Gift for Mother-in-law
Chapter 1319 Does Colin Also Know
Chapter 1320 Replacing Grit as Secretary General
Chapter 1321 Colin Had Long Known That She Was Innocent
Chapter 1322 I Don’t Want to Meet the Lien Family
Chapter 1323 Chop It!
Chapter 1324 She Dumped Me
Chapter 1325 Hugh’s Kiss
Chapter 1326 Sooner or Later
Chapter 1327 Just the Beginning
Chapter 1328 Someone Will Back You up
Chapter 1329 An Attempt to Murder Her
Chapter 1330 Delaying Tactics
Chapter 1331 Ambrose’s Favorite
Chapter 1332 Family Bonding
Chapter 1333 After Dinner
Chapter 1334 Ambrose’s Request
Chapter 1335 Dad Kissed Sophia
Chapter 1336 Who Really Upset the Child
Chapter 1337 I Have Great Respect for My Wife
Chapter 1338 Will You Be My Mother
Chapter 1339 Dorothy’s Attack
Chapter 1340 Your Future will Be Full of Pain
Chapter 1341 Have You Lived with Colin
Chapter 1342 No Signal
Chapter 1343 Looking Forward to It
Chapter 1344 Interrogation
Chapter 1345 Don’t Be Sad
Chapter 1346 Three Long Years
Chapter 1347 Let’s Break Up
Chapter 1348 You Should Call Me Hubby From Now On
Chapter 1349 No One is Perfect
Chapter 1350 Cross-cupped Wine
Chapter 1351 Flynn was Born in a Rich Family
Chapter 1352 We are Going Home
Chapter 1353 Living Dangerously
Chapter 1354 Get Out
Chapter 1355 Sweet Burden
Chapter 1356 I Won’t Bother You Anymore
Chapter 1357 Make Dorothy Pregnant
Chapter 1358 Damned Slut
Chapter 1359 Colin’s Decision
Chapter 1360 Do You Want Me to Worry about You
Chapter 1361 Colin Had Many Secrets
Chapter 1362 Come and Give Aunt Sophia a Kiss
Chapter 1363 Sleepover
Chapter 1364 On the Verge of Bankruptcy
Chapter 1365 99 Roses
Chapter 1366 Go Investigate the Relationship between Colin and Sophia
Chapter 1367 An Unusual Gift
Chapter 1368 Dorothy’s Special Show
Chapter 1369 Trapped by the Lien Clan
Chapter 1370 Once I’m Certain
Chapter 1371 Hey, Beauty, Are You Alone
Chapter 1372 Let Him Kneel down and Call Me His Master
Chapter 1373 Please Forgive Me
Chapter 1374 A Rival in Love
Chapter 1375 Mr. Fan is A Boring Man
Chapter 1376 The Average People Might Not Look Good in These Clothes
Chapter 1377 You’re My Idol
Chapter 1378 What do You Mean by Lovely Pig
Chapter 1379 I Bet He Will Remarry His Ex-wife
Chapter 1380 It’s Too Risky
Chapter 1381 Colin Will Never Marry Dorothy
Chapter 1382 You are the Handsome Colin
Chapter 1383 Congratulations on Your Wedding
Chapter 1384 He Couldn’t Stand That Any More
Chapter 1385 You’re Smart
Chapter 1386 White Lotus Flower
Chapter 1387 Flynn Fan’s Grandfather
Chapter 1388 You Idiot
Chapter 1389 Problem Solver
Chapter 1390 Show Me
Chapter 1391 Grandfather
Chapter 1392 He Was the Bridegroom Today
Chapter 1393 Look at the Large Screen
Chapter 1394 That’s the Chicken Soup from My Fiancee
Chapter 1395 Everything was Temporarily Settled
Chapter 1396 I Want To Surprise You
Chapter 1397 What You Want
Chapter 1398 Revenge
Chapter 1399 Offer the Kidney for His Child
Chapter 1400 They Needed Nutrition
Chapter 1401 My Little Dear
Chapter 1402 Heartbreaking
Chapter 1403 Marriage License
Chapter 1404 I Won’t Exhaust My Brother-in-Law
Chapter 1405 Sudden Death
Chapter 1406 The Most Beautiful Girl In My Eyes
Chapter 1407 Silly Girl!
Chapter 1408 Save Her for Torture!
Chapter 1409 How is She Like
Chapter 1410 Turkey
Chapter 1411 Angela Si (Doctor Hero)
Chapter 1412 Faint at the Sight of Blood
Chapter 1413 Wing
Chapter 1414 Get Out for the Dismissal Procedures
Chapter 1415 If She is Really Rich
Chapter 1416 Deeply Hated Arvin
Chapter 1417 Angela SI, Go to the Emergency Department
Chapter 1418 Whose Grandmother is Defending Me
Chapter 1419 Fan Club
Chapter 1420 I’m Afraid I’ll Mess it Up
Chapter 1421 It’s Fun to Tease Her
Chapter 1422 Tomorrow is Ellie’s Birthday
Chapter 1423 It wasn’t His Business
Chapter 1424 Dear Respectable Mr. Gu
Chapter 1425 I Want to Sleep
Chapter 1426 Did You Beat Me
Chapter 1427 He Will Always be My Dream Guy
Chapter 1428 A Devil Pretending to be an Angel
Chapter 1429 Who Paid for the Dinner
Chapter 1430 I Don’t Always Come Across Arvin
Chapter 1431 You are a Fool, Angela
Chapter 1432 Arvin’s Grandmother and Mother were Strange
Chapter 1433 Psychiatrist of Our Hospital
Chapter 1434 I Wish You Will Get Well Soon
Chapter 1435 Croton
Chapter 1436 Arvin, Shame on You
Chapter 1437 I Want to Break Up with You
Chapter 1438 So Worried
Chapter 1439 Do You Think I’ll Piss That Little Princess Off
Chapter 1440 I’m So Proud of Myself
Chapter 1441 Angela Said That You are a Freak
Chapter 1442 Angela Has Asked for a Leave
Chapter 1443 What’s His Response
Chapter 1444 The Man Who Comes to Our Home is Our Guest
Chapter 1445 Angela Gu
Chapter 1446 That’s My Mum
Chapter 1447 I’m Sorry
Chapter 1448 Arvin is Not Your Son
Chapter 1449 What’s Wrong with My Sister
Chapter 1450 Because of Her Stupid Idea
Chapter 1451 What a Cool and Handsome Face
Chapter 1452 She Will Poison Him to Death
Chapter 1453 A Bad Woman Who Cheated on Her Boyfriend
Chapter 1454 It was Widely Spread that Angela was Brought up in a Well-off Environment
Chapter 1455 He Must Be the Most Excellent Man
Chapter 1456 What I Did Before Goes Too Far
Chapter 1457 Arv
Chapter 1458 I Wanna Break up with Randal
Chapter 1459 Thank You so Much, Nicole
Chapter 1460 You Do Not Deserve It
Chapter 1461 Mammy Rong
Chapter 1462 I Am Single Now
Chapter 1463 She is a Naive Young Girl
Chapter 1464 You Don’t Have a Girlfriend, Do You
Chapter 1465 Angela Started to Get Tipsy
Chapter 1466 Look at Me
Chapter 1467 Who do You Think You are
Chapter 1468 Live Together With Arvin
Chapter 1469 Thank You for Thinking Highly of Me
Chapter 1470 The Famous Taekwondo Coach
Chapter 1471 I Will Take You to the Hospital
Chapter 1472 I’ll Take More Photos
Chapter 1473 You are So Nice
Chapter 1474 Be Her Brother
Chapter 1475 Go Home
Chapter 1476 Let’s Sleep in Separate Rooms
Chapter 1477 Arvin was Kissing a Girl
Chapter 1478 Aron Became a Prophet
Chapter 1479 Now the Truth Came to Light
Chapter 1480 Arvin is Living With a Woman
Chapter 1481 You Have to Offer Me a Bribe
Chapter 1482 How to Handle These Dolls
Chapter 1483 Are You Kidding Me
Chapter 1484 He Cared a Great Deal for That Girl
Chapter 1485 You Wish
Chapter 1486 Have a Guess
Chapter 1487 I Feel Happy Whenever I’m with Him
Chapter 1488 Tomorrow is Arvin’s Birthday
Chapter 1489 Why was He Lying
Chapter 1490 I Don’t Like Nita
Chapter 1491 Birthday Party in the House of Family Gu
Chapter 1492 It’s All My Fault
Chapter 1493 Arvin, I Really Hate You
Chapter 1494 Make A Wish First
Chapter 1495 I Fed You
Chapter 1496 Arvin Must Feel Sad
Chapter 1497 I Don’t Want to Prepare for Postgraduate Exam
Chapter 1498 I’m Also A Hospital Director’s Daughter
Chapter 1499 Angela, You’re Such A Fool
Chapter 1500 Tables Have Turned
Chapter 1501 I Brought Angela Here
Chapter 1502 The Question
Chapter 1503 It’s Ten Million Dollars
Chapter 1504 Stanley, Be Careful
Chapter 1505 Seize the Opportunity
Chapter 1506 Angela Must Have Done Something Wrong
Chapter 1507 I Found a Treasure
Chapter 1508 We Have Some News
Chapter 1509 Fabian Li
Chapter 1510 You Help Me Restore My Sight
Chapter 1511 Where Are You Wrong
Chapter 1512 What a Fool She Was
Chapter 1513 You Don’t Have to Close Your Eyes
Chapter 1514 My Dear Nancy Likes You
Chapter 1515 Are You Insane
Chapter 1516 If She Comes Back
Chapter 1517 How Dare You
Chapter 1518 Who Is Big Wing
Chapter 1519 Don’t Talk Like That in Front of a Kid
Chapter 1520 Don’t Back Out
Chapter 1521 I Can’t Stand It Anymore
Chapter 1522 Deal with Randal
Chapter 1523 She Had Caused Big Trouble This Time
Chapter 1524 I Will Explain It to Him
Chapter 1525 I Was Just Joking!
Chapter 1526 Arvin’s Biggest Wish and Pursuit
Chapter 1527 Abortion
Chapter 1528 A Promise is a Promise
Chapter 1529 She Was Terribly Upset
Chapter 1530 I Haven’t Had Dinner Yet
Chapter 1531 Miss. Zhen Just Wants to Help You
Chapter 1532 Sven Got Her Back
Chapter 1533 Will You Kill Me to Keep Your Secrets
Chapter 1534 Angela Was Drunk After Drinking a Glass of Wine
Chapter 1535 Because I’m Engaged
Chapter 1536 It Is Her First Love
Chapter 1537 What Did You Just Call Me
Chapter 1538 Why Did You Act So Excitedly
Chapter 1539 I’ve Wanted to Apologize to Her
Chapter 1540 I Know You are a Bad Guy
Chapter 1541 Her Silly GIrl
Chapter 1542 You Are Leaving J City
Chapter 1543 Why Don’t You Kill Yourself
Chapter 1544 For Personal Reasons
Chapter 1545 Purple Charm
Chapter 1546 I Used to Kiss Her a Lot
Chapter 1547 Bread Soaked in Wild Turtle Soup
Chapter 1548 Say Sorry to My Mum
Chapter 1549 I Will Punish You Today
Chapter 1550 He Had to Work A Whole Year to Earn So Much Money
Chapter 1551 I Don’t Drink Tea at Night
Chapter 1552 Someone Fell into The Water
Chapter 1553 I Will Take Care of Everything for Her
Chapter 1554 I Wanted to Pursue Her
Chapter 1555 How Dare You Eat Them
Chapter 1556 She Had never Felt Hurt on Her Period
Chapter 1557 You Don’t Tell Me Anything
Chapter 1558 Congratulations on Your Promotion
Chapter 1559 You Slapped Me How Dare You!
Chapter 1560 I Don’t Want to See Him Again
Chapter 1561 She Did A Good Job
Chapter 1562 She Just Left for A Blind Date
Chapter 1563 Why do You Hide from Me
Chapter 1564 She’s My Girl
Chapter 1565 How Could You Be So Sissy
Chapter 1566 Don’t Waste It
Chapter 1567 Malcolm
Chapter 1568 Keep Your Friends Close, But Keep Your Enemies Closer
Chapter 1569 I Just Want You to Apologize
Chapter 1570 One Million at Least
Chapter 1571 Love Token
Chapter 1572 I’m Too Grievous
Chapter 1573 Let’s Play A Game, Shall We
Chapter 1574 You look Like A Furious Cock
Chapter 1575 What’s Done is Done
Chapter 1576 I Love You Very Much
Chapter 1577 Darren’s Words Really Hurt Stanley’s Feeling
Chapter 1578 I’m Not Blind
Chapter 1579 CR Supercar
Chapter 1580 How About I Streaking Around J City
Chapter 1581 Go and Order a CR Supercar
Chapter 1582 Angela Is Not Your Wife
Chapter 1583 How Long Have You Lived Together
Chapter 1584 No Acceptance
Chapter 1585 I’ll Always Be Here for You
Chapter 1586 It Didn’t Work
Chapter 1587 I Will Send You Back
Chapter 1588 Malik Jia
Chapter 1589 How is Everything Going on Your Side
Chapter 1590 Stay at J City to Protect Angela
Chapter 1591 That Woman Ran Into the Race Course!
Chapter 1592 Baron Was Scared By Cheryl
Chapter 1593 It’s So Good to Have You Here!
Chapter 1594 I Will be Responsible for Cheryl
Chapter 1595 Did Someone Cook Dinner
Chapter 1596 Arvin Was Really a Cunning Boy
Chapter 1597 I Think Today Is A Good Day To Do It
Chapter 1598 What An Eye Pleasing Man
Chapter 1599 If You Don’t Love Her, Then Marry her
Chapter 1600 Appetizers
Chapter 1601 Ouch! My Waist
Chapter 1602 That’s True Love
Chapter 1603 Shielding Her Shortcomings
Chapter 1604 Classic Beauty
Chapter 1605 That Was the Reason Why You Were Angry with Me
Chapter 1606 Pick A Date, and Let’s Register Our Marriage
Chapter 1607 Coffee without Sugar
Chapter 1608 Boiling Hot Oil
Chapter 1609 Heroine
Chapter 1610 I Am Already At The Gate Of The Civil Affairs Bureau
Chapter 1611 She’s Back
Chapter 1612 A Sky-high Priced Wife
Chapter 1613 Congratulations on Your Marriage
Chapter 1614 It’s Good for Your Baby’s Development
Chapter 1615 Who Am I to Love Him
Chapter 1616 What About Me
Chapter 1617 The Ex-girlfriend that I’ve Dumped
Chapter 1618 A Boy Toy
Chapter 1619 I’m not A Rabbit
Chapter 1620 Physical Experiment
Chapter 1621 The Feeling Of Being The Third Wheel
Chapter 1622 Angela is a Nice Girl
Chapter 1623 She is Angry
Chapter 1624 I Thought You Were A Cop
Chapter 1625 She Burst into Our House with Her Bodyguards and Slapped Rosa
Chapter 1626 You Want Me to Forgive You with A Hollow Pearl
Chapter 1627 Why The Hell Could Angela Possess Arvin’s Love
Chapter 1628 Because You Must Have Missed Her And She Just Came Back!
Chapter 1629 Angela, Whose Woman Are You
Chapter 1630 Hello, Brother Rom And Sister-in-law Lacey!
Chapter 1631 Bring Nita Zhen to Me
Chapter 1632 Give Her CPR
Chapter 1633 Does He Treat All His Patients so Well
Chapter 1634 Throw Her in
Chapter 1635 Old Lady
Chapter 1636 My Boyfriend Is Arvin
Chapter 1637 Remember That I’m Married Now
Chapter 1638 Is Arvin Gu A Friend of Purple Charm
Chapter 1639 There Was Mr. Jealousy at Home
Chapter 1640 I Didn’t Sleep With Him
Chapter 1641 I Miss You So Much
Chapter 1642 Arvin Was Not Ashamed
Chapter 1643 From What I Can See in Your Eyes, I Know You Are My Mr. Right
Chapter 1644 Weren’t You Afraid of Nose Bleeding
Chapter 1645 I’ve Said That I Would Marry Nita
Chapter 1646 Being Busy Was No Excuse
Chapter 1647 I Have Never Seen Another Person Protect a Woman Like You Do
Chapter 1648 Take Care of Yourself
Chapter 1649 You Won’t Cling to My Wife Anymore.
Chapter 1650 How Dare She Come Here
Chapter 1651 Where is Your Husband
Chapter 1652 Why Have You Become Such A Person
Chapter 1653 Please Completely Disappear from J City
Chapter 1654 Arvin Will Kill Me
Chapter 1655 Don’t Go to the Hospital Anymore
Chapter 1656 Lulu
Chapter 1657 We Have to Say Goodbye
Chapter 1658 You Should Have Admitted To Your Trickery Earlier, Miss Si
Chapter 1659 Fighting Derrick For Me
Chapter 1660 By Tomorrow Morning
Chapter 1661 Arvin will Sleep under the Pedestrian Bridge
Chapter 1662 Don’t Mess with Angela Anymore.
Chapter 1663 Deep Regret
Chapter 1664 To Cheer Her Up
Chapter 1665 I Believed Arvin Cared About You
Chapter 1666 Punctual Arvin
Chapter 1667 Five Million
Chapter 1668 You Could be the Other Woman
Chapter 1669 Do You Know that You Have A Silver Tongue for Sweet Words
Chapter 1670 Do You Want to Be Fair
Chapter 1671 It was Kent Who Took Action
Chapter 1672 My Husband Had an Affair with Another Woman
Chapter 1673 You Mark My Word
Chapter 1674 Am I Pregnant
Chapter 1675 Is Arvin Sleeping in the Yin Family’s House
Chapter 1676 Aron, Are You Crazy
Chapter 1677 Angela Always Has Many Wicked Ideas in Her Mind
Chapter 1678 How Dare You Attack Us
Chapter 1679 My Home is Also Your Home
Chapter 1680 Arvin Called The Police
Chapter 1681 Let Him Give Up On You
Chapter 1682 You Are Jealous Because I Have A Wife
Chapter 1683 You Are His Uncle
Chapter 1684 You Have Been Guilty of Emotional Infidelity.
Chapter 1685 Aron is Getting Married
Chapter 1686 My Baby
Chapter 1687 Grape Flavored Red Grapes
Chapter 1688 He is A Cruel Demon
Chapter 1689 My Younger Brother Is Handsome, Isn’t He
Chapter 1690 I Want Some Instant Noodles
Chapter 1691 How Strong A Rival Arvin Was
Chapter 1692 Did Arvin Know
Chapter 1693 She Is My Wife
Chapter 1694 Only God Knew How Much He Desired Her
Chapter 1695 I Will Stand in Silence for You for Three Minutes.
Chapter 1696 Let Your Son Take Care Of Me
Chapter 1697 Am I So Weak that You can Bully Me So Easily
Chapter 1698 Only If the Girl was Lulu
Chapter 1699 Nita Was Dead
Chapter 1700 If You Kneel to Her Immediately
Chapter 1701 I’m Arvin’s Backup
Chapter 1702 Who Is My Husband
Chapter 1703 She Almost Fell for His Charming Smile
Chapter 1704 Let Me Court You
Chapter 1705 Fall into His Trap
Chapter 1706 Who Told You to Elope with Me
Chapter 1707 It Is a Pity That You Are Not an Actor
Chapter 1708 Arvin Is Taught A Lesson
Chapter 1709 Which Mother
Chapter 1710 The Twins Had Betrayed Her
Chapter 1711 Which Quack Said That
Chapter 1712 Poor Mommy
Chapter 1713 How They Enjoyed Playing Games with Each Other
Chapter 1714 Stay Away From Angela
Chapter 1715 So What
Chapter 1716 I Am Together With Mandy
Chapter 1717 Family Ties Are Stronger Than Other Relationships
Chapter 1718 Just Let Her Cry
Chapter 1719 Bring Mrs. Gu and My Little Sons Home
Chapter 1720 Gender might be Responsible for the Mutual Attraction between Two People
Chapter 1721 I’ll Marry You.
Chapter 1722 We Are Not Siblings Anymore
Chapter 1723 An Uninvited Woman at the Front Door
Chapter 1724 Unwilling
Chapter 1725 They Broke Up Just Because of A Photo
Chapter 1726 You Can Talk About This With Angela
Chapter 1727 A Little Physical Punishment is Needed to Bring Up A Good Son
Chapter 1728 Let Go of the Past
Chapter 1729 Arvin Is Making Trouble
Chapter 1730 She’s Sick
Chapter 1731 Go and Sleep in the Guest Room
Chapter 1732 There Are Many Beauties In Hospital
Chapter 1733 Do You Want to Manage the Household Budgets
Chapter 1734 Happy New Year
Chapter 1735 Angel’s Wing Island
Chapter 1736 Thirteen Men
Chapter 1737 Angela Was Happy
Chapter 1738 The Fascinating Ocean of Love
Chapter 1739 The Final Episode (One)
Chapter 1740 The Final Episode (Two)
Chapter 1741 Extra Story No. 1 About Pauline Gu
Chapter 1742 Extra Story No. 2 About Pauline Gu
Chapter 1743 Extra Story No. 3 About Pauline Gu
Chapter 1744 Extra Story No. 4 About Pauline Gu
Chapter 1745 Extra Story No. 5 About Pauline Gu
Chapter 1746 Extra Story No. 6 About Pauline Gu
Chapter 1747 Extra Story No. 7 About Nicole Si
Chapter 1748 Extra Story No. 8 About Nicole Si
Chapter 1749 Extra Story No.9 About Nicole Si
Chapter 1750 Extra Story No. 10 About the Daughters of the Si family
Chapter 1751 Extra Story No. 11 About the Daughters of the Si Family
Chapter 1752 Extra Story No. 12 About the Daughters of the Si Family
Chapter 1753 Extra Story No. 13 About the Daughters of the Si Family
Chapter 1754 Extra Story No. 14 About the Daughters of the Si Family
Chapter 1755 Extra Story No. 15 About the Daughters of the Si Family
Chapter 1756 Extra Story No.16 About the Daughters of the Si Family
Chapter 1757 Extra Story No.17 About the Daughters of the Si Family
Chapter 1758 Extra Story No. 18 About the Daughters of the Si Family
Chapter 1759 Extra Story No. 19 About Fabian Li
Chapter 1760 Extra Story No. 20 About Fabian Li
Chapter 1761 Extra Story No. 21 About Fabian Li
Chapter 1762 Extra Story No.22 About Fabian Li
Chapter 1763 Extra Story No. 23 About Fabian Li
Chapter 1764 Extra Story No. 24 About Fabian Li
Chapter 1765 Extra Story No. 25 About Fabian Li
Chapter 1766 Extra Story No. 26 About Fabian Li
Chapter 1767 Extra Story No. 27 About Fabian Li
Chapter 1768 Extra Story No. 28 About Fabian Li
Chapter 1769 Extra Story No. 29 About Jeremy Si
Chapter 1770 Extra Story No. 30 About Jeremy Si
Chapter 1771 Extra Story No. 31 About Jeremy Si
Chapter 1772 Extra Story No. 32 About Jeremy Si
Chapter 1773 Extra Story No. 33 About Jeremy Si
Chapter 1774 Extra Story No. 34 About Jeremy Si
Chapter 1775 Extra Story No. 35 About Jeremy Si
Chapter 1776 Extra Story No. 36 About Jeremy Si
Chapter 1777 Extra Story No. 37 About Jeremy Si
Chapter 1778 Extra Story No. 38 About Jeremy Si
Chapter 1779 Extra Story No.39 About Jeremy Si
Chapter 1780 Extra Story No. 40 About Jeremy Si
Chapter 1781 Extra Story No. 41 About Jeremy Si