Chapter 1780 Extra Story No. 40 About Jeremy Si
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  Jeremy squinted at Olivia's colleague with fury in his eyes. The man was frightened by his glare. He initially wanted to greet Jeremy, but now he quickly went back to his seat as he narrowed his neck.

  When Jeremy saw his reaction, he was convinced that the man must have felt guilty about something.

  Jeremy grabbed the file from Olivia's hands, threw it on the desk next to him and dragged Olivia out of the office and said, "Go home with me now!"

  "No, Jeremy. I haven't finished my work……" said Olivia.

  "Work? No way! Go home now! You are not allowed to work anymore!" yelled Jeremy.

  Olivia was speechless.

  Jeremy pulled Olivia away as everybody curiously looked at them. He took her along with him on the next flight from A Country back to C Country straight away.

  When they got back home, Jeremy locked her in their bedroom, preventing her from going out to work. Olivia slapped on the door and said, "Jeremy, don't be childish. The open tender I am following is a very important project for the company. Put the interests of the company above everything else!"

  'Just an open tender. What a piece of cake for me!' thought Jeremy. He crossed his arms to his chest, looked at the closed door and told her, "Just stay at home. I will carry on with the project instead of you."

  "But I have two more market researches……"

  "I will do that too!"

  "I can't give all my work to you. I……"

  "What? You don't trust me?"

  "I trust you, but I have too much unfinished work……"

  "Give them all to me. I will handle them!" said Jeremy in an affirmative voice. He was determined to overthrow his irresponsible father. 'Why has dad given so much work to my wife? Why hasn't he given the work to his own wife instead?' thought Jere

  "You're my wife in name only, on paper only. My heart and love will never be yours."

  Edward made it clear to Daisy that she was nothing to him. They were both victims of family greed —— the marriage was arranged for them.

  Six years passed. She remained quiet, gaining a reputation in the army as a tough-as-nails colonel. When she walked into his life again, Edward fell in love with this woman……

  so happy. They are just jealous of me!"

  Olivia was speechless.

  In the evening, they went back home. As she looked at Jeremy while he was helping her to lie down in the bed, Olivia suddenly thought of something important and asked, "Jeremy, do you love me?"

  Jeremy let out a cold hum and pretended to be arrogant. He said, "Whatever, we are married to each other already. Don't ask me such a trivial question!"

  Olivia sat up on the bed and said, "If you don't love me at all, why should I stay here?"

  Jeremy got nervous and scolded, "Olivia, don't overdo it!"

  "Am I overdoing it? Jeremy, I have been married to you for such a long time, but not once have you said that you loved me. Who do you think is to be blamed, you or me?" snapped Olivia. Although she could feel Jeremy's love for her, because of all the things that he had done for her, Olivia still wanted to hear his confession of love to her.

  "Olivia, are you asking me to punish you again?"

  "Jeremy, you are threatening me again. Huh! I can't spend the rest of my life living like this with you!" said Olivia with her brows furrowed, as she walked towards the door of the bedroom.