Chapter 1776 Extra Story No. 36 About Jeremy Si
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  Daniel cried out, "Olivia, stay out of this. I must teach him a really harsh lesson. Even if I beat him to death today, I won't feel sorry about it. His behavior has brought disgrace on our family. He is a rotten apple! Daniel thought, 'Jeremy was too lazy to work in the company on his own will. What's worse, he even stopped Olivia by locking her at home. How dare he do such an awful thing to her? No matter who tries to defend him, I must punish him today.'

  Olivia continued, "Uncle, Auntie, I'm sorry that I wasn't able to finish the task and I'm sorry for letting you down. Since Jeremy didn't go to the office today, I think I must take responsibility for it. So please punish me as well." After that, she went down on her knees beside Jeremy.

  Jeremy's heart beat heavily upon hearing what Olivia had said. He stared at Olivia and said stubbornly, "Don't bother. The buck stops here. You don't have to do this. I'll take responsibility for myself. Mind your own business! Hmm!"

  Daniel glanced at them and said, "Okay, if that's what you want, I'll do as you wish." Daniel raised the whip towards Olivia.

  Janet hastily went to stop Daniel, "Daniel, what are you doing? It was not Olivia's fault. She didn't do anything wrong."

  While Jeremy didn't notice it, Daniel gestured at Janet with his eyes to calm her down. Janet immediately got what he meant and smiled.

  She thought, 'It is obviously impossible for Daniel to beat Olivia. After all, she is a nice girl.' "Okay, it's up to you. Just go ahead as you like." Janet replied.

  Jeremy felt a little startled at Janet's response. He asked, "Mom, aren't you supposed to protect Olivia?"

  "She is your fiancee, so you are the one who should protect her, not me." Janet understood what Daniel had meant.

  "I won't …… Hiss…… Hey, Daniel, I can't believe that you're actually going to whip her." Finally, here came the whip. But it was a lot lighter than Jeremy had expected.

  A sweet smell filled Olivia's nostril. With a confused expression on her face, she looked at Jeremy, who was holding her in his arms. Olivia mused, 'Jeremy took the whipping for me, didn't he?'

  When she remembered Janet's tireless teachings, Olivia softened her tone a little, "I didn't fulfil the duties you had allocated to me, as a result, Jeremy made mistakes. Please forgive me. I'm willing to accept my punishment." Then, she pushed Jeremy away from her.

  Olivia's eyes

  When her boyfriend betrayed her, all light and joy was gone from Cherry’s life. Deserted, bereft of hope, she married a man that she had barely met, but she had never expected him to be her ex-boyfriend’s uncle.

  Cherry thought that she had finally found her happiness, but she had no idea about the dark secrets that were bound to unfold and haunt her forever……

  , 'Am I not more beautiful than Olivia today?'

  While in fact, to Jeremy's eyes, Olivia was much more beautiful than Faye today.

  After all, Olivia was dressed up for her wedding. Janet had specially invited the well-known designers in the world to help Olivia with her hairstyle and makeup. Apart from that, Olivia was wearing an expensive wedding dress, which made her look amazing. Therefore, Jeremy didn't even take another look at Faye.

  The wedding went on and no one ever paid any attention to Faye.

  Jeremy's attitude indicated that Faye was nobody to him. Soon she became the mockery of the country.

  After the wedding, Olivia sat with a hammering heart and waited for Jeremy in their bedroom.

  She remembered that Jeremy had once promised her an unforgettable wedding night.

  In the morning, Jeremy picked up Olivia from her mother's home. When he held Olivia in his arms, he mentioned the phrase 'unforgettable wedding night' again.

  Jeremy didn't have dinner at home that evening. It was his big day, so he went out to have a drink with his friends.

  Jeremy didn't get home until eleven o'clock in the evening. His friends coaxed him to his bedroom, where Olivia was waiting for him.

  As soon as she heard the noise outside, Olivia flinched to the corner of the bed.

  Before the wedding, Janet asked Jeremy and Olivia to live with them in the villa for a while after they married, but Jeremy didn't agree. He didn't want to live with his parents, so Olivia was taken to Jeremy's villa after their wedding.

  Therefore, if Jeremy intended to bully her, no one would be there to help her.