Chapter 904 Reverse Spacetime
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  Development is always dynamic. When everything stops, everything in the world stops evolving. Actually, it was very easy for dynamics to occur. When a speck of dust landed on the ground, it would cause even a trace of tremor to appear in front of a strand of dust. As long as a certain amount of force was exerted, there would be no matter in this world that could not be shaken.

  The tremor that Gu Tianyou was waiting for finally occurred.

  The 10,000-mile ice layer trembled slightly in an instant. Gu Tianyou keenly sensed this tremor and immediately shook his chest, resonating with it and emitting a shockwave at the same frequency. As the shockwave continued to expand, Gu Tianyou continued to use the vibration in his chest to increase his strength.

  Within the correct wave band, the shockwaves continued to intensify. As long as they found the right direction, just like a cook, they would be able to easily disintegrate the ice layer without much effort. Not only that, Gu Tianyou used his divine sense to precisely control the shockwave. After breaking through the ice layer, he continued to break through all levels from the earth's core to the earth's surface.

  In the end, as a powerful shockwave emerged from the ground, Gu Tianyou, who had been trapped for countless years, finally escaped.

  As the mountains and rivers moved, the four poles collapsed, and a ray of light shot straight into the sky towards the bullfight!

  Some human religious saints had already reached rank ten, and upon seeing this scene, they all flew over to investigate.

  All of a sudden, the entire planet was in turmoil, and there were many different opinions. However, they would never know what had happened here.

  Gu Tianyou's Primordial Spirit Brain Domain had already reached the Great Perfection Realm. The reconstructed Primordial Soul True Body had reached the Undying Immortal Realm. Although its strength was only at the ninth grade, it could assimilate with the heavens and earth at any time and place. It could barely be destroyed. Naturally, he could withstand the tearing power of space and time. By the time the planet's saints arrived, Gu Tianyou had teleported away.

  The Black-armored Demon Marshal in the Polar Temple suddenly opened his eyes. Space trembled and Gu Tianyou appeared out of thin air.

  Wherever his divine sense reached, he instantly passed by.

  A wisp of surprise flashed through the Black-armored Demon Marshal's eyes. He carefully sized up Gu Tianyou for a while before asking in surprise, "How could you be so weak?"

  Weak? Gu Tianyou sneered, "Do you think I should be very strong?"

  The Black-armored Demon Marshal said, "You have opened the Supreme Treasure of the Gods and Devils and created this new universe. Even I am trapped here by you. Shouldn't you be particularly powerful?"

  Gu Tianyou nodded and said, "I missed something. I just happened to need you to remind me what happened."

  \r \r \r

  "You lost your memory?" The Black-armored Demon Marshal was surprised. "How could this be, At that time, I was sealing you with the Cold Blood Demon Clan's Ancestral Demon Origin Pill, "It was for the sake of locking onto the Death God Devil's supreme treasure, but I didn't expect that the supreme treasure would still be opened. At that time, elemental energy erupted, causing space at the Heaven Realm level to collapse. That Frost Origin Star was sucked into it, and even I wasn't spared. At that time, I struggled with all my might, but was suppressed by your divine will. I was unable to move at all. That was a mental force at the entire brain level. How could I lose my memory?"

  After saying that, the Black-armored Demon Marshal walked down from the throne, stood in front of Gu Tianyou, and slowly closed his eyes.

  That's why! Gu Tianyou's heart was filled with enlightenment. It turned out that the most precious treasure of the Fiendgod Race had always been on him!

  "What do you mean?" Gu Tianyou stared at the Black-armored Demon Marshal and asked.

  The Black-armored Demon Marshal said, "Since you can break through the seal of the Ancestral Demon Origin Pill, wanting to kill me will naturally be as easy as turning your palm. This Marshal offended you back then and has been trapped here for countless years. Now that you've come to find me, this Marshal has nothing to say!"

  "You're much stronger than you were back then." Gu Tianyou said, "But my strength doesn't seem to even reach the tenth level. Don't you want to try?"

  The Black-armored Demon Marshal said, "Even though I have little experience, I know that your current abilities are beyond common sense."

  "You're being so polite, but you still want to give it a try." Gu Tianyou glanced around. The rocks were decaying at an extremely fast rate. It was not caused by external forces, but by the corrosion of some kind of icy toxin.

  The strong had their own dignity. Although the Black-armored Demon Marshal thought of what had happened to Gu Tianyou, he was unwilling to admit defeat and ambush him. After hundreds of millions of years of cultivation and witnessing the collapse of space at the Heaven Realm level, the entire process of evolving into a new universe core allowed him to comprehend many of the secrets of the Grand Dao of Cultivation. Therefore, even if he knew that he was defeated, he still had to try out these new comprehension methods.

  "Your Water Spirit Primordial Spirit has reached its peak." Gu Tianyou praised, "To actually be able to influence the evolution of heaven and earth without anyone noticing, or even speed up the movement of time, is truly an amazing divine ability."

  The Black-armored Demon Marshal said, "It's a pity that I'm still not your opponent." He was also sensing the changes in his surroundings. Following Gu Tianyou's words, the rocks that had just been decayed by time had returned to their original state, and they were even more spiritually energetic than before.

  "Reverse space-time!" The Black-armored Demon Marshal cried out.

  Gu Tianyou nodded and asked, "How long have we been here?"

  The Black-armored Demon Marshal said, "At least several hundred epochs."

  Gu Tianyou said, "It has been so long. At this moment, in our original universe, perhaps the memories of you and me have vanished."

  The Black-armored Demon Marshal said, "If we can't reach the level of the entire brain, even the Saint Demon King Kui and the others will inevitably scatter all the dust into dust."

  "What a speck of dust." Gu Tianyou smiled and said, "You are quite poetic." "I'm missing a boy. Are you willing to stay?"

  The Black-armored Demon Marshal was undoubtedly doomed. Hearing Gu Tianyou's words, he couldn't help but be overjoyed. He hurriedly kowtowed to show his submission and said, "Disciple is willing to follow around."

  Gu Tianyou said, "You look awkward like this. Since you are a boy, you should behave like a boy. I want to go back to see an old friend, but you have to at least be completely separated from the past on the surface. So you need to have a new look."

  Go back and meet an old friend? The Black-armored Demon Marshal was shocked and looked straight at Gu Tianyou.

  "What? You want me to do it myself?"

  "Disciple understands." The Black-armored Demon Marshal said as he flipped his palm over and imprinted it on his Heavenly Spirit Demon Body. The peak Saint Sovereign's demon body split in half and a little black boy emerged from it. He looked at Gu Tianyou innocently and asked with his divine sense, "Who am I? Who are you?"

  This fellow used his primordial spirit to condense the blood soul essence of his demonic body, reconstructing a new physical body. He looked like a newborn baby, but his strength did not decrease at all. Just the transformation of the primordial spirit into a physical body was equivalent to the birth of a new life, and it had nothing to do with his past life.

  Gu Tianyou said, "I am the creator of this space-time. You can call me Ancestor."

  Little Black shook his fist and said, "What means do you have to call yourself an ancestor?"

  Gu Tianyou stretched out his hand and pointed, causing the little black boy to immediately kneel on the ground out of his control.

  "You are born without the blood essence of a father. You are the first creature born in this new universe. From now on, I will call you Egg Laying." Gu Tianyou stretched out his hand to caress the top of it, and said in an irresistible tone, "Follow me from now on. Do not disobey my will. Loyal hard work will naturally have your benefits. Otherwise, you will immediately be shattered into pieces and your body and soul will be destroyed!"

  Although Little Black's new primordial spirit was ignorant, it still retained a bit of the Saint's instinctive consciousness. "Ancestor, please calm down. Disciple understands. Disciple understands."

  Gu Tianyou said, "I want to reverse space-time and return to the origin of the universe. Something painful will happen next. You don't need to panic."

  Dan Sheng said, "This disciple is protected by his ancestor. He is not afraid of anything!"

  Gu Tianyou said with his forehead, "When we return to the origin, we will be in another universe. I will need some time to sense the Grand Dao and recover my cultivation. At that time, if we encounter enemies looking for trouble, it will all be up to you."

  "This disciple will definitely live up to our ancestor's trust," Eggy said.

  Gu Tianyou nodded in satisfaction, "Alright, let's leave as soon as we say!"

  With a thought, mountains and rivers reversed, and space and time reversed. In the next instant, the two of them had already appeared together on the planet battlefield in the Realm of Violet Myrtle.

  Empyrean Heavenly Dog was using his primordial spirit to seal off the heavens and earth. Everyone else was locked in space and time, and only the former Gu Tianyou was still struggling to resist. As soon as the current Gu Tianyou appeared, the old Gu Tianyou immediately turned into a phantom and dissipated into space-time

  "Empyrean Heavenly Dog, are you ready to die?"