Chapter 905 Grand Finale
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  The yellow mist in the sky dissipated, and a golden sun appeared out of thin air. Heavenly winds hunted, and water vapor blew over. Spiritual rain continued, and the earth was filled with vitality. The killing intent of the blood energy on the battlefield was swept away. The previously arrogant Saint Dog had already turned into a wagging dog, crawling at the little black boy's feet.

  Long Jianmei and the Bai Nvbao were the first to awaken, and they couldn't help but be shocked to see this scene. In comparison, Long Jianmei was good at fighting and the Bai Nvbao had more experience. The latter came over and asked, "My lord, what's wrong? Why is this place like this?"

  Gu Tianyou said, "This place is not bad. I plan to treat some friends here."

  Long Jianmei was puzzled.

  "Yes, it's on me." Gu Tianyou did not explain to them the changes that had occurred to him. He said, "After the previous battle, I have figured out many things. Next, I have to end this grudge that has lasted for hundreds of millions of years."

  Bai Nvbao was puzzled. "My lord, I still don't understand, Previously, we were locked down by a powerful will and entered a space filled with terrifying spirits, "We couldn't get out of this. We searched for a long time and couldn't find a way out, but this space suddenly collapsed. As far as I can see, the expert who set up this spatial barrier to devour the entire planet is extremely terrifying. How did you save us from him?"

  Gu Tianyou pointed at the old dog and said, "It was this animal that did the good deed before, but now it is no longer a threat."

  The Bai Nvbao said, "What's wrong, my lord? It seems to be very weak."

  Gu Tianyou smiled and said, "Fortunately, it just looks very weak." As he said that, he beckoned for the Holy Saint Dog to squat down at his feet and stroked his head, "He looks very strong. Do you think I'm weaker than him?"

  "Your Excellency is joking." "I'm just curious," said the Bai Nvbao . "How did you break this ancient law of strength judgment?"

  "It's not important," Gu Tianyou said. "I will now map out a star map. Take it to the Miao Emperor and Kui Sheng. In short, the Great Saint Sovereigns of the demon race must be invited."

  Bai Nvbao was slightly stunned for a moment and asked, "Why does Sir have a star map?" "Back then, the leaders of the 28 galaxies gathered together, "Draw a complete map of the universe. With this map, you can accurately complete the spacetime jump. You can freely travel through the universe. Only the masters of the 28 galaxies have the right to keep this map. The Miao Emperor Star Domain is in the Kui Long Galaxy. Don't be afraid of being laughed at. Even the Mother Emperor doesn't have this treasure."

  At this moment, Gu Tianyou's divine sense had reached the end of the Eight Desolates of the Universe, and mapping this star map was only a single thought.

  This time, he invited all the Galaxy Saints to come with the intention of settling a grudge between the Fiendgod Race and the other races. Those who have kindness naturally have to pay back, and those who have enmity will never forgive them. Gongsun Wuji had placed the most precious treasure of the gods and devils in his clay pill divine palace. Of course, he was grateful. He had worked hard, knowing that other races would never give up until they achieved their goal of obtaining the most precious treasure. That was why he cooperated with the Flame Dragon Human Race in a grand drama.

  On the surface, he had betrayed Gu Tianyou, but in reality, he had gambled on the fate of the Fiendgod Race members and played a trick to save his life and deceive the world. Although he and the real three thousand Fiendgods were taken in by Shen Nong and Xi Huang, they were unable to bring out the Fiendgods' supreme treasure. Sooner or later, this scene would not be able to continue. Even though Gu Tianyou had been betrayed to the demons, the strength he had developed over the years was obvious to everyone, and he was more than enough to deal with the Sales Legion.

  The Fiendgod Race had already been exposed to the eyes of the saints. It was only a matter of time before the extinction of the dead race. However, if Gu Tianyou could put his life on the line and awaken the supreme treasure of the Fiendgod Realm while constantly tempering himself, there might still be a chance for him to survive.

  Gongsun Wuji's plan succeeded. Gu Tianyou inherited the supreme treasure of the Fiendgod Realm and controlled the fundamental elemental energy of the universe. Now, Gu Tianyou was as intelligent as a sea, shattering all confusion. The gains and losses of advancement and retreat, one's temperament, heavenly virtue, and the evolution of the universe could all be clearly seen in a single thought. It was time for the grudges of the Fiendgod Race that had lasted for billions of epochs.

  \r \r \r

  With a thought, Gu Tianyou concentrated endless elemental energy on this planet. In just a short moment, this planet had become a peak place for origin spirits to flourish, and the Heavenly Daos to reproduce and survive. Not only could he easily change the world, he could even increase the strength of the people around him whenever he wished.

  Depending on their talent, they could stimulate everyone's spiritual potential, fuse with the purest attribute elemental energy in the universe, and condense true spirits to expand their brains. This caused everyone around him to advance by leaps and bounds and increase their cultivation bases by leaps and bounds. Long Jianmei and the other girls, Huang Yong and the other brothers all reached the peak of the Great Primordial Saint Realm in an extremely short period of time. More than 80 percent of the brain was developed.

  Gu Tianyou sent out the Universe Star Atlas. Everyone did their respective jobs and invited the Saint Sovereigns of the various galaxies to come.

  … … … …

  Within a few days, the Saints of the various galaxies had accepted the invitation to gather. For a time, the galaxy was filled with wind and clouds, and Saint Sovereigns with extraordinary elemental energies appeared in the star domains of the planets. Among them were the demons, the arachnids, the cold-blooded demons, and the demon souls. Naturally, there was no lack of the Flame Dragon Divine Race. Every single one of them exuded a heaven-destroying and earth-shattering aura.

  Gu Tianyou personally went to the Violet Myrtle Domain to bring Gongsun Wuji and the others back to the planet. Also invited were Emperor Xi and the Galaxy Alliance's Chief Elder, Grand Saint Shennong.

  They had met countless times and experienced countless near-death situations. At this moment, all of their plots had come to light. What is right and wrong is not worth discussing. Gu Tianyou casually set up a spirit formation and placed Gongsun Wuji and the three thousand Fiendgods in it. He raised his head to look at the sky, only to see all the gods, buddhas, demons, and devils in the sky revealing their true bodies of primordial spirits. Each of them was a supreme saint who dominated a galaxy or the Great Heaven Domain.

  Almost all of these powerful beings had survived from the era when the Fiendgod Race had perished. They experienced everything a life could possibly experience. Both reason and sentiment are infinitely close to the perfection of God. The only thing in the universe that could move their hearts and make them unable to see through was the supreme treasure of the gods and devils.

  "This person has great affection and temperament. His heart is in a state of chaos. No matter how he looks at it, he doesn't seem to be the material for becoming the ruler of the new universe." A creature that had transformed into a one-legged giant and emitted a stronger aura than his generation spoke with a confused tone through his divine sense.

  "Perhaps you, Old Kui, will not allow others to be more emotional if you pursue strength without emotion?" "This sovereign has always believed that the most powerful will in the universe is the power of emotion," a bald man said plausibly.

  "Bullsh*t, bullsh*t!" A black-scaled, black-armored boy who had his first pair of legs continued to choke, "Bald monk, you understand greed, hatred, arrogance, desperation, love tribulation, creation of the Grand Dao of Samsara, flaunting karma and guiding people towards kindness. Actually, it's just for the sake of a little bit of fireworks. Your so-called Buddhism is no different from this old man's devilish nature. What right do you have to fart here?"

  "Your Majesty, you are so indulgent in your violent nature that you are extremely focused on seeking the Grand Dao of the Universe. You are not necessarily much better than Brother Hongzhi, are you?" An old man with a green beard from the Flame Dragon human camp raised his voice and said, "With the appearance of the supreme treasure of the Fiendgod Realm, these Fiendgod remnants will rise again. The apocalypse is approaching. Do you still have the heart to fight amongst yourselves?"

  "I feel that endless magical elements are entering a self-destructive mood." A giant god with white light, blonde hair, blue eyes, and twelve wings on his back muttered, "The great prophet of the Demon Soul Race enlightens us. A new epoch of space and time will be opened, and we will be revived under the light of the True God."

  "Fuck you!" The Black-armored Demon Sovereign retracted his fist and looked at the sorry figure of the White Light Giant flying backwards. He spat and scolded, "The most hateful thing is this divine rod of yours. It's useless to bullsh*t. If you can't beg for dao, you will spread these apocalyptic theories every day to fool everyone."

  "Demon Sovereign!" A golden-haired, blue-eyed giant that was bathed in golden light suddenly roared, "You've insulted my Demon Soul Race brothers again and again. I, Osho, am going to duel you now!"

  "Haha, Osho, did you also jump out? Last time, I bit one of your arms and didn't learn a lesson. This time, you want to give me the one I have to eat?" The Demon Lord laughed maniacally and said, "Although you, Osho, are a little stupid, you can still be considered a hero. If you want to duel, I will accompany you at any time."

  The saints had all survived the era of the Great War of the Gods and Devils. They each ruled a galaxy and had not communicated with each other for billions of years. It was rare for them to gather together, so they naturally couldn't help but greet each other or compare their strengths when they met. For a time, the noise and chaos were endless.

  At this moment, a clear and distant voice suddenly resounded in the depths of the souls of every powerful being.

  '"Everyone, there is no need to argue. You are all beings whose fate essence is almost eternal and infinitely close to the Grand Dao of Space and Time. Each of you has experienced countless calamities that have changed from one era to another. There are very few things in this universe that you can't see through." Gu Tianyou Man said, "As far as cultivation is concerned, everyone has already reached the upper limit of their own destiny. This is limited by the Laws of Space and Time. Whether it is seeking a breakthrough in vain or arguing about which is stronger or which is weaker, it will only add to your worries."

  "Who are you? How dare you speak to us in such a tone?" "Didn't the little black boy who sent the message say that the most precious treasure of the gods and devils had appeared in this world? Wasn't there someone who wanted to reveal the secrets of the universe's creation and destruction? Wasn't it you?" Cried the Devil Sovereign.

  These words could be said to represent all powerful beings. To these galactic owls who could destroy the stars in a single thought, there was no point in showing off their strength. They had existed in this universe for countless epochs, and on the long path of cultivation, their pursuit of transcending the path of life and death had long since ceased. The universe is imperishable, and they are imperishable. The only thing that truly interested them was the mysteries of the creation and destruction of the universe.

  Gu Tianyou decided to answer with action.

  Universe, time, universe, space. They represent eternity and boundlessness. There is no end to the world, the largest galaxy, the largest celestial body will also have an end. The only thing that never ends is thought and will. Thus, the universe itself was a gigantic True Spirit Will. It could be infinitely large, infinitely small, real, nothingness, instant, or eternity.

  When the elemental energy in the universe began to gather at a single point, all the saints present were instantly unable to move. The time and space they were in no longer belonged to their control, or rather, they had already been stripped out of the universe and existed in an unknown amount of void space. The colorful elemental spiritual energy crazily swept past them and soaked into the planet.

  As a result, countless new lifeforms rose up, quickly becoming incomparably powerful. The saints, on the other hand, could only watch helplessly like spectators as their lives grew to the point where they were comparable in countless years.

  Gu Tianyou's voice echoed in the depths of their souls, "Didn't you guys always look for the key to the mother planet?" This is it. The mother planet that gave birth to the universe is not that galaxy or the Heavenly Domain. Instead, it is every point in the universe, every memory of time. Each of you possesses it, and you have never lost it. However, you all forgot about it. When you pursued power and wantonly destroyed it, you were already standing opposite the universe. The suppression of the Heavenly Dao and the great tribulation of the epoch were not meant to stop you from pursuing power, but to help you find your true self and find your own time and space. "

  After saying those words, the first responder was Shen Nong. He shouted unwillingly, "How is this possible? You only used the power of the supreme treasure of the gods and devils to imprison us. Although you possess the ability to create time and space, you can't do anything to us."

  Gu Tianyou said, "Believe it or not, I don't need to explain anything to you, You've done everything you can in your life, "But you are just fooling around. Among the Primordial Saints of the same generation, you are the weakest. You are only able to stand in the universe by joining forces. Many of your descendants are close to or even surpass you, becoming the overlords of the universe that dominate a galaxy. However, you still need to rely on the Galaxy Alliance to maintain your status. The reason for that is because you are too complicated."

  The Xi Emperor was also among them, "Actually, it's not the trouble of living, Instead, it was due to luck and fate, Everyone was talented, deciding their own style and mindset, For example, Brother Kui Sheng, Back then, the Fiendgods ruled the universe, Almost no one dared to swipe its edge, Only Sacred Brother Kui had outstanding talent, Even the Divine Demon Clan's Grand Venerable Saint Masters were wary. "This kind of person can naturally live more simply. There is also Brother Devil Venerable. His strength is not inferior to Kui Sheng's, so he can live without fear. Our Fire Dragon Race has never been a race with outstanding talent, but now we have the largest population in the universe. What we rely on is precisely the word complex."

  "Why are you talking about me?" Kui Sheng said, "The divine spirit sea is filled with divine nature and unparalleled computational power. This situation has deceived me and the old devil. The demon race and the devil race have been competing in the Pangu Heavenly Domain for many years, and they were unable to escape from Xian Kunzhong's schemes. In the end, all of our forces were cleared out by you. Such a method is no less brutal than the old devil and me."

  "Let's shoot back there again." The Demon Sovereign said unhappily, "I have been bewitched for so many years, "Cultivator Devourer, the Demon Soul Race and the Gemini Demon Race have eaten up everything they can, and they haven't seen much benefits. Speaking of which, they were also tempted by these two fellows. What nonsense is the tripartite theory? The old devil was tricked by you for nothing. I won't be tricked by you again. I'm going to eat all of you."

  Kui Sheng said, If it hadn't been for the Flame Dragon and Great Saint Sovereigns trying to mediate between them, I'm afraid you and I have perished together for many years, The Demon Soul Race had obtained the technological essence of the Divine Demon Saint Master, "If we allow it to develop, we will surely occupy the entire universe in the future. You and I are both gifted divine abilities, and the Dao of Science and Technology can allow everyone to become dragons. If it weren't for the fact that the two brothers of the Flame Dragon have witnessed it, we might have already been imprisoned by their technological weapons and become animals for people to visit."

  The Devil Sovereign said, "Is it better now? The God Devil Race has recovered their most precious treasure. We are also doomed to die this time."

  As soon as these words were spoken, all the saints were sad. They all realized that at this moment, they had become the meat of other people's dishes after having dominated one side for countless years. One by one, they were indignant, dejected, desperate, or collapsed. All living beings were in different forms.

  "Why do you want to die?" Gu Tianyou suddenly said, "You have done a monstrous amount of evil to the Fiendgod Race. Every single one of you has died without pity, but you have already lived for so long. Now that your souls have disappeared from the world, not to mention it is very difficult to do it completely, even if you can do it, how meaningful is it?"

  "What exactly do you want?" The ashen-faced Shen Nong gritted his teeth and said, "You were lucky enough to obtain the most precious treasure of the Fiendgods, "Having comprehended a universe-level divine ability, I really didn't expect Gongsun Wuji, this junior, to sing a good show in front of this old man. In the end, he allowed you to comprehend the secrets of the most precious divine devil treasure. Now that you've defeated him, the Divine Devil Race will regain its glory. I have nothing to say. Please be happy. You, the Divine Devil Race and us are enemies. Don't pretend to be magnanimous."

  Gu Tianyou said, "Killing all of you is only a matter of time, It's just a blink of an eye for all of you, I want you to enter an eternal reincarnation of time and space. In this reincarnation of time and space, you will be reborn, grow, and experience all the forms in the world. No matter how I torture you, you must go through countless tribulations and cultivate the Great Dao of Righteous Fruits before returning to that reincarnation of tribulations. The universe will never be extinguished and reincarnation will never be extinguished! "

  Heavenly clouds gathered and elemental energy converged. The universe shrank back to its original point, space and time reversed, and things changed from person to person.

  In a corner of the new universe, a little child was born in a secular imperial city, and a black-faced youth was devoutly guarding it

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