Chapter 903 Evolutionary Crisis
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  This was a long and painful process. The remaining bit of spiritual will was like a bystander, but at the same time, it was experiencing the pain brought about by the evolution process. In the extreme cold, he felt that every inch of his body was destroyed and reorganized. That kind of pain often touched his soul.

  Those frozen cells were injected with elemental energy from the dead molecules, but they were quickly frozen to death, revived, and died again. In this cycle, little by little, the antibodies evolved to become stronger and tougher. Even if they died, they would not be frozen to pieces again. In the end, he managed to survive and form a new organization, becoming a part of his body once again under the control of the will of his divine soul.

  I'm still alive!

  Even though his body was as weak as a newborn baby, Gu Tianyou was certain that he had survived. Under the attack of that terrifying Demonic Dragon Origin Pill, he stubbornly survived. Perhaps the recovery process would take a long time, but after all, he had survived.

  The entire world was dark, and only Gu Tianyou was carefully comprehending it.

  During the process of revival, the cells and tissues evolved into the five elements, yin and yang, ions, particles, and all other natural phenomena. Through the interaction of various factors, various divine abilities occurred, and they even emitted wondrous sonic waves. They were as active as life, full of ideas and pursuits, and in the process of interweaving and growing in various ways, they finally formed the appearance they wanted to be.

  Time had disappeared, space had disappeared, and only the memories of the past were emitting divine brilliance. It was as if a door had been opened, and boundless primordial spiritual force was released from the origin of the soul and spirit, urging the cells to evolve and form. When the sensation of the skin on his body appeared, his neck returned first, then his shoulders and arms, and finally his entire body, until his entire body completely recovered.

  Gu Tianyou suddenly opened his eyes and discovered that he was in an extremely dark space. There was no light or sound in the surroundings. Even though there were no strands on his entire body, the cold feeling was no longer so obvious.

  \r \r \r

  What the hell is this place?

  Gu Tianyou tried to use his perception to observe this place. His extended perception discovered that this place seemed to be the center of the inner core of a certain celestial body. The first layer sensed the incomparably hard ice. After stretching for an unknown distance, he could sense the pure and boundless elemental energy. It should be the Spirit Jade Layer. Then there was a crystalline layer, and then there was an active swelling lava. After penetrating through the lava layer, it was a stubborn rock. Some places were sprayed out by the swelling force of the lava, and large amounts of crystals and spirit jades were wrapped around them.

  In the end, his perception broke through the surface and discovered that this was a vibrant planet. Countless peculiar creatures were evolving. They were large and small, some humanoid, some beast, some bacteria-like, and some towering trees. When his perception spread throughout every corner of the planet, Gu Tianyou discovered that this was actually a very large planet. It was many times larger than any other celestial body he had ever encountered in the past.

  At the extreme of the ice on this planet, Gu Tianyou saw the Black-armored Demon Marshal. He was sitting cross-legged on the ice couch, motionless, covered in dust. With each breath, the planet produces two seasons of heat and cold. Gu Tianyou could sense that this fellow's vitality and elemental energy was extremely strong, and his strength had also increased by a lot.

  How did I get here? How long have you been trapped here?

  It must have been a long time.

  The next question is, how am I going to leave this damn place?

  His entire body was frozen, and there was no room for maneuver. This reconstructed body was too weak. Perhaps it was only at the ninth level, or even weaker. Logically speaking, it shouldn't be like this. This was a body that endured the cold energy of the Frost Origin Pill that was known to trap the Demon King for an epoch. But that's the truth. Gu Tianyou tried to use his divine sense to activate his Dao Spirit Yuan Force, but he discovered that the Yuan Force in the Spirit Jade Layer had actually pierced through the ice layer and entered his body without any hindrance.

  This body was simply a bottomless pit. After absorbing so much energy, Gu Tianyou could only feel a slight increase in his stamina. In terms of current needs, it was almost negligible.

  The origin soul was not strong enough to escape, nor could it use divine abilities. The reason for this was because the foundation of the Heavenly Dao Evolution Divine Ability was the contradictions between the Dao Spirit Elements. Only when there were contradictions would there be karma interacting with each other to produce supernatural phenomena. The process of producing these phenomena was summed up in a regular pattern, forming a Dao Art, a divine art, or a magical phenomenon. The core jade layer of this planet was filled with the purest primordial chaos elemental energy. Because it was too pure and single, it was impossible for it to evolve any divine abilities.

  For the time being, he could only slowly absorb the elemental energy of this planet to recover.

  Gu Tianyou couldn't help but miss his relatives as the time to regain consciousness grew longer and longer. I wonder what happened to the girls and the brothers? After that day's battle, most of them had fallen into the hands of Empyrean Heavenly Dog. At this time, it was unknown whether they were alive or dead. After such a long time, even if he was still alive, how many people would still remember him?

  Time is endless, no matter how meaningful miss will also be diluted. No matter how much he thought about it, it would be more useful to do it in detail. As he gradually adapted to this state, Gu Tianyou began to ponder the way out. It was very difficult to recover one's soul cultivation in a short period of time, but one's soul cultivation seemed to have reached another level.

  The ice was still frighteningly cold, as if the entire planet was formed from its solidification. However, Gu Tianyou now had a feeling that this Eternal Ice wasn't as indestructible as it used to be. There were many flaws in its molecular structure, and as long as it could move slightly, it could be broken open.

  Occasionally, Gu Tianyou would think that it would be great if there was a trembling earthquake. It wasn't that kind of surface-level movement, but something that truly shook the entire planet. It was as if in the Pangu Heavenly Domain, the earth's surface and axis had merged into one.

  Absorbing elemental energy to restore one's cultivation was something that had to be done, but it was getting more and more boring.

  When Gu Tianyou was really bored, apart from continuing to study the Divine Passage Technique, he also focused on observing the creatures on the planet's surface.

  At this time, those humanoids had already learned to slash and burn. They were extremely athletic, leaping through the jungle with clumsy tools. Female humanoids were feeding their offspring at home and growing crops. Some particularly powerful individuals began to study body-arts and natural phenomena, while some particularly well-thought-out individuals found patterns in natural phenomena to create simple tools that made life easier.

  Gu Tianyou, who had almost infinite time, became more and more patient. He watched with interest as the humanoids gradually mastered this world. Suddenly, he thought of a possibility. Then, through his brain waves, he found some of the smartest individuals among them, communicating with their souls and spirits, inspiring them to delve deeper into technology. Urge them according to their own ideas to speed up the process of evolution.

  During this process, Gu Tianyou was unable to speak, nor could he give any specific guidance. It was only because they had a higher level of control over their spirits that they could hint at their intelligent individuals by evolving the natural phenomena of their dao spirits.

  As time went on, they began to evolve into advanced scientific and religious civilizations. Gu Tianyou watched as they created mechanized equipment and began exploring the planet's interior. Their abilities were getting stronger and stronger, but at the same time, their contradictions were becoming more and more intense. War continued to break out, and their weapons of war were constantly escalating. Exploration of this planet and beyond has also become more urgent and extreme.

  No matter how the outside world evolved, the Black-armored Demon Marshal was still sitting cross-legged on the extreme ice couch without moving.

  Finally, one day, at a certain moment, Gu Tianyou felt a trace of vibration transmit to the core of the ice. This was the result of human-like life on the ground being transmitted through the spirit jade layer using nuclear power equipment. Although it was only an imperceptible vibration, it was enough for Gu Tianyou!