Chapter 902 Demon Battle!
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  "Junior, where is my son Taicang?"

  A cold and hard voice resounded throughout the starfield. It came from the mouth of an ice demonic dragon that was covered in scales like iron and glowed with a dim metallic luster.

  "What kind of freak are you?" Gu Tianyou, Demigod, Demigod, and Demigod suppressed their divinity again. They only had three points of rationality, and their battle intent surged. Their entire body's elemental energy was still increasing continuously. At this moment, he wished he could meet a strong opponent and have a good and fierce battle.

  The Frost Demonic Dragon's body wasn't particularly large, but its claws were bigger than its body when it was in space. He grabbed onto Gu Tianyou's small satellite and was about to crush it. How could Gu Tianyou allow it to be as it wished? He shook his body and revealed a heaven-piercing and earth-shattering divine devil body. He hugged the old devil dragon's claws with both hands and exerted a tremor of strength! The tremendous power made it difficult for the old dragon to endure. With a cracking sound, it actually shattered the giant claw.

  With a long howl, the old dragon descended from space and turned into an extremely ugly black-armored giant.

  "This junior is bullying me too much. Qiuwu'er will be the first to injure my true body. I will fight you today!"

  The black-armored giant had a catfish mouth, fleshy eyebrows, a head full of sarcomas, a particularly prominent chin, and cheekbones. It looked terrifying and tough. Gu Tianyou sized it up for a while and asked, "Are you Taicang's father?"

  "It doesn't matter who I am." The black-armored giant took a step forward, and the scales on his body emitted a brushing sound. It opened and closed slowly at a strange rhythm, unexpectedly like a living creature. Black light filled the scales, and the giant's injured arm recovered in an instant. He clenched his fists and continued, "The important thing is that you have angered me and are doomed to die miserably. However, if you are willing to hand over my son Taicang, I may allow you to end it on your own!"

  Gu Tianyou laughed coldly and said, "So you are the Demon Marshal of the Otherworldly Demons." "Let me see the strength of the commander of the demon race!" Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

  The black-armored giant raised his hand and fought Gu Tianyou. The two of them trembled at the same time. Gu Tianyou took three steps back, while the black-armored giant took a step back.

  "Sure enough, I have some strength." The black-armored giant said, "This marshal's dragon body has devoured more than one star realm. His elemental energy has condensed into a demonic body. This dragon-scale iron armor alone weighs over ten million tons. This punch of yours can force this marshal to take a step back. Even if he dies on the spot, he will be proud of himself."

  The instant his fists clashed, Gu Tianyou felt that his opponent's origin soul was surging with unparalleled power. He immediately realized that this was the result of the astonishment of his race's innate talent and could not be matched. He decisively retracted a bit of his strength and retreated at the same time. He took three steps back and stepped down. The small satellite beneath his feet trembled violently, creating a ravine that continued to extend deeper and further into the distance.

  "Cut the crap. It's not too late for you to beat me down first and then brag."

  \r \r \r

  Gu Tianyou fits in, but the Black-armored Demon Marshal turns around and leaves. He says, "The elemental energy here is exhausted, and there is no root under your feet. The destruction of the heavens and the earth will disrupt the order of a star formation. If you have the guts, come and fight with me!"

  "Are you afraid that you will eat me?" At this moment, Gu Tianyou only had a third of his rationality left, and his actions were all based on his demonic instincts. He did not hesitate to chase after him.

  The Black-armored Demon Commander was in front of him, and Gu Tianyou was behind him. The two of them did not cast teleportation spells, but flew out of this star region as fast as they could. Eventually, they arrived at an enormous planet that had been abandoned by themselves.

  The surroundings were pitch black, but it didn't affect Gu Tianyou's observation. Looking around, it was a desolate and desolate place. The temperature of the entire planet was astonishingly low, and the surface of the earth was ridged with ravines that were extremely damaged. It seemed like a great battle had occurred a long time ago. Releasing his spiritual sense, he could not feel any spiritual elemental energy other than the cold.

  At this time, the Black-armored Demon Marshal suddenly turned around and said, "Right here." "I have a few words to say before we begin," he added.

  Gu Tianyou said, "Why bother? No matter what you say, you still have to use your fist to speak."

  The Black-armored Demon Marshal said to himself, "My son Taicang was ordered to explore the Pangu Heavenly Domain, However, he was bewitched by the Emperor of Xi. He overestimated himself and coveted the most precious treasure of the Fiendgod Race. He landed in your hands. Life and death were all in your hands, but your life and death were in my hands. As long as you hand over my son and let me give you an explanation to the ancestors in the clan, I can make the decision to let you leave behind a remnant soul to reincarnate. With your cultivation, you will be a hero in another ten thousand years. "

  "Otherwise?" Gu Tianyou asked casually.

  The Black-armored Demon Marshal said, "You are a remnant of the Fiendgod Realm. With this alone, neither the Demon King nor those top elders of the 28 galaxies will let you off."

  "What they won't let go of is the most precious treasure of the Fiendgod Race, right?" Gu Tianyou said, "Isn't that why you talked so much to me, Rory?"

  The Black-armored Demon Marshal said, "The Divine Demon Supreme Treasure is something that all parties are determined to obtain. With this Marshal's strength, I definitely do not dare to have such extravagant hopes." He added, "The Xi Emperor and Shennong have not learned anything from their research for many years. So what if I get them?" Without waiting for Gu Tianyou to refute, he rushed to say, "Don't be overly concerned. This Commander means that you are dead anyway, but as long as you hand over my son now, you can end it yourself. Leave behind a remnant soul that this Commander will help you send into reincarnation. As for everything in your Remnant Body Divine Palace, it will naturally be left to the Demon King to decide."

  Gu Tianyou thought to himself that the Sacred Leaf Army was still on the planet in the Polar North Star Region. It was too close to the Violet Myrtle Domain. Previously, Sacred Venerable Heavenly Dog had lost his mind and completely forgotten about his brothers and sisters. However, Sacred Venerable Dog had escaped the day after tomorrow. He was most likely going back to capture those people as hostages. Brother Tianyou was ruthless and ruthless when he entered the Devil Realm, but now he was reluctant to part with those followers of the Sacred Leaf Army.

  Thinking of this, he immediately thought that Empyrean Heavenly Dog should know the identity of this Demon Marshal. If this daddy tells the truth about the God Demon Race, all of the Flame Dragon Race's plans will be in vain. If I were him, I wouldn't have killed all those hostages until I knew the secret was revealed.

  If Heavenly Dog doesn't kill the hostages, I can't reveal the secrets of the Fiendgod Race to the Otherworldly Demons!

  Thinking of this, he sneered and said, "I am dead anyway, why should I fulfill your wish?"

  The Black-armored Demon Marshal snorted heavily and said, "Since you've decided to give up this only chance of survival, then I can only grant it to you!"

  A punch came crashing down!

  This fellow attacked as soon as he spoke, and his punch was filled with lightning. Cold Qi poured down on his face. Gu Tianyou instantly felt the surrounding space freeze. It was already too late to teleport and dodge. In an instant, it was frozen on the spot. Just as he was about to use his strength to break free, the Black-armored Demon Marshal opened his mouth wide and took out a blue Origin Pill to press down on the ice block that sealed him. He felt his entire body freeze uncontrollably, so he could only use all of his elemental energy to fight against the cold poison.

  "This is the Origin Essence Pill bestowed by my Cold-blooded Demon Clan's Ancestor Demon, "Originally, it was intended to be used to save that unworthy son of mine. Since you are persistent, I can only summon you. Junior, don't think of resisting. My ancestor's Frost Essence Pill can even trap the Demon King's Undying Demon Body for an epoch. As for your Demon Body, being able to last for a minute is already very impressive."

  Gu Tianyou was getting colder and colder. He didn't even have the strength to transmit his divine sense. His entire soul was resisting the boundless cold energy. However, he desperately discovered that, just as the Black-armored Demon Marshal had said, the Cold-blooded Demon Clan's ancestor's Origin Core was simply unable to contend against it. The elemental energy of the demon body didn't even have the ability to stop it for a while.

  Gu Tianyou immediately thought of summoning the Chaos Lightning Spirit with his soul elemental energy to cast a divine ability to break the ice. However, just as he thought about it, the poison of the Fanged Wolf's soul that the demon body had absorbed earlier began to explode at this moment. Within the primordial soul of the Divine Palace, those dog-fanged wolf souls that had been devoured began to frantically backlash out of their control!

  This was the essence that Saint Dog had cultivated for a million years. After all, its power was extraordinary. Gu Tianyou's divine soul elemental energy had been greatly consumed when he entered the Devil Realm. There was not much left at this moment. If it wasn't for the replenishment of the Heavenly Dao Saint Dragon from the Domain of Life, he would have been successfully taken away from the Divine Palace by the Fanged Wolf Soul.

  With a cracking sound, an ice crack sounded from somewhere within the demon's body.

  Gu Tianyou instantly realized that this was the sound of the demon body being shattered by the cold. Then, there was a second, a third … The endless sound of shattering ruthlessly told Gu Tianyou that his body was splitting into countless pieces. However, his Three Souls Primordial Spirit was unable to raise the slightest bit of elemental energy to stop the shattering.

  At this time, Gu Tianyou only had one Divine Palace in his brain that was still in operation, resisting the corrosion of the dog-fanged wolf soul at the same time.

  Past life flashed in front of his eyes in an instant. Starting with a little bit of his personality, he was born under Gongsun Wuji's control through his mother's aperture. He grew bit by bit and walked step by step until today. Everything that had harmed him, and had been harmed by him, and had been forgotten, was awakened at this moment. It turned out that they had never left, and had always been a part of themselves.

  Is this daddy going to die?

  His entire body had already shattered into countless molecules, and even those dog-fanged wolf souls had been frozen into countless primordial sons by this extreme cold.

  Gu Tianyou looked inside the divine light and saw that the soul force origin souls he had devoured in the past had been frozen into sparkling primordial sons by the extreme cold. These primordial sons were devouring each other to strengthen themselves, just so that they wouldn't be completely frozen into lifeless dead creatures, even if it was only for a short period of time.

  They struggled, erupted, and transformed into countless colors, interacting with each other, creating endless grudges. Eventually, it turned into a chaos that was mercilessly frozen.

  When Gu Tianyou saw this, a flash of spiritual light suddenly flashed through the remnants of his divine soul will. Could this be the beginning of life? Is this how the universe evolved? If that's the case, then the life form I insist on is just a stinky bag, and those past experiences are the foundation of my true self-will. Anger was born from fire, emotion was extinguished from coldness, joy was born from Yang Ming's vitality, sorrow was born from Yin Sha's death energy, and all the process of life was the Essence Grand Dao of the evolution of the universe.

  If this is the beginning of the universe, then I am the universe!

  In this lifetime, the Divine Palace of the Realm of the Brain suddenly lit up!

  At a certain point in the depths of his soul, an intense light suddenly erupted. It was as if a door had been opened, and boundless Dao Spirit Yuan Force gushed out.