Chapter 901 Shiver
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  Who is lighter in morality and emotion?

  The devil in his eyes may be the angel in my eyes.

  The old dog was a pet companion in the eyes of Saint Xi Huang, but in Gu Tianyou's place, he and it were each other's food.

  Either I eat you, or you eat me.

  His canine fangs were like knives, contaminated with the top five poisons in the universe, and his name was Soul Devouring. Those with weak souls are insane to the point that they can't even touch themselves. In just one meeting, Gu Tianyou's entire body was bathed in blood.

  The old dog used the Heaven and Earth Divine Technique to lock down the Dao Spirit Yuan Force in the entire Origin Realm space. Other than him, no one else in this Origin Realm could gather the Heaven and Earth Yuan Force. Even Gu Tianyou could not open the spatial passageway to attract the Origin Energy from the Domain of Heaven.

  Helpless, he had no choice but to enter the devil realm. Since he had already entered the devil realm, he naturally comprehended the devil path's bloodthirsty devouring divine ability.

  If you bite me, I'll swallow you. The Primordial Soul of the Bohemian Saint turned into tens of thousands of canine-fanged wolf souls. Gu Tianyou expanded his body and didn't use the elemental energy of heaven and earth to cast any divine abilities. He only relied on his body and bloodthirsty fanaticism to frantically devour the canine-fanged wolf souls of the old dog.

  \r \r \r

  The gloomy wind howled miserably, and the howls of wolves resounded The entire Origin World had become the battlefield of the two great saints.

  The so-called devilization was to give up the intelligence of the soul and devour the soul with the soul of the primordial spirit. He would completely fuse his own Dao Spirit power into his physical body, no longer trying to control the Heavenly Dao Yuan Force to execute any divine abilities. He would only use the purest of his physical body to survive and fight.

  After filling his body with his demonic soul, Gu Tianyou's origin soul vitality was ten times better than his Nine Revolutions Mysterious Technique. But at the same time, the willpower to control oneself is countless times weaker than before. The Old Dog's Soul Devouring Poison was aimed at the soul, and Gu Tianyou, who had entered the Devil Realm, could no longer resist it with his strong willpower. Brother Tianyou, who was fueled by the poison, went completely crazy.

  Kill! Kill! Kill!

  What is the seven emotions and six desires? What is entanglement? What is a heart-to-heart approach? His parents' kindness, brotherhood, and wife's affection were all forgotten. At this moment, Brother Tianyou was like a rabies-stricken mad dog. There was only one thought left in his mind, and that was to frantically devour all the moving objects in front of him.

  This object was the canine-fanged wolf soul formed from the primordial spirit of the old dog.

  This was a contest between vitality and soul power. One poison covered his entire body, and the other was devoured by sporadic primordial spirits at every moment.

  At first, the old dog felt that victory was in his hands. Because it was divine in heaven and earth, it could absorb the evil spirit energy left behind on the battlefield at any time to replenish its primordial spirit courage. This advantage was not small. However, as time passed, it discovered that although Gu Tianyou was poisoned to the point of going crazy, the more crazy he became, the deeper he went into the Devil Realm. The poison was more like a stimulant to a demon whose soul power was almost non-existent and could be devoured.

  The more Gu Tianyou swallowed, the crazier he became. The closer he got to the perfect state of the devil. As more and more divine souls and true souls were devoured, the Origin Soul Devil Body also became more and more powerful. Behind him, the old dog's canine fangs could no longer be harmed at all. The bite marks he left behind had also unknowingly recovered to their original state.

  The explosive muscles and flesh were filled with ferocious power that urgently needed to be unleashed. At this moment, Gu Tianyou didn't need the old dog's soul to chase after him. Instead, he began to chase after the remaining soul of the old Bohemian dog everywhere.

  "Hahaha." Gu Tianyou laughed wildly and said incoherently, "Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat all of you!"

  The current Great Saint Samsara and the former Bohemian Saint had completely lost their confidence. Their primordial spirits had suffered heavy losses, and they were no longer able to maintain the Spatial Lock Array. However, it didn't dare to let go of space anyway, because that way, Gu Tianyou would be able to establish a spatial passageway with his own Heavenly Domain. Once Gu Tianyou recovered his elemental energy and used his divine ability, everything he had done would be in vain.

  It realized that it had already lost. Gu Tianyou, who could not bite into the devil, watched as his opponent grew stronger and stronger. If it persisted any longer, it would only be completely devoured in the end. The follow-up plan will not be implemented.

  "Heavenly Dog Swallowing the Sun!" It suddenly retracted its primordial spirit and instantly recovered its true body. However, the golden light barrier around its body could no longer be condensed, revealing its shameless appearance. Using the strongest divine ability of the Dog Race, he instantly devoured a small star in the starfield and recovered some of his vitality and elemental energy. Rising up, Yu Yong suddenly soared into the clouds and flew straight into the outer space of the Origin Realm.

  Want to go? Gu Tianyou's blood-red eyes shone red as he locked onto the old dog's back. Just as he was about to chase after them, he suddenly felt his mind clear. A strange sensation came from a certain heavenly domain in the depths of the universe. It was emitted from the Heavenly Dao Saint Dragon avatar that had stayed in the Chaos Heavenly Domain and enjoyed the sacrifices of all living beings. In an instant, the Divine Soul Will and the Demon Body Yuan Spirit began to compete intensely within his body. The canine tooth toxin is quickly dissolved and dissipated during this process.

  Finally, this contest had evolved into a fusion of soul and soul, the Six Yang Head and the Devil Body. In this familiar process of dissipation, they had adapted to each other and formed a nearly brand-new life form.

  In the next moment, Gu Tianyou had already arrived outside the Origin Realm. At this moment, his consciousness hadn't completely recovered. Half of it was insane, half was devilish, and only two were rational. Driven by anger and instinct, Saint Dog followed the fleeing Origin World Planet to a small moon.

  Soon after the Saint Dog escaped from the Origin Realm planet, his primordial spirit was greatly damaged, and he finally lost the ability to continue flying in space. He could only find a small satellite nearby to conceal his tracks and gain some breathing space to recover his primordial spirit damage through the ghosts of the Reincarnation Dharma Realm.

  Right at this moment, Gu Tianyou had already tracked him to this point.

  This scarlet moon was only a few thousand kilometers in diameter. With Gu Tianyou's divine ability, it would only take a moment to search through this place. Saint Dog sensed Gu Tianyou's investigation and knew that there was nowhere to hide. At this moment, when the dog entered the alley, it could only jump over the wall and fight with all its might!

  Ao! Gu Tianyou heard the evil wind behind his head. He didn't even turn his head and punched back. Right in the nose of the Dog Saint. This was the place where the Dog Race had evolved the most, and it was also the weakest place. All dogs were afraid of their noses being attacked. Although the old dog had the cultivation of a Saint, he could not bear it. With a punch, he was instantly knocked over on the ground. He cried out miserably and struggled to get up at the same time. Then, he flew away with a swoosh.

  Gu Tianyou's expression was like iron as he coldly snorted. In the next instant, he had already blocked the path of Saint Dog's escape. "You can go down!" As he spoke, he flew up and kicked Saint Dog on the waist. Copper-headed, iron-clawed tofu waist, this was another weakness of the dog race creatures. Gu Tianyou's divine ability was brilliant, and he didn't need to observe it carefully to accurately find its weakness.

  This kick directly broke its internal organs. Holy Sovereign Dog let out a long cry of despair and drew a straight line in the air, flying straight into space.

  Just as Gu Tianyou was about to chase after him, his heart suddenly trembled. In an instant, his entire body turned cold. He subconsciously looked up at the sky and saw a huge black claw protruding out of the pitch black space. He suddenly felt a chill coming from his body, and he couldn't help but shiver!