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The Reborn Otaku's Code of Practice for the Apocal   Author:暖荷
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Lacking a pocket dimension, lacking a power, lacking a thigh to hug onto and the three life advantages (money, power, and looks), he had been cautiously living in the apocalypse for ten years, getting closer to falling inside the zombie’s mouths. But unexpectedly, he had the terrible luck, to be caught in a fight between two gangs and die, it really left people feeling disappointed. But when he opened his eyes, he had returned to a decade ago, three months before the apocalypse! Like before he still lacked an ability, an ordinary person without a pocket dimension, but he did have ten full years of experience living in the apocalypse! Even if he didn’t fight zombies, didn’t hunt monsters, he could still live a carefree farming life in the safe zone. Find a safe house, utilise all kinds of skills from his previous life to farm in exchange for meat, and if possible, find a person to peacefully spend the rest of his life with; ordinary people had their own ordinary little pieces of happiness. Originally believing he had picked up a beauty he returned home to prepare a golden house, but on the contrary he was the one being pushed down……someone once said, whether it is people or matters, by no means can you only look at the surface!
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Chapter 258

  Releasing the final chapter early. I received enough Ko-Fis for a bonus chapter but got swamped with work until now. These last two chapters were so much longer than usual……。゜(`Д´)゜。

  It’s been three years since the base split.

  The former A-city base had completely eliminated all the buildings in the outer city area along with the other buildings with a certain range of the base.

  The ground was covered with barbed wire, traps along with mines, power grids, and other ..











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