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Lord of End of World   Author:風流書呆
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This is a story about Gong Lixin who was the young master of an ancient underground palace in the ancient times. He was raised by his master and forced to partake sexual relationships with numerous people to cultivate his Yin Body. His master who has a Yang Body was going to absorb him after he has reach a level to become stronger. MC refused and killed his master also dying at the same time. Then he transmigrated to the modern time and thinking he will enjoy peaceful life, the end of the world arrived. Being someone with no special powers except for his martial arts, see how he use his martial arts to dominate the times and find his lovers.
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Chapter 171

  There was an old farmhouse, with small flowers, pearl plums and some weeping willows growing along the walls. A stone table was placed in the middle of the courtyard with a few books and an unfinished chess set. Occasionally, there were flowers swaying beside the wall and huge and gorgeous butterflies. If one bothered them, they would learn that those butterflies were sharper than steel needles and had poisonous mouthparts. But aside from that, this was really a picture of a calm and stabl..











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