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Phoenix Ascending   Author:Billowing Snow
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The heavens and earth change when the blood phoenix descends. She is the chosen one of the blood phoenix, and she shoulders the blood debt of the entire royal clan. She renounces her fair facade with resolution and enthralls the world whilst clad in white, bestirring nations and dynasties with the flip of a hand. He is an invincible war god and never shows mercy in his slaughter. His frozen heart is disturbed by her alone, and his tenderness reserved only for her. Do we work together with one heart, or walk the separate paths of strangers? Do we clash against each other with weapons instead… In this vast world, I compose music only with you, to astound eras to come.
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Chapter 379(END) - Til death do us part

  Jun Huang wouldn’t be able to answer him, of course. Nan Xun laughed bitterly.

  Hearing a faint thud, he turned to see a monkey perching on the windowsill.

  Nan Xun reached out for the monkey. Who knew what the wild thing would do? Before he could catch it, the monkey jumped in and took a plant from the medicinal bath. Nan Xun shot to his feet and tried to grab it.

  With intelligence behind its eyes, the monkey gave Nan Xun a look and turned to leave.

  “Stop it, you..











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