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World Development System   Author:Autistic25
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While returning home from a boring day of work, a black hole opened up in front of John and sucked him in. Beforehe was floating in the blackhole, a helmet latched on to him."Uploading A.I under progress...Activating Survival Kit" A weird roboticsound appeared within the conscious of John and suddenly a white energyenveloped him... After opening his eyes, John noticed he was teleportedto a whole new world. Aworld of magic and he was a user of a system. Arkon, the world John wasbrought too, was a medieval world which is 10 times bigger than earth.This new world held many new mysteries and this was the beginning ofJohn’s adventure. Johnwill dominate and stir the world with his new system. Old technologiesbegone and use my advanced techys instead! Ha! you want to hold apolitic, economical and military war with me? Sorry but my system is toobroken for you all to counter.
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Chapter 336: 267. Plato and Endos meeting.


  In the Imperial Palace of Aelius, His Majesty Lionheart was looking at the newspaper which was speed delivered to him by Prime Minister Hasse and Mayor of Imperial City, Andrew Greenwald.

  After looking at the newspaper, there was a look of satisfaction on Lionheart's face.

  He spoke as he read the newspaper, "Looks like Plato did a very fine job this time around. Now I will see how those pesky nobles badmouth me behind my back."

  Lionheart then looked toward H..











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