Chapter 89.2: Aspidochelone Island
writer:Nezaki Takeru      update:2022-08-22 15:55
  Note: A familiar character make his comeback

  ◆Silver Witch; Kuna

  I woke up in my bedroom in the mansion the moment I felt the presence of Tibel the fairy.

  It seems I’d fallen asleep again after I sent off Kuroki.

  When I looked around, I saw that Guno and her subordinates were still asleep, naked.

  Such miserable fellas.

  「Are you oka~y, Kuna-sama~?」

  It was your noisy voice that woke me up though.

  「Be quiet, Tibel. As you can see, I’m alright.」

  For some reason, Tibel was under the impression that Kuna was being bullied by Kuroki. Well, it couldn’t be helped, this fella has no idea just how awesome Kuroki is.

  「I see~. Are you sure that you’re not going to go with him, Kuna-sama?」

  「It is a wife’s duty to guard the house when her husband is out. And to welcome her husband with love when he returns.」

  I told her so with smile on my face.

  「I see~. Like when you wore a apron while naked, ri~ght.」

  「Yes, Tibel. Kuroki was extremely delighted when I did that.」

  「As expected of Kuna-sama~.」

  Tibel was flying around happily inside of the room.

  Though she was noisy, her praise aren’t that bad.

  「Enough with the praise, Tibel. Are you here because you have something to report?」

  「Ri~ght, Kuna-sama~. It seems the hero and co have yet to come to the Velos kingdo~m. They’re stopping along the way too much during their trave~l.」

  And here I thought that they were going to start something, what a bummer.

  「I see. Keep standing by to observe the situation with clown. Moreover, be prepared since my master might have her own plan.」

  Kuna looked away as she gave the order to Tibel.


  ◆Goblin’s Prince; Goz

  I was walking through the banquet hall of the sweet’s castle, the nice, sweet smell of sugary treats assaulting my nose with every step I took.

  Honestly, I was sick of this overly sweet smell. This great me hates sweets.

  The goblin soldiers wearing red hats were standing orderly in a line inside the banquet hall.

  Red hats were hats that were only given to goblins whose military achievements were a cut above the rest, a special force. Strength alone was not enough for one to receive red hat. It was only awarded to those with all sort of combat capabilities.

  Honestly speaking, they’re not the kind of fellas that you want to make an enemy of.

  My mother, the leader of the red hats, was leaning back arrogantly on the throne in the innermost part of the banquet hall.

  I kneeled upon arriving in front of my mother.

  「You’ve come huh, Goz.」

  For some reason, she seems rather pale today. It made her already ugly face became even more uglier than usual.

  As expected, it seems that my mother was also scared sh*tless of the Silver Witch.

  That Silver Witch might be an extremely beautiful woman, but inside, she was colder than the coldest night of mid-winter.

  It seems my mother was really cornered this time.

  I mean, the fact that she even brought the elite red hats along was enough proof of that.

  I sneered at my mother in my heart.

  「What’s your order for me, mother?」

  I asked straightforwardly without beating around the bush.

  Did she think that I was going to forget the resentment of being locked in that cold and dark prison?

  「Stop acting dumb, Goz. Do you want to go back to jail again? You’re going to deal with the hero who’s about to come soon. I shall forgive your transgressions so far as long as you can defeat the hero.」

  You’re also playing dumb yourself, mother.

  You already know that this weak me has no chance at wining against the hero.

  But, I’m not stupid enough to tell her that.


  I forced out a happy voice to respond.

  I would escape the moment I saw a chance.

  「Yeah, I promise. That’s why, you have to protect your mother…」

  Mother’s face distorted due to fear, making her at least twice as ugly as before.

  「It seems you really are cornered this time, Datie.」

  Suddenly, a voice came from the ceiling.

  That voice was then followed by the appearance of a black sphere.

  That black sphere descended toward the middle of the banquet hall.

  The red hats pulled their weapon, surrounding the black sphere that appeared out of nowhere.

  The back sphere descended into the floor, and vanished just like that. Instead, it was replaced with a person with three frog heads who was even uglier than my mother.


  The moment she saw that person’s appearance, my mother rushed over and kneeled before that person.

  I was really surprised upon seeing my mother do that.

  That huge mother of mine was actually rubbing her forehead on the ground.

  The red hats themselves couldn’t hide their surprise upon seeing the state of their queen.

  The frog woman called Heqet or whatever was much smaller compared to my mother. For that reason, her identity became even more and more bizzare.

  Who the hell is she?

  「Raise your head, Datie.」

  「Yes… Heqet-sama…」

  When my mother raised her head, I noticed that her face had become even messier than before due to the drool and nasal mucus plastered across her already ugly face.

  「Good grief, you really went too far this time. How can you think about trying to put your hands on that Dark Knight. I’ve had enough of your stupidity… have you realized your error now?」

  After saying so, Heqet then looked at the male humans who stood at mother’s sides.

  Every single one of them were beautiful men. But, their eyes were empty.

  They didn’t just turn like that due to the effects of drugs or magic.

  Every single one of them had broken after being forced by mother.


  My mother hung her head feebly.

  「Good grief, you pair of parent and child never cease to bring me trouble.」

  Heqet then looked at me.

  The moment her six eyes locked on me, I felt tremendous pressure.

  And then, it seems she knew about me too.

  Suddenly, I had the urge to pee. But, I ended up leaking my pants.

  I want to escape. But, I might die if I try to escape now.

  I have to endure this, I don’t want to die yet.

  I won’t die until I visit Velos’ red-light district!!

  「Am I clear, Datie? That Black Storm, the Dark Knight is the one who saved and protected my adorable Modes boy. He’s far more important than the likes of you. If you try to pull out this kind of stupidity again, you’ll die for sure with no one willing to save you.」

  After she said so, I felt a suffocating pressure release from Heqet’s body.


  My mother was prostrating on the ground while clinging onto Heqet’s feet.

  「It’s good that you finally understand. It can’t be helped then, I’ll save you just this once. RibbitRibbitRibbit.」

  Heqet replied with a froggish laugh.

  Her ugly face really rivaled my mother’s.