Chapter 170
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  When Li Song opened his eyes again, the young girl in front of him was looking at him with a confused expression.

  He was holding her wrist so forcefully that her pink lips were tightly pursed. Her clear, black eyes were shining with uneasy and trepidation. Li Song continued to stare at her face without blinking. Although her face was slightly different from the Wei Luo that he knew, they were still the same person.

  Just as he was about to say something, the corner entrance’s door was suddenly pushed opened by someone. An older female servant came out of the residence. She was wearing a honey-colored robe and harshly said without restraint, “Didn’t I tell you to leave? What kind of place do you think Duke Ying’s residence is? Is this a place that you can come and go as you please? Why don’t you look at yourself? Why would Fifth Master agree to see you?” As she said this, she spat on the ground.

  Li Song’s brow twisted and he loosened his grip on Wei Luo’s wrist. A moment later, Wei Luo broke free from him and ran towards the alley. She ran very quickly. By the time Li Song returned to his senses, she had already disappeared past the end of the alley.

  Li Song had only felt as if something had left his grasp. He turned around to look at the older female servant that had an angry expression and asked, “What’s going on?”

  This older female servant’s job was watching the corner entrance. She had just started working at Duke Ying’s residence last year. When she saw how simply Wei Luo was dressed, she assumed that she was an impoverished girl trying to obtain money by pretending to be related to Fifth Master. Most likely, she knew one of the female servants in the residence and decided to use Fifth Master’s name as a way to enter the residence.

  This older female servant knew Li Song’s identity, so her expression immediately changed. She piled on layer upon layer of smiles as she said, “Heir Li, you don’t know. That girl had come here several times. She said she’s looking for Fifth Master. How could Fifth Master be someone that she can meet just because she wants to? This servant has mentioned this matter to Fifth Madam. Fifth Madam had specially ordered this servant to not let that girl inside the residence…”

  As the older female servant said a bunch of words, Li Song’s face continued to sink the more he heard her speak.

  In the end, he turned around without saying a word and headed in the direction that Wei Luo had left in.

  Lu Shi saw that he wasn’t coming back to the carriage, so he caught up to him and asked, “Young Master, where are you going? Weren’t you going to go back home?”

  Li Song didn’t respond as he quickly walked.

  Unfortunately, after he had searched the entire alley, he couldn’t find any traces of Wei Luo. The end of the alley connected with a busy street. She had probably already run far away. Li Song stood at the end of the alley as people passed by him. His face was expressionless as he thought of the words that the older female servant had said. A long time later, he slammed his fist against the wall.

  Lu Shi felt painful just looking at him. While he wondered why Li Song was acting so strangely today, he said with a smile, “Young Master, did you know that young girl?”

  Li Song was silent for a moment. Instead of answering his question, he said, “Let’s go back.”

  Lu Shi froze, but he quickly recovered and agreed. He went back to tell the carriage driver to drive the carriage here. He still didn’t understand what had happened as they went back to Prince Ru Yang’s residence.

  After they returned home, Li Song directly went to the study and ordered Lu Shi to investigate the matter of Duke Ying’s family’s Fifth Miss’s kidnapping again.

  Although Lu Shi didn’t understand why he cared so much about a stranger, he still obediently withdrew to investigate this matter.

  The news he brought back wasn’t that much different from the previous time. It wouldn’t be easy to thoroughly investigate this matter and get clear answers. Too much time had passed.

  Li Song thought of the words that the older female servant had said. After contemplating for a long time, he said to Lu Shi, “Send a few people over to keep watch of Du-shi‘s actions. If there’s any anomaly, immediately tell me.”

  Lu Shi nodded. Before he left, he couldn’t resist asking, “Young Master, this insignificant one audaciously asks, do you know that Fifth Miss? Her kidnapping happened so long ago and Duke Ying’s household doesn’t even care about this matter anymore. Why do you still want to look into this matter?”

  Li Song paused before saying, “I care because no one else is concerned about this matter.”

  This world seemed slightly different from his previous world. Wei Luo actually wasn’t living as Duke Ying’s family’s Fifth Miss. Wei Chang Hong was engaged to Li Xiang. What went wrong? He had to get to the bottom of this.

  Lu Shi hesitated, but didn’t ask another question.


  Later, Li Song went to Duke Ying’s residence two more times. He deliberately took a detour and left through the corner entrance each time, but he didn’t see Wei Luo.

  Today, Li Song came to Duke Ying’s residence with Elder Princess Gao Yang. Elder Princess Gao Yang had exchanged a few words with Fifth Madam Du-shi. She was probably hoping that after Li Xiang married into Duke Ying’s family, Du-shiwould treat Li Xiang magnanimously as her mother-in-law.

  Du-shi was the daughter of a concubine and her status was much lower than Elder Princess Gao Yang’s. Her attitude was very respectful and her tone was very amicable. She didn’t show any disagreement towards Elder Princess Gao Yang’s words.

  When Elder Princess Gao Yang was leaving, Du-shi personally sent off the elder princess to the entrance with a smiling face from beginning to end.

  Seeing that it had started to rain, Du-shi hurriedly had a servant girl bring over two umbrellas to Elder Princess Gao Yang.

  After Elder Princess Gao Yang thanked Du-shi, she held a servant girl’s hand for support as she went into her carriage. When she turned around, she saw Li Song standing in place. She asked, “Song-er, why aren’t you coming? The raining is getting worse. Hurry and get inside the carriage. Don’t let yourself catch a cold from standing in the rain.”

  Li Song returned to his senses and said to Elder Princess Gao Yang, “I’m going somewhere else first. I made plans with other people. Mother, you can go back home without me.” Then, he accepted the oiled-paper umbrella from the servant girl, opened the umbrella, and went the other way with only Lu Shi following him.

  Elder Princess Gao Yang called after him once. He seemed as if he hadn’t heard her and continued walking away. He soon disappeared at the opening of an alley.

  Elder Princess Gao Yang anxiously furrowed her eyebrows, “That child…”

  The drizzle was accompanied by a cold wind and soaked the sides of Li Song’s sleeves. Because it was late autumn, there was a penetrating chilliness even though it wasn’t raining heavily. For every step he took, Li Song felt as if his body was turning into ice. But, his expression didn’t change and he arrived at Duke Ying’s residence’s corner entrance to see that it’s wooden doors were closed. He didn’t see a fiendishly older female servant or a startled and terrified young girl here either.

  Li Song stood in front of the corner entrance for a long time. His expression couldn’t be clearly seen. The oil papered umbrella blocked most of his face and only his perfectly curved chin was exposed.

  Lu Shi stood behind him and silently waited with him. After a while, seeing that Li Song wasn’t moving at all, he finally asked, “Young Master, are you waiting for someone?”

  Shortly after, Li Song finally moved. He strode towards the alley that was next to the corner entrance and threw down these words, “Wait for me here. You don’t need to follow me.”

  Lu Shi was at a total loss. At first, he blindly followed Li Song for two steps. But, after seeing Li Song’s unwavering steps, he slowly stopped. He looked at Li Song’s back figure in confusion.

  Li Song entered the alley where Wei Luo had disappeared into a few days ago. After taking several steps into the alley, the path became more and more narrow as he walked deeper into the alley.

  The raindrops slid down from the eaves and dripped down onto the limestone path. The sound of the raindrops was both quiet and melodious. The surrounding area was unspeakably quiet because very people went through this alley.

  Li Song gradually slowed his pace and took a turn into another alley. Last time, he hadn’t taken this path and had directly left the alley into the bustling street. Today, he was walking slowly, so he had noticed this path.

  Li Song walked several more steps before stopping in front of a place where the eaves were protruding. He lifted up his umbrella and started at the scene in front of him.

  The girl underneath the eaves noticed that someone had come and slowly raised her head from her knees. She blinked her black, limpid, almond-shaped eyes. At first, she was so surprised that she didn’t know how to react. Soon after, she faintly pursed her pink lips and observed Li Song for a while before slowly putting her head down. Her temperament was rather stubborn. She didn’t say a word or make a sound. She just quietly curled up in the corner like an abandoned cat.

  Last time, she had only been afraid because he had discovered her hiding in Duke Ying’s residence’s corner entrance. This time, she hadn’t done anything wrong.

  The two of the stayed like this. One was standing and the other was sitting. Neither of them spoke until the rain became heavier and the bottom of their clothes had become soaking wet.

  When Wei Luo lifted up her skirt and shrank further back underneath the eaves, her pink, satin shoes that were embroidered with orchids were exposed. Although her clothes were old, they were very clean. Only her face was slightly dirty from the dust that had come off from the walls. She looked quite pitiful.

  This was the first time that Li Song saw Wei Luo looking so pitiful. In his previous life, Wei Luo was always proud and willful. No matter what she was doing, she always behaved as if it was her natural right. Her unyielding spirit made people hate her to the point of wanting to gnash their teeth in anger, but it almost made people want to be closer to her.

  He had never seen her so lonely and weak.

  After Li Song had looked at her for a while, he suddenly lowered his eyes and chuckled.

  When he laughed, he was quite good-looking. He had a handsome and elegant appearance to begin with, but because he usually acted arrogant and unrestrained, it made people have an instinctive dislike towards him.

  Wei Luo couldn’t make head or tail of his sudden laughter. She glanced at him before looking away and continuing to stare at her feet.

  She originally thought she could easily reunite with her father after she found Duke Ying’s residence. She hadn’t expected that it would be so difficult to enter the residence. She had gone there several times, but she was driven away each time. Last time, it had been even more severe than usual. That older female servant had told the household’s servants to teach her a lesson. Fortunately, she had run away quickly. Otherwise, who knows how badly she would have been beaten.

  Wei Luo was feeling very gloomy. She didn’t know when she would be able to see her father.

  As she was thinking about this, Wei Luo noticed that the person next to her had slightly moved from her peripheral vision.

  Li Song walked closed. Without giving time for Wei Luo to react, he leaned over and grabbed Wei Luo’s wrist. He pulled her up, turned around, and started walking.

  Startled, Wei Luo tried to move back and pry Li Song’s hand from her wrist. She stared at him with her black, almond-shaped eyes and said, “Who are you? Where are you taking me? Let me go.”

  After leaving the shelter of the eaves, the heavy rain quickly drenched the hair in front of Wei Luo’s forehead. Under the cleansing rain, her eyes became even clearer as if a layer of water covered them. Her eyes reflected Li Song’s figure.

  Li Song let go of her wrist and moved the umbrella over her head. He lowered his eyes to look at her wrist. The part of her wrist that he had been holding onto before had already turned red. There was even a light circle of green above the red mark. It was probably from him injuring her the last time they had met. The bruise still hadn’t healed.

  He remembered that he had been very forceful at the time because he had been scared that she would run away.

  Li Song raised the hand that had been at his side and gently moved her soaked, loose hair behind her ears. He looked at her with a burning gaze as he said, “Come with me.”

  Wei Luo directly looked at him and saw a predatory gleam in his eyes that wouldn’t allow any refusal. She instinctively shook her head and said, “No…” After saying this, she turned around and started to run away from him. She definitely didn’t know this person. Why did he keep looking for her? Did he want to kidnap and sell her? Wei Luo thought of that childhood memory and a chill went up from the soles of her feet. She couldn’t go with him.

  Li Song caught up with her and grabbed her hand. This time, he didn’t using all of his strength to seize her wrist. He only tightly held her fingers and didn’t let her go. “Wei Luo. I’ll say it one more time. Come with me.”

  Wei Luo stared at him with wide eyes, “Who are you?”

  Li Song froze for a moment. In this lifetime, she didn’t know him. Of course, she wouldn’t be willing to come with him. Moreover, even if she knew him, based on the degree of hatred she felt for him in their previous lifetime, she would be even less likely to come with him. Li Song just looked at Wei Luo without saying a word. His staring made Wei Luo feel even uneasier.

  A long time later, he finally quietly said, “I’m Li Song.” After he said this, he clenched his hand around the umbrella as if he was trying to control his emotions. His voice became even quieter as he said, “I… I’ve been looking for you for a long time.”

  Wei Luo felt surprised and confused. “Why are you looking for me?”

  Li Song raised his eyes to look at her. His eyebrows were slightly low and he looked away from her.

  It was only at this moment that Wei Luo discovered he had a very unique birthmark under his eye that resembled a butterfly. The butterfly looked worn out resting underneath his eye and made his face look more unique.

  Wei Luo stared at his birthmark while he was lost in thought.

  A short while later, Li Song looked at her again. His eyebrows were slightly furrowed and it took a long time before he quietly said, “Don’t you want to go inside Duke Ying’s residence and be reunited with your family? I’ll help you.”


  When Lu Shi carried the newly purchased clothes into the residence, he felt puzzled. Why did young master bring home a girl and specially have him buy clothes for her? What was going on? He was with young master every day. Why didn’t he know about this person before?

  Moreover, young master didn’t directly bring her back to Prince Ru Yang’s residence. Instead, he had settled her down in another place. Li Song had previously purchased this house to rest here for the occasional times when he was drunk. He must have brought her here because he didn’t want Elder Princess Gao Yang and Miss to know about her and cause a huge fuss in Prince Ru Yang’s residence. For him to hide her so securely, he definitely treasured her greatly.

  Lu Shi knocked on the doors while holding the clothes. The servant girl inside the room partially opened the doors to allow a small gap, took the clothes, and closed the doors.

  There had recently been an autumn rain. Young master was worried that the girl would catch a cold and had specially let her to take a hot bath first.

  Lu Shi shook his head in front of the doors and tisked. He had never seen young master so worried over another person.

  Lu Shu returned to the study and raised his head to look at Li Song. He was standing by the window.

  Li Song had already changed into a light purple robe. Noticing that Lu Shi had arrived, he asked without turning his head, “Did you deliver the clothes?”

  Lu Shi nodded, “To respond to Young Master, the clothes have been delivered.”

  Li Song didn’t ask further questions.

  After about an hour passed, he left the study and arrived at the room that Wei Luo was temporarily staying in. He directly entered the room without having someone announce his arrival.

  The room was scented with incense that Li Song often liked to use. He stopped himself from walking past a small divider with a cloisonné center. He looked at the girl that was sitting on the arhat rattan bed. Wei Luo had just finished taking a bath. She was wearing the cherry blossom pink top and skirt that Lu Shi had bought. A sash that was two palms wide was wrapped around her waist. Her waist was slender and seemed as if it could be held in one hand. Her head was currently lowered as she was drying her black hair that was hanging down on one side and her slender, white as snow neck was exposed. The side of her face was exquisitely beautiful. Her eyelashes were long and curling upwards. It was only in moments like these that she looked an especially obedient doll that had been carved from jade.

  Li Song stared at her. It felt as if he could never look at her enough.

  Wei Luo saw a pair of ink-black shoes embroidered in golden thread appear on the ground. When she raised her head to look, she was faced with Li Song’s unfathomable black eyes.

  Wei Luo put down the towel in her hands and slowly straightened her posture. She thought for a moment before asking, “What did you recent words mean?”

  He had recently said he would help her reunite with her family, but as for why would he do this… Wei Luo was sure that they had never met. So, what was his reason?

  Li Song didn’t move. He looked at her and said, “My younger sister is engaged to Duke Ying’s family’s Sixth Young Master.”

  His seemingly nonsensical words made Wei Luo stiffen her back. She naturally knew who Duke Ying’s Sixth Young Master was. He was her younger brother, Wei Chang Hong. She had hovered outside Duke Ying’s residence for several days, but she still hadn’t seen him even once. How was he right now? They had been separated for so long. Did Chang Hong still remember his older sister?

  Li Song added, “Li Xiang doesn’t want to marry Wei Chang Hong. It won’t be easy to cancel the engagement. The only way is to start with Du-shi. If Du-shi‘s moral conduct is dishonorable and has a malevolent heart, then Prince Ru Yang’s household will have an excuse to cancel this engagement.”

  Wei Luo wasn’t stupid. Although she had lived in a village for ten years, her mind was still clever. “How do you know that Du-shi‘s moral conduct is dishonorable? How do you know about my past?”

  Li Song was silent for a moment. His bottomless black eyes looked at her. There were many emotions hidden in his eyes. In the end, it morphed into one sentence, “I know everything about you.”

  Wei Luo, “…”

  A servant girl came into the room to bring a bottle of ointment that would improve circulation. She left the room after bring the bottle to Li Song with her head lowered.

  Li Song waited until Wei Luo had finished drying her hair. Then, he sat down next to her, raised his leg, placed her wrist on his knee, poured some of the ointment onto his hand, warmed it up, and gently rubbed the ointment onto Wei Luo’s wrist. This was the first time he was calmly touching her wrist and he discovered that her wrist was unspeakably slender compared to his wrist. It felt as if he could break her wrist with a snap. Her body was so delicate. Where had she gotten the strength to stab that hairpin into his body?

  Li Song lowered his eyes. After he finished applying the medicine, he still held Wei Luo’s wrist.

  Wei Luo looked at him. She tried to pull her wrist away, but she didn’t succeed.

  Wei Lup pursed her lips and called his name, “Li Song?” That seemed to be the name he had recently introduced himself with.

  The words, “Li Song”, brought him back to his senses. He raised his head. When Wei Luo had called his name in the past, it was always with a tone of disdain or loathing. Her eyes always showed a deep sense of hatred and bitterness.

  Right now, she was right in front of him. Her clear eyes held only held curiosity and confusion. Perhaps, it was because she had just finished taking a bath. Her cheeks were rosy and her entire body exuded a faint fragrance. Li Song’s pupils narrowed. He tightened his hold on her wrist.

  Wei Luo’s furrowed her eyebrows and reminded him, “My wrist…” Although she was thankful to him for applying the medicine, she couldn’t let him keep holding onto her wrist.

  However, before she could finish speaking, Li Song pressed her down onto the bed in the next second.

  One of Li Song’s hands was by the side of her face to brace himself over her and the other hand was tenaciously holding onto her wrist. With a calm face, he called out, “Wei Luo.”

  Wei Luo tilted her head to look at the face above her. When she tried to wiggle away, her body was restraint even more. She asked, “What are you doing? Let go of me.”

  Li Song didn’t let her go. He stared at her for a long time before leaning down and slowly embracing her entire body until his face was carefully touching her face. He had longed for this intimate touch for too long. Even though she was right in his arms, he couldn’t believe this was real. She was so delicate and small. As it turned out, this is what hugging her felt like. Li Song sucked the bottom of her exquisite earlobe and very carefully kept licking it in small circles.

  Half of Wei Luo’s body felt numb from his licking. She stretched her hand out to push him away. However, no matter how hard she pushed, she couldn’t push him away. Inevitably, she yelled in anger and annoyance, “Let go of me!”

  Unexpectedly, Li Song suddenly viciously bit her earlobe. Wei Luo was caught off guard. She yelped and tears came out from her eyes because of the pain.

  After Li Song bit her, he still kept the tip of her earlobe in his mouth and gently licked it to comfort her and to also comfort himself.

  At this point, Wei Luo didn’t dare to move. She was scared that he would suddenly do something crazy like biting her again.

  Li Song’s arms gradually tightened around her as he let go her earlobe. He lowered his forehead into the space between her neck and shoulder and slowly said, “I’ll help you deal with Du-shi so that you can return to Duke Ying’s residence… In return, marry me.”

  Wei Luo’s eyes widened until they were circles. Perhaps, this person was mentally ill. Flustered, she tried pushing him away again. “You… What are you saying?! Why?”

  Li Song allowed her to push him, but he still tightly held her and didn’t budge at all. He said, “There’s no reason.”

  He wanted her. He really wanted her. He had thought about her for two lifetimes.

  How could Wei Luo possibly agree? After she had escaped from Long Shou Village, she had a phobia towards marriage. Besides, she didn’t even know this person. Who would agree to marry a total stranger? Wei Luo treated it as if there was something wrong with his brain. After struggling for a long time, she finally escaped from underneath his body and avoided him by sitting in the far corner of the arhat bed. She drew her clothes together and watched him with vigilance.

  Wei Luo bit her lip and said, “I want to leave.”

  Li Song slowly sat up. There wasn’t any change to his expression. He asked, “Where can you go? Do you have any place to stay in the capital?” He looked at the young girl across from him and saw that her face had turned white as expected. His heart softened without reason and he added, “Just stay here for the next few days. If you need anything, tell Lu Shi. He’ll listen to your orders.” After saying this, he quietly sat there for a short period of time before standing up and leaving.


  Li Song was right. Wei Luo didn’t have anywhere else to go.

  On the way from Long Shou Village to the capital, she had already used up her money for traveling expenses. It was already good enough if didn’t go hungry each day, much less have a place to stay. Before meeting Li Song, her days had been rough. During the past few days of staying at Li Song’s house, she had servant girls to help dress in the morning, ate sumptuous meals at lunchtime, and took hot baths at night. Her life was so comfortable that she felt rather uneasy.

  When she woke up every morning, she thought of Li Song’s words.

  Why did he want to marry her? She had heard from the servants that he was Prince Ru Yang’s heir. Then, why did he become interested in her? Wei Luo couldn’t figure out the answer.

  During this period, Li Song frequently came here. Although he didn’t say much, Wei Luo knew that he was waiting for her answer. When he looked at her with his profound, pitch-black eyes, that gaze… It made Wei Luo feel a sense of desolateness for an inexplicable reason.

  She couldn’t describe what he was feeling. It seemed as if he had very complicated feelings towards her. There was love and there was also hate. But, when she compared the amount of hate with the amount of love, the amount of hate was clearly insignificant. Wei Luo felt even more confused. They had only seen each other twice before he invited her to stay here. There was no reason for him to feel this way, right?


  Wei Luo had stayed here for several days. After she finished dinner, Li Song came by.

  Wei Luo was just about to go look for him. He had come at the right time. She sat up from the arhat bed and said, “I… I have something I want to say to you.”

  Li Song didn’t sit down. He looked at her and asked, “Have you thought about your answer?”

  Wei Luo blinked, “En?”

  He asked, “Will you marry me?”

  Wei Luo’s face suddenly turned red. She looked away from him and said, “That’s not what I want to talk about.”

  Li Song stayed silent.

  Wei Luo paused and said the words that had been fermenting in her heart, “Thank you very much for letting me stay here during the past several days. But, I can’t keep staying here. If you agree, I’ll leave here today. I feel embarrassed that I bothered you for so many days. I’ll definitely come back on another day to thank you.”

  A long time after Wei Luo had finished these words, Li Song still hadn’t said a single word.

  Wei Luo raised her eyes to look at him and repeated, “I want to leave.”

  Seeing that he still wasn’t showing a reaction, Wei Luo treated it as if he had tacitly agreed. Wei Luo stood up from the arhat bed. Just as she was walking around Li Song, he unexpectedly suddenly stopped her by leaning over and heavily pushing her down onto the arhat bed.

  Wei Luo only had time to say, “You…”, before Li Song fiercely blocked her mouth. He sucked and nipped her lips. He wouldn’t give her the chance to speak, much less allow her to leave.

  Li Song was remarkably like a wolf that had been starving for a long time. After seizing Wei Luo’s lips, he wouldn’t let go. He forcefully opened her teeth and barged into her mouth to capture her wildly moving tongue in one bite.

  Wei Luo couldn’t successfully resist against these aggressive actions at all. After she struggled for a long time, she gradually softened and fell into his arms to pitifully whimper.

  A long time later, Li Song finally stopped, but he didn’t let go of her. He slowly and gently kissed the corners of her lips, chin, and every spot on her face. Li Song’s breathing became heavy and his voice was slow and hoarse as he said, “What will you use to thank me?”

  He had just kissed her eyelids. It felt itchy, so she tried to move backwards. She carefully thought the question over. She really didn’t have anything to give him in return.

  Li Song asked, “En?”

  Wei Luo said, “I’ll go to Qian Temple to burn incense for you and pray to the bodhisattva to bless you with longevity.”

  Li Song cracked his lips into a smile. He felt delight bubbling upwards from the bottom of his heart. In the previous lifetime, Wei Luo would rather die than say such cute words. He used one hand to grasp her chin and looked at her with a smile. “I don’t need those unnecessarily superstitions. Wei Luo, you know what I want.”

  Wei Luo swiftly looked away. “I don’t know.”

  Li Song lowered his head to kiss her lips. “What about now?”

  Wei Luo covered her lips, fiercely glared at him, and angrily rebuked, “Pervert!” She finally said what she had been wanting to say.

  Li Song didn’t object to this. He had wanted to kiss her for a long time. He didn’t just want to kiss her. There were many other things that he wanted to do. Li Song stopped leaning over her body, sat down by her side, and adjusted the bottom part of his robe. “You won’t be able to do anything if you leave here. Consider my condition. I’ll do my best to help you if you agree.”

  Wei Luo pursed her lips. Her lips tasted entirely of him. She felt slightly uneasy. “I don’t want to marry you.”

  Li Song’s expression sank and he didn’t say another word.

  After the time it would take to burn a stick of incense, Li Song left the room. He specially ordered Lu Shi to watch over Wei Luo and to not allow her to the leave the house.

  He had been waiting for information during the past period. The people he ordered to investigate Du-shi finally found useful information. Du-shi had indeed ordered people to look for Wei Luo. As soon as those people found Wei Luo, Du-shi definitely wouldn’t let Wei Luo off. Not only that, Li Song had found out that Wei Luo hadn’t been kidnapped ten years ago. Instead, Du-shi had contacted two slavers and sold Wei Luo to them of her own accord. Later on, Wei Luo was able to escape from those slavers.

  As it turned out, this world was extremely different from the world that he was familiar with. No wonder, so many things were different in this world.

  Li Song said to Lu Shi, “Capture those two servant girls. They’ll be useful for later.”

  The two servant girls’ names were Jin Ci and Jin Ge. They had served Wei Luo back then. They were also witnesses to Du-shi selling Wei Luo off to those slavers.

  Lu Shi nodded and verbally acknowledged the order.

  Li Song temporarily returned to Prince Ru Yang’s residence. He had to carefully consider Li Xiang and Wei Chang Hong’s engagement. If Wei Luo was reunited with her family, then she would become Duke Ying’s family’s Fifth Miss. In the noble families, sister-in-laws and brother-in-laws weren’t allowed to marry each other. If Li Xiang married into Duke Ying’s family, then he and Wei Luo would never be able marry.

  However, Li Song didn’t expect that after he left the house, Wei Luo would have already left by the next time he returned to this house again.

  The servant girl that had been serving Wei Luo was kneeling on the ground as she said, “Young Master, please forgive me. This servant was negligent. Miss Wei escaped in the middle of the night when this servant was sleeping…”

  There wasn’t any expression on Li Song’s face. He was silent for a long time before telling the servant girls to withdraw from the room. He went into the inner room and lied down on the bed.

  Lying down on Wei Luo’s arhat bed, he thought about everything that had happened recently. The past period had felt like a dream. It had felt too unreal. Now that Wei Luo left, he actually felt a sense of realism. This hateful girl. No matter which world they were in, she wouldn’t let him have his way, much less give him a chance.

  He had found her before Zhao Jie in this lifetime. He hadn’t pushed Wei Chang Hong into the lake. Li Xiang hadn’t shot him with an arrow. Why was she still unwilling to stay with him?

  Li Song thought about this until he got a headache. He gradually fell asleep on the arhat bed. When he opened his eyes again, it was the next morning.

  He stayed lying on the bed for a while before he was fully conscious. Then, he washed his face and changed his clothes. Afterwards, he sent people to Duke Ying’s residence to check the situation. After receiving the news that Wei Luo hadn’t returned to Duke Ying’s residence, his mood was slightly complicated. He didn’t know if he was feeling glad or feeling worried. She was all alone and without any money. Where could she go?

  What if she met with danger while she was outside?

  Thinking of this, Li Song’s expression immediately sunk. He had almost forgotten that Du-shi’s people were also looking for Wei Luo and they might even kill her. Li Song immediately walked out of the room and ordered Lu Shi, “Send all of the guards to immediately start looking for Wei Luo. They have to thoroughly search the capital. Hurry, if you can’t find her, then don’t come back!” His expression was severe and anxious. This was the first time that he felt worried over another person.

  Lu Shi opened and closed his mouth. He wanted to ask why. But in the end, he didn’t ask any question and left after saying, “Understood.”

  The guards searched for Wei Luo for an entire day. In order to not alarm the ordinary citizens, they could only secretly search and the result wasn’t good. By dusk, they still didn’t have any news of Wei Luo’s location. Li Song’s expression became increasingly ugly.

  When they came back to report, he kicked one of the guard’s stomach and yelled, “Useless!”

  Li Song flung his sleeves and strode out of the house. He decided that he would personally search for her.

  He searched all of the alleys near Duke Ying’s residence, but he didn’t find any traces of her. The sky would soon turn dark completely and he still didn’t know about Wei Luo’s current situation. Li Song tightened his jaw and his fists were clenched so tightly that a cracking sound could be heard. He ordered, “Continue searching.”

  The guards dispersed as he stood in the dark depths of the alley without moving.

  A short while later, a guard hurriedly came back and said, “Young Master, we found her!”

  Li Song suddenly raised his head. His visibly bloodshot pitch-black eyes were extremely frightening.

  While the guards were hurriedly leading Li Song to Wei Luo, she was currently tied to a chair with twine and couldn’t move.

  Wei Zheng was standing in front of her and Du-shi was sitting in an Eight Immortal Style chair across from her. They arrogantly looked down on her from their higher positions. Wei Zheng was wearing a jade green top and a pomegranate red skirt, but her hand was holding a sharp dagger. The dagger exuded a ghastly luminescence. Wei Zheng waved the dagger in front of Wei Luo and said with a mocking smile, “What right do you have to see my daddy? Wei Luo, you should have died ten years ago. For you to live until now, that was your good luck. It’s audaciously daring of you to come back.”

  Wei Luo raised her eyes to viciously look at her and said, “That’s my family. Why can’t I come back?”

  “Your family?” Wei Zheng covered her mouth and laughed. Her eyes were full of disdain. “Since it’s your family, then why doesn’t anyone from Duke Ying’s family recognize you? Your mother died early and daddy doesn’t want you. What’s the use in returning here?”

  Wei Luo pursed her lips and stayed silent.

  Wei Zheng somewhat resentfully looked at Wei Luo’s face. She was clearly someone that had been raised by inferior peasantry, but she still looked extremely beautiful. Even though she was wearing simple and coarse clothing, it couldn’t diminish the beauty of her face. Wei Zheng raised the dagger and placed it against Wei Luo’s face. A vicious light flashed through her eyes. “If your face is ruined, do you think daddy will still be able to recognize you?”

  Wei Luo widened her eyes in horror. Her face finally expressed terror.

  Wei Zheng was very satisfied. Her wrist lightly moved and the dagger started to slide down Wei Luo’s face.

  At this exact moment, the wooden doors were slammed open from the outside. A figure strode into the room, snatched the dagger from Wei Zheng’s hand, and firmly threw it far away. Li Song icily looked at Wei Zheng and Du-shi and ordered the guards, “Watch them.”

  The guards surged into the room and quickly surrounded Wei Zheng and Du-shi.

  As Li Song untied the rope around Wei Luo, he silently looked at her. He really didn’t know what to say to her at this moment, so he only said, “It’s okay now.”

  The fright that Wei Luo had suffered wasn’t small. To be honest, she had been scared witless. She didn’t know where they had come from. A long time later, she finally said, “How did you find me?”

  Li Song paused in his movements and said, “I was worried that something would happen to you, so I started looking for you.”

  He said these words lightly, but in actually, over a dozen people had spent the entire day looking for her.

  Wei Luo silently stared at him, then she turned to look at the other two people in the room, Wei Zheng and Du-shi.

  Li Song followed her line of sight and his gaze turned icy. He picked up the dagger that he had flung to the side, brought it to a guard, and said, “Did you see what she was going to do?”

  The guard nodded.

  Li Song added, “Good. Do that to her face. If you’re not willing to be vicious, then you can pay with your life.”

  Wei Zheng incredulously widened her eyes until they were circles. She loudly said, “Are you crazy? I’m Duke Ying’s family’s Sixth Miss. Aren’t you scared of offending Duke Ying by doing this?”

  Li Song was leading Wei Luo out of the room. Hearing her words, he turned his head and curved his lips into nonchalant smile, “What’s there to be afraid of?”

  Wei Zheng was stunned silent. In that moment, she inexplicably felt that this person was extremely terrifying.

  After Wei Luo and Li Song left the room, they quickly heard a painful scream from behind them. It was accompanied by the sound of Du-shi‘s wailing cries.

  As they were walking out from the alley, Li Song walked in front of her. He knew that she didn’t like it when he was too close to her, so he maintained a distance of three steps away from her during the entire walk.

  He said, “I’ve already found out the truth of what happened back then. I’ll deliver the witnesses to Duke Ying’s residence tomorrow. You can return to being Duke Ying’s family’s Fifth Miss. And, you don’t have to worry. Li Xiang and Wei Chang Hong’s engagement has also been canceled. Du-shi and Wei Zheng won’t be a threat to you in the future. Based on Wei Kun’s temperament, he’ll definitely harshly punish those two…” He long-windedly spoke until there was nothing left to say.

  He suddenly stopped walking, turned around to look at Wei Luo, and asked, “Is there anything else you need help with?”

  Wei Luo looked at him, shook her head, and said, “No.”

  Li Song pursed his lips and thought for a moment before saying, “Do you have a place to stay for tonight?”

  Wei Luo shook her head again.

  He said, “Then, stay at my house. I’ll order people to send you back to Duke Ying’s residence tomorrow.”

  After saying this, Li Song ordered Lu Shi to call a carriage over here to bring Wei Luo back.

  Li Song didn’t turn to look at her again. His gaze had fallen onto a different spot as he said, “You can go.” Then, without waiting for Wei Luo to get into the carriage, he turned around and started to walk away first.

  Wei Luo was standing in front of the carriage as she silently looked at Li Song’s back figure. She didn’t know why, but at this moment, she felt that he looked lonely.

  Lu Shi urged her, “Miss Wei?”

  Wei Luo didn’t respond. She slowly took a step forward. After one step, she paused. Then, without any further hesitation, she walked towards Li Song.

  Li Song heard footsteps behind him and he turned his head. He saw Wei Luo with her her hands behind her back and standing a few steps away from him.

  His eyes sunk, “Why did you follow after me?”

  Wei Luo pursed her lips, “Didn’t you have a condition for helping me?”

  Li Song stared at her without blinking. A long time later, he finally asked word by word, “Wei Luo, what are you saying?”

  Wei Luo organized her thoughts before saying, “I can agree to your condition.” Although he was slightly strange and wasn’t good at expression his emotions, Wei Luo thought that she could try to accept him.

  Li Song’s heart was palpitating. For a moment, he thought that he had misheard.

  His eyes felt slightly itchy. A while later, he suddenly strode towards Wei Luo and tightly hugged her.

  Wei Luo felt that his embrace was slightly painful, so she tried moving slightly, but he didn’t loosen his grip at all.

  Li Song lowered his head so that their faces were touching. It seemed as if he was struggling with himself for a long time before he finally resolutely threatened in a hoarse voice, “Do you know what you’re saying? Even if you regret it now, it’s already too late.”

  Wei Luo lightly nodded. Of course, she understood.