Chapter 430 - [Bonus ] SABRINA LEFT
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  The travel going to the island was long but when they traveled back home, it felt so short. They arrived before four in the afternoon, just in time to find Sabrina preparing her things for departure as well.

  "Can't you extend your stay?" Cayenne asked her while watching on the side as her guests was folding her clothes.

  Sabrina smiled faintly at her before she continued to fold her things. "I wish I could but my father will probably send someone to come and get me if I don't go back on our agreed date."

  "I see." Cayenne gave her souvenir to Sabrina and gently pat her shoulder. "Don't worry, as long as I am here, no one can take your Erwin away."

  "Wha-what are you talking about?" She mumbled while folding the clothes messily just like how messy the beats of her heart were. "I don't own him. He can find someone he likes."


  "Hn." She's lying but during her stay, she really felt that Erwin felt nothing for her. She tried probing him but he always felt distant to her even though she was just about her reach. "He's got the freedom like any woman. I won't be a hindrance to him."

  Cayenne didn't say anything anymore and just gave Sabrina the time to think things through. "I'll get back in my room. If you need any help, just let me know."


  Stefan's family came there, too. Cayenne invited them to come over for dinner in order for them to see where she lives with her family as well. Jonas was proudly presenting their small vegetable garden which Cory likes so much.

  Downstairs, Kyle and Luiz was busy giving away their souvenirs. Dominic was the same. He shared some of the things he bought and kept the other items for Marnie's family inside the car.

  Cayenne and Stefan bought souvenirs. Luiz bought souvenirs. Kyle bought souvenirs. Dominic bough lots of delicacies. Jonas bought delicacies. Stanley also bought delicacies. In the end, the people who were left at home felt like they also left to shop for things. They received a lot for the trip.

  They really felt so lucky for becoming one of their helpers. Aside from having an easy job and getting good salary, they were treated kindly by the whole family. They never felt belittled or discriminated at all.

  "Sir Luiz, I saw the video of you and the birds. It was really amazing." Daisy commented while hugging the things she got from them.

  "Thank you. I didn't expect that they'd come to me at all." He replied with a wide smile. "It was really astonishing. I can still feel the excitement every time I remember that scene."

  "It was super duper amazing. I don't know what else to say." Daisy replied while giving Luiz a thumbs up.

  After getting their souvenirs and thanking the whole family, they all went back to work except for Erwin who was sitting on the couch in the living room.

  "Here." Kyle handed him a little red riding hood plushie and little red riding hood stickers. "These are the only things I could find there."

  "Thank you." Erwin received the gifts and smiled faintly. "I thought you'd forget what I said."

  "There's no way I'd forget it." Kyle retorted. "So, is it the devil woman who came to visit?" Kyle asked he sat on the couch beside Erwin.

  "How did you know?"

  "Well, my sister and my brother-in-law hid it from you so, I kind of guessed who it would be."

  "It's indeed her." Erwin responded. "By the way, when you pursued Kath, how did you feel knowing that your status wasn't on par with hers?"

  Kyle thought about it and leaned back on the couch he was sitting. "I was nervous at first. I was so nervous to meet her parents and I was even more nervous when I found she has three brothers. I didn't know about that. They interrogated me and I thought my soul flew out of my body. But you know what gave me courage to face her family? It was her presence. It was because she was there to support me. Our love wasn't one-sided."

  "I see." Erwin took a deep breath and sighed. "I'll just go back to my room."


  Erwin left just in time for Sabrina to come down with her suitcase. Cayenne and Stefan was following behind her. "Is there no one who can stop you?" Stefan asked with a double meaning.

  Sabrina just laughed it off while holding her luggage. "He isn't even trying."

  Hearing her words, Kyle's eyes lit up. 'So, his love is not one-sided?' he thought to himself and stood up to chase Erwin but he stopped and thought about it again. 'He didn't say he liked Sabrina, though. Am I overthinking?' Kyle sat down once again and frowned.

  Stefan and Cayenne talked to her for a while to buy her time, in case Erwin would come out to stop her but even after ten minutes, he still didn't come out.

  "My flight is at eight in the evening. I need to leave now. Thank you so much for letting me stay and for allowing me to follow my heart's wishes."

  "No problem. If you want to visit again, you're very much welcome in our humble home." Cayenne replied and gave her a hug.

  "I'll definitely visit again."

  "Hn. We will wait for you to come back. Take care of yourself."

  Stefan asked for Martin to drive Sabrina to the airport. They bid farewell once again and watched the car leave the property. "I think she has given up." Cayenne commented. "I can see it in her eyes."

  "Maybe, they're not just suited for each other." Stefan responded and led his wife back inside the house. They found Erwin holding a gift and was walking upstairs in a hurry.

  "Where are you going?" Kyle and Cayenne asked at the same time.

  "I'm going to give her a parting gift. Is that bad?"

  "You're an idiot!" Cayenne yelled at him for the very first time ever since the two of them met. "She already left and she won't be coming back again."

  'Heh! She's lying though.' Kyle and Stefan thought at the same time. They all heard that she promised to come back, whether it's because of Erwin or just for no reason, she said she'll come back but Cayenne said she won't.

  Erwin was stunned for being yelled at and he couldn't move for a while. "Are you just going to stare at me or are you going to chase after her?"