Chapter 429 - THE TRIP ENDS
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  In the afternoon, they played water games and this time, Kyle joined them since the sun wasn't so hot anymore. Stanley was practicing his skills in conversing with women with Jonas.

  After having stayed at the beach for the whole day, they decided to take the hot spring at night for a relaxing bath. Since they've been out under the sun for an entire day and had done so many activities, Stefan and Cayenne didn't do anything intensive at night. They were just cuddling, touching each other while laying on their bed.

  They only intense things they did was kissing each other again and again as if they couldn't get enough with just a single kiss.

  As for Sabrina and Erwin, nothing happened because Erwin left the house to meet with Reuben. He knew that nothing will happen to the house which was why he left. He also informed Cayenne about and she agreed.

  Well, Cayenne agreed because she though he'd bring Sabrina along with him. She didn't know that the woman was left at home.

  And the fifth day came.

  Everyone woke up early to have breakfast and morning exercise. They also walked at the beach to breathe in the morning breeze while chatting with the guards and their family.

  They also bought a lot of souvenirs and Kyle looked around longer than everyone else. He was looking for a little red riding hood stuff that he can get for Erwin. He didn't forget to buy some snacks and other small little tokens for those who were left at home as well.

  He checked the store from side to side, all of its nook-and-cranny but he couldn't find anything related to little red riding hood.

  One of the salesmen approached Kyle and asked, "Excuse me, sir. Are you looking for some specific items?"

  "Yes." Kyle looked around one more time before facing the salesman in front of him. "Do you have any items related to little red riding hood?"

  "Oh. No, we don't." The salesman answered Kyle with a faint smile. "However, if you go out of this store, find the fifth store to your right and you will see a store which sells many Disney characters. You might get one from them."

  "I see. Thank you so much." Kyle handed his shopping basket which contains a lot of stuff. "Can you wrap them up for me. It would be great if you can wrap them up separately."

  "That would be fine sir but our gift wrappers will be paid by you, though. We only offer the service."

  "That's okay." Kyle walked behind the salesman towards the counter. "Oh, never mind. Can you just help me put them in these small paper bags? I will be easier for me to spot which gift belongs to whom if I use this."

  "Okay, sir." The man scanned the items including the bags and helped Kyle put on the items separately. "Do you want to write the names, sir?"

  "That would be good. Can I borrow a pen?"


  After paying for the things, he asked one of the guards for help to carry the other items while he carried some of them. They looked for the shop that the salesman mentioned to him earlier. "Fifth store to the right, right?" he asked the guard who was walking beside him.

  "Yes, sir."

  They counted the stores as they walked and finally spotted the right place. Just seeing the items displayed can already inform you that it was the right place. Kyle walked inside and found Luiz and Dominic there.

  "You're here, too?" Kyle asked them as he strode inside.

  Luiz raised a small stuff toy in front of him and pressed it on his cheek. "Cute, right?"

  "Which one? You or the stuff toy?"

  The salesladies stifled their laughter when they heard Kyle's response. He was obviously teasing the younger man.

  "Bro, why are you being cold to me now?"

  Kyle walked towards his brother and hugged him. "Am I being warm now?"

  "Geez! Stop hugging me. There are so many people." Luiz pushed his brother away who was only laughing at him. "If that's for Clarisse, whether it's cute or not, she will accept it as long as it comes from you."

  Luiz turned around to hide his bashful expression and decided to look for more cute things to buy. He also bought a stuff toy for Jade. He didn't forget the young girl who was very considerate of him.

  The three of them looked around and Dominic looked for some toys for Marnie's little sisters as well. He will be visiting them next weekend so, he decided to bring some souvenirs for them.

  After buying a lot of things, they went back to the resort and met Cayenne at the lobby who was to a woman. It turned out that one of her high school classmates was also having a vacation with her family. They just arrived and accidentally met Cayenne and Stefan who was coming back from shopping as well.

  The siblings just stopped to say 'hi' and left because they knew that Cayenne won't stay there for long. They remembered that their sister didn't have many friends in high school and most of the time, she was the source of envy and jealousy. There's now way Cayenne has forgotten that.

  And just like their guess, not five minutes later, Cayenne and Stefan was already caching up to them at the elevator area. She has no time to pretend friends with people that weren't her friends at all. In her opinion, those people in her high school life were just acquaintances except for Marian, Seiji and Arthur. Although the last person betrayed her, she couldn't erase the fact that Arthur played a big role in her life in the past. But that's all in the past.

  "I wonder how Seiji and Marian is doing now." Cayenne muttered while looking back in her past. She hasn't heard anything from Seiji after he went back to Singapore. It was kind of good but also worrying at the same time.

  When the clock hits eleven o'clock, the whole family check out from the resort along with their guards.