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  Luiz returned the phone to Cayenne and told her to let him know if someone calls or someone messages her. "I'll take the seat on the other side of Yen."

  "I'll sit beside my Ayen, of course." Stefan also took a ticket for himself and for Cayenne according to the seat number.

  "Then, I'll take the one beside Luiz." Kyle added. The remaining person who will use the ticket will have to sit beside Kyle; and that's what Luiz was aiming for. He didn't care if he was being sandwiched by the couples.

  Ten minutes before the movie starts, people were already lining up to get inside the cinema hall. Luiz stayed behind with Cayenne's phone since he was still waiting for someone to come. This will truly shock his brother.

  Cayenne's phone buzzed and when he opened it up, he found that the last guest was already inside the mall. She's currently taking the elevator.

  After one minute, a pretty lady came running with her sling bag. "I…I'm…so…tired." She mumbled while gasping for air. She was panting hard from running.

  "Who told you to run anyway? It's not like my brother will run away from you." Luiz retorted. He just reached out his handkerchief for her to wipe her face. "Kath, my brother didn't know you'd be here." He admitted now that she's already in front of him.

  "Wait! You didn't tell him?"


  "Then, I'm going back home. I'll just watch this movie next time." She instantly turned around to leave the venue but Luiz was faster than her.

  He pulled her hand and led her inside the cinema with their tickets. "Don't waste your time and effort for coming here. This is the last chance that you asked me to create for the two of you. If you still waste this moment, I won't help you in the future."

  Kath stopped fighting and let him pulled her inside. She could only summon all her courage and be thick-skinned to face the man that she likes for so many years.

  Kyle didn't notice that Luiz was already inside because his mind was somewhere else. If he was the one holding the ticket, he would have sent a message to the person that he likes and invited her to watch the movie.

  When someone sat down on Luiz seat, he turned his head to his side and found his brother smiling at him. He shifted his head on the other side and got his eyes stuck on the woman beside him. "Why are you sitting here?" Luiz elbowed him and pinched his waist. Enduring the pain with a straight face, he changed his question. "Luiz invited you over?"

  "Hn." Kath could only nod her head and smile nervously. Not because she was sitting beside her crush but because two other people were looking at her.

  Kyle also noticed her restless eyes so he looked towards his sister and his brother. Stefan glanced over to his side and went back to watch what the ads on the screen. He won't interfere in someone else's love life.

  After receiving the sharp glares of her brother, Cayenne chuckled and retracted her gaze from them. Luiz just grinned as if he wasn't the culprit and sat up properly on his seat.

  "Just ignore them." Kyle smiled and gently pat her head.

  When the movie started, the atmosphere changed instantly. People no longer cared about who was sitting beside him or who looked handsome in the crowd. They all focused on the movie in front of her.

  Dreamscape was the first movie that Riley Summer starred in. It brought up storms in the entertainment circle when she was announced to be the female lead. The first local celebrity that joined a movie in Hollywood. Some people bashed her and many celebrities told her that she wasn't fit for the role.

  Now, many people were anticipating for the movie and they all watched with excitement and thrill.

  One hour and forty-five minutes. When they finished the whole movie, some people cried and some people cursed. Riley's character in the movie was so pitiful. She was cheated. Her clan sent her on a mission where in fact it was a trap set for her. The people in the organization wanted to get rid of her because they didn't want her to be the next leader. Her best friend, the person who stayed on her side from the start drank the poison for her.

  In the end, she killed everyone indiscriminately. She killed until she was standing in a pool of blood but her heart wasn't at peace. She was still tormented of the death of her best friend. The man who sacrificed so much for her was gone.

  Many people loved Riley of her superb acting. She didn't use any stunt double during the fight and the emotions in her eyes hooked everyone watching her. They pitied her for being cheated and they were angered that her best friend died.

  Stefan was busy wiping Cayenne's face. She had been crying from the time Riley was trapped and was wounded like a trapped beast. Until the end of the movie, her tears couldn't seem to stop.

  The same went for Kyle. The woman beside her kept crying even though the movie had ended few minutes ago. Not just them, many people from the audience couldn't get out from their troubled hearts.

  "Being single while watching a dramatic movie is the best." Luiz commented. Even though he said that, his nose actually twitched when Riley was betrayed by her lover. She praised himself for not crying or else, she would have become the joke of the century in their family.

  "I won't watch any dramatic movies anymore. I think horror movies are better than this." Cayenne commented which earned a chuckle from Stefan.

  "Don't think too much about it. Just so you know, Riley is fine. She's not betrayed by her lover and her best friend isn't dead.


  "Hn." Stefan rubbed her head before putting on her cap. "Do you want to see her to make sure?"

  Luiz whipped his head and acted in front of Stefan as well. "I'm so hurt with what happened to her. Can I see her, too?"