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  Cayenne blocked her mouth with her hands to suppress her excited voice. "Am I seeing things or are they really here?" she asked Brown with wide eyes. But they couldn't really see her expression since she was wearing a cap and glasses. Nonetheless, they could tell from her voice that she was really happy.

  "That's really them." Brown responded with a wide grin. "Well, we have to go back to them now. It will be difficult if people will crowd on them."

  Cayenne nodded her head again and again while watching Travis and Jillyanna from a far. She really likes them and she couldn't stop her fangirl heart. She screamed without voice while jumping up and down in front of Stefan. "That's my idol. She's really pretty."

  "You're prettier than her." Stefan replied with a smile. "Do you want to come over and say hi?"

  "Is that fine? I don't want to disturb them while they're having quality time."

  "That's fine. It's not like you're going to ask for a photo or autograph, right?"

  "But the movie is about to start." Cayenne mumbled softly. "Let's just go. As long as I live, there will be another chance for me to see them."

  "Are you sure?"

  "Hn." And to prove her point, she even walked ahead of them but from time to time, she'd turn back to see Travis and Jillyanna who were shopping with their children.

  Kyle watched his sister walk and stop then, walk and stop again. "You could've just come over and say hi, you know." He kept a poker face as they got inside the elevator to go to the topmost floor.

  "I'm fine." Cayenne insisted even though she was starting to regret her decision.

  "Alright. I'll find time to let you see her in the future." Stefan promised since there will be times that he'll meet Travis but he wasn't sure if Travis would bring his wife with him.


  Luiz looked at his sister but he didn't say anything. He's also a fanboy and he knew how regretful it is to miss a time where you can actually talk to your idol.

  While they were standing in the middle of the crowd inside the elevator, some teenage girls were snapping photos of her brothers. If they weren't covering their faces, Cayenne was sure that she'd be on tabloid headlines the next day. Thankfully, Stefan was always careful whenever they go out.

  "Oh my gosh! He's so handsome. And this other guy is very cute."

  "I think they're brothers."

  "Look, he's smiling over here."

  "Ahh! I think my panty just fell off."

  "Yuck! You are so lustful."

  "Don't fantasize of him yet. Do it at night."

  Even though they were whispering, since they were all inside a narrow space, Cayenne still heard their comments. She likes hearing praises about her brothers and she smiled at the women not far from her.

  "Oh my! Is she their sister? She smiled at me!"

  "Wait. Don't you find them familiar?"

  Stefan kept a straight face while holding Cayenne's hand. He didn't panic or felt anxious under their questioning gaze and curious whispers.

  The woman tried to look for photos of Stefan online and made comparison. "He looks like Mr. Dumrique."

  "I agree with you. And the woman looks like the recent girl that he's dating."

  They would want to take a photo of Stefan to scan his face but the elevator opened and they already went out. "I didn't know that Julian will be mistaken for Mr. Dumrique when he's wearing glasses and cap."

  "I told you, they're very much alike." Luiz also added as if they were talking about someone else.

  "I wish I would still look like him when I take of these items." Stefan went along with their pretense. They continued to play with Stefan's fake identity until the ladies gave up. When they walked away from them, Stefan breathed a sigh of relief.

  "Girls are scary." Cayenne mentioned which made the three men laugh at her. "I can't believe they'd lost their rationality just because they see someone of high caliber."

  "Just get used to it." Stefan caressed her hand while speaking. "In any case, I don't care about anyone's opinion. I'm having no relationship with them, anyway. All I care about is your opinion of me."

  Cayenne nodded her head, raised their hands and kissed the back of his hand. "I won't care about them, too."

  Kyle and Luiz were finally at ease seeing that their sister was back to normal. They were really worried that she was still upset about missing a moment with Jillyanna plus the gossipmongers inside the elevator.

  Stefan and Cayenne bought their snacks while Kyle and Luiz lined up to get the tickets for the four of them. There were five tickets all in all because Stefan was expecting Cayenne's mother to come with them. But since Cayenne and her mother had a dispute this morning, the extra ticket was left out with no one to use it.

  "There's one extra ticket." Luiz told Stefan about it as he showed the five tickets to them.

  "Just give it to someone else. It's no use keeping the ticket and there are some people who wanted to watch the movie but couldn't get it."

  "Can I just give it to whoever I want?" Luiz asked because he had someone in mind. When Stefan nodded, he immediately borrowed Cayenne's phone to contact someone.

  There's still half an hour before the movie starts. He knew that she'll make it on time. Even though he was in a hurry, he still paused for few seconds when he saw Cayenne's wallpaper. His brow raised but he kept his mouth shut and continued looking for her messaging app.

  On the other line, when the woman received a message from an unknown number, she frowned. But when she read the message, her frown turned to a smile and she immediately rummaged her closet to get her best clothes to wear.

  "Now let's just wait for Kyle to be happy."