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  The two of them ate their breakfast while Chris waited for them in the living room. He had his breakfast earlier so he didn't join them even though Stefan and Cayenne invited him.

  "I'll send you home today." Stefan stated while putting a scoop of rice on Cayenne's plate.

  "I can go home by myself. You have to go to work as well and I don't want to impose on you again."

  "Sending you home is part of my duty."

  "Ha? It's not stated in our contract though."

  "That's fine."

  "Well, if you insist. I'm fine with it. I can at least save some money." Cayenne responded happily. She wanted to sound confident and at ease around him specially that she will be spending more time with him.

  They ate their food and talked about work matter regarding the hotel. Cayenne also informed him that he can just drop him off two blocks away from her house, just like last time. They really looked like a newly-wed couple who just moved out to their own home.

  After breakfast, Chris drove the car and they sent Cayenne home first. "See you tonight." Stefan reminded her with a faint smile.

  "Hn. See you." Cayenne waved her hand and watched the car leave the place. As soon as she turned around to continue walking, she met her two younger brothers. They were looking at her while she was looking back at them.

  "Sis, who was that?" Kyle asked while following the sight of the car which was driving farther away from them.

  "That was my boss. He happened to see me walking home and felt bad about it. So, sent me home."

  "Then, why didn't he drop you off near our block?" Luiz also inquired with curiosity.

  "I don't want to become a food for gossip in our neighborhood." Cayenne made the most believable excused she could think of. "I'll go now. Both of you take care and do your best in school."



  Her two brothers answered her unison and left to go to school. She also continued to walk to their house and prepare for work. She didn't need to prepare that much since she already took a shower and ate her food as well. She just changed her clothes and put on some lip gloss and baby powder.

  She put her dirty clothes inside their laundry basket and looked for a new set of extra underwear. She had to bring some for change once she's with Stefan.

  She found the food that her brothers cooked for her. Instead of wasting it by letting it spoil, she packed it and brought it as her food for lunch. She left as soon as she finished her preparation and made sure that the house was properly locked. Cayenne arrived ten minutes before her shift and she even saw Stefan sitting on a couch at the lobby.

  When he saw her arrived on time, he also left to go to work. Manager Kim didn't know why the boss was there watching over the workers but as soon as he saw Cayenne, he left without any word. It was as if he was waiting or her to arrive. Manager Kim didn't dare speculate their relationship. She just greeted Cayenne like usual and Cayenne just responded like how she used to.

  She went to find Celine for their work on the 2nd to 5th floor. She was her partner and the woman who always gives advice to her. Some of the employees stated that Celine was kind of grumpy and unapproachable but when Cayenne started working with her, she found that the woman was really kind and easy to talk to.

  Luna, the receptionist felt a little bad that Cayenne had to work from 2nd to 5th floor with Celine. She thought that she was having a hard time. But during lunch, Cayenne told her that she was having fun with Celine and she didn't have a hard time as well.

  "I can even take a rest when there's no more work assigned for us and I don't handle difficult customers either. It's actually a good work for me." Cayenne told Luna while eating.

  "Are you sure? You're not forcing yourself, right?"

  "Nope. I am happy with my work now. I don't really mind it."

  Luna finally smiled and nodded her head in agreement. "As long as you are fine with it, I don't mind you not being my partner anymore."

  "Thanks." Cayenne replied with a faint smile on her lips. Few more hours to go and she would see her boss once again. 'What should I cook for dinner later?' she thought to herself while thinking of different recipes she knew. 'I should ask him if he's got allergies.' She put down her spoon and fork; and picked up her phone from her bag.

  Stefan was having a lunch meeting with one of the people who wanted to collaborate with him for the new hotel that he was planning to build in city D, when Cayenne sent her a message, asking if he's got any food allergies.

  'I don't really have any allergy but I don't like to eat eggplants and anything with liver paste.' He sent his reply to her and continued with the meeting.

  Cayenne smiled when she received his response and pocketed her phone. Luna noticed the sweet smile on her lips as well. "I can smell the scent of spring."

  "Huh? Spring? It's still few months away from now. What are you talking about?"

  "Never mind. Just forget it." Luna shook her head helplessly at her friend. The just continued to eat their lunch and chatted about their other co-workers instead.

  The sun was slowly sinking down in the west, dying the sky in purplish-red and orange rays. It looked magnificent and the street lights slowly lit up as well.

  Cayenne pressed her finger on the biometrics to log off from her shift. Knowing that she will have to work in the evening, Luna bid farewell and walked home. Cayenne spotted the taxi that Stefan hired for her and got inside immediately. She didn't need to say anything since the driver knew the place already. Cayenne gave her identity card to the guard for security purposes. After verifying her information that Stefan submitted to them, she was finally allowed to come inside.

  "I'll cook for our dinner tonight." She whispered to herself while watching the different style of houses that they passed by.