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  Since Cayenne didn't bring a change of clothes, she had to wear one of the clothes that Stefan bought for her. When she opened their wardrobe, she found that they were all expensive night dresses and pajamas. She chose the pair of pink shorts and blouse. They were so soft and silky in her touch. She liked it a lot.

  "I'll change my clothes first." She told Stefan since he had to take a shower as well.

  "Go right ahead. I'll shower after you."

  She nodded her head and changed her clothes as fast as she could and walked out right after. Stefan went to take a shower after she was done. She didn't wait for him to finish bathing and tucked herself in. When Stefan was done, she was already lying on their bed, clutching the blanket up to her neck.

  "Good night." She mumbled to him as soon as Stefan climbed up on their bed. Looking at her, he couldn't stop himself from letting out a throaty chuckle. "Why are you laughing?"

  "I was just a little surprise. I really thought that you would put something between us."

  "I did look for something to set as boundary but I realized that there was no extra stuff in this house."

  "Hn. We just moved in so, there isn't anything that can be done regarding that."

  "It's fine. I don't really mind. I trust you'll keep your promise if you really want to sleep."

  "Right. Don't worry. I will not do anything against your will." Stefan also covered himself with the same blanket and laid his body on the bed. The two of them were turned silent with their backs facing each other.

  After half an hour, Cayenne finally fell asleep. Her steady breathing was loud enough to be heard in the middle of the silent night. Stefan flipped on his other side and faced Cayenne's back. He could faintly smell her sweet scent that he really liked. "Don't get married in the future. Just stay with me like this." Stefan whispered softly.

  With her nerves starting to calm down, he closed his eyes and fell asleep. He was starting to let his guard down around her since he could sense that Cayenne was really harmless.

  The two of them had a peaceful and dreamless sleep which was the second time for Stefan. It was also a blessing to Cayenne since she had never got a good night sleep after what happened to her mother. She had to work so hard for the family and her sleeping time was shortened to at least 3-4 hours a day.

  When morning came, Cayenne woke up first and slowly opened her eyes. What greeted her was the handsome sleeping face of her boss. He was sleeping with his head on her chest! His arms around her waist! And she was also hugging him! Cayenne's breathing hitched and her blush started to creep up from her neck to her face.

  She really wanted to scream but realization hit her and she could only swallow back her scream. She agreed to sleep with him and she thought that screaming would be useless since she did it on her own volition.

  Stefan was still sleeping soundly in her arms and she could only leave him be, afraid that he would deduct her salary if his sleep was disturbed.

  After an hour, he was still sleeping peacefully.

  Two hours and there wasn't any change.

  Cayenne lifted his arms slowly away from her waist and tried to move her body so that she can reach for her phone on the bedside drawer.

  Stefan was actually awake but he pretended to be asleep so that he could observe her for a little while. He didn't expect her to be so kind and just let him sleep even though she would be late for work if they don't leave in half an hour.

  Cayenne checked the time on her phone and found that there's still two hours before her shift. She needed to leave in half an hour or she would be late. She looked at the man who was sleeping in her arms and took a deep breath. "Stefan." She called his name softly which surprised Stefan. It was the first time that she called his name willingly. "Stefan, we need to leave for work."

  Stefan pretended to stir from his sleep even though he was completely awake the moment she touched her hands earlier. "What time is it?"

  "It's already seven in the morning. I still have to work at nine."

  "Sorry for causing you trouble. Go and change your clothes. I'll call Chris to bring us some food for breakfast."

  "Okay." She climbed down the bed, fixed her side of the bed quickly and went to the bathroom. When she took a bath last night, she washed her clothes so that she can use it today. It was to make sure that her brothers won't suspect anything. She needed to wear the same clothes that she wore when she left the house.

  Stefan knew about it and he didn't contradict her decision. IF she thinks it was for the best, he won't say anything against it. When Cayenne got out from the shower, Stefan took a shower after her while she was combing her hair and trying her best to dry it. It would be weird if she comes home fresh from the bath. Her brothers would start to doubt her.

  'Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong!'

  Cayenne went downstairs to open the door for Chris. He brought so many foods for them and a hair dryer. Cayenne blinked her eyes when he handed the hair dryer to her. "Dry your hair to make sure that your brothers won't say anything."

  "Thank you."

  "Say your 'thank you' to the boss. He was the one who told me to bring it because you need it."

  Cayenne nodded her head and went back upstairs to continue drying her hair and to help Stefan dry his hair as well. It was her way of showing gratitude to him. Chris smiled while watching her disappearing back and secretly wished that the two of them will fall in love with each other.