Chapter 111: He only has one weakness that if he got angry, he would go back to his family home.
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  To split a soul from one’s body used to be a familiar job with ease for Gu Yunjue. But, as he was brought up and supervised by Mu Chen during this life, he had to stop himself from going to the "wrong way". If really he had to do that, he would restrain himself and keep that from Mu Chen.

  Now Mu Chen said that he would be divorced if he could not split his soul out perfectly. Gu Yunjue got his mind from frolic immediately. He touched Mu Dong’s head and said to himself that with a small hand trembling, he would get out something which should not be dissociated, and that would make him a bachelor? This joke was not funny at all.

  Touching Mu Dong’s forehead with his finger, he finely sensed the spirit inside. Mu Chen was right; there was really a tiny spirit trying to infuse into Mu Dong. It seemed to be weak and fragile, but actually imply crisis.

  Mu Chen stared intensely at Gu Yunjue, because Gu was rarely to be seen with such a serious look. Gu walked behind Mu Dong and put his palm on Mu Dong’s back to transfer his spirit power.

  "Don’t worry, it has just started to have mentality". Gu Yunjue tried to comfort Mu Chen. His devil sense tented to approach that mentality. He had verified it through what happened to Devil Lord. Law was law, and it could not be changed, even with mentality.

  By grasping the spirit with a rush, Gu felt its fierce resistance. Just as a sanguivorous leech, it attached itself to the weak and small spirit of Mu Dong and was trying to drill in.

  Mu Dong groaned bitterly in the trance, red in face. His eyes darkened, Gu hinted Mu Chen with a wink. They could understand each other with a glance. The Protection Soul Bell came out from both of their spirits, and the dazzling golden light even made the two spirits pause for a moment.

  At this point, Soul Devil Cultivation in his body was promoted to its peak. He caught that small spirit and pulled it off the soul of Mu Dong. Just in this flash, Protection Soul Bell took the chance to cover the whole soul of Mu Dong for protecting it.

  Heaven Bell immediately covered the divine sense and isolated it from Mu Dong, then it could be heard that tremendous crashes coming from inside. Mu Chen’s face had already turned pale. He was so nervous that his palms were sweaty, he knew very well that any carelessness could make Mu Dong be swallowed, or make his divine sense be damaged so he would become an idiot.

  Gu Yunjue felt relieved. The little Yanyang Palace was in the space, so he directly hung Heaven Bell on the Fragrance Tree outside the window and let the divine sense toss inside, which made the bell ring loudly.

  Mu Chen looked at him apprehensively, and Gu Yunjue explained, "Don’t worry. There is only its nature left." Then Gu Yunjue stuffed a stupid magic beast into the Heaven Bell and smiled, "Maybe when the divine sense got tired after a long time, it would cling to the magic feast."

  The corners of Mu Chen’s mouth twitched, and he felt he was unable to intervene and his silly disciple just simply wanted to play a trick. Gun Yunjue forced the natural divine sense into a magic beast, whose was of the lowest position. Besides, the magic beast’s intelligence wouldn’t increase, and it couldn’t have strong body, so, it’d be better to directly refine it.

  Mu Dong’s face was back to normal, and he slept deeply. Whether he was hurt or not remained unknown temporarily. However, part of the two divine senses had already merged together, and when the divine sense was pulled away from Mu Dong’s mind, it should have taken away some his memory, which must have some influence on him, but what happened to him could only be known after Mu Dong woke up.

  Mu Chen picked up Mu Dong, his face getting gloomy, "If something happened to him, how am I gonna tell the Mu Family?" Hearing this, Gu Yunjue glanced at Mu Chen’s stomach smilingly, "If the kid became a dull boy, master could bear a baby yourself. It’ll be okay, as long as he looked like you."

  Seeing that Gu Yunjue was still in the mood to tell jokes, Mu Chen knew that Mu Dong would be fine. He stared at Gu Yunjue snappily and said sourly, "If you like, you can do that. No matter how many babies you would bear, I can afford."

  Gu Yunjue clicked his tongue; his little master’s words got more trenchant recently. When Mu Chen replied him, Mu Chen didn’t pull any punches but always sharply got to the point and prodded his sore spot. He could become a kid indeed, but let him bear one? He didn’t have the ability.

  Mu Chen carried Mu Dong out of the space. Gun Yunjue saw that Mu Chen wanted to put the kid on their bed, then he asked an attendant to prepare a little bed dissatisfiedly and motioned that their bed was his exclusive place!

  Mu Chen was speechless, could only lay Mu Dong on the soft bed aside, thinking that his stupid disciple was not grown up, and he was as naïve as a little boy.

  Looking in from outside the window, Bai Yi saw that the two persons were staring blankly at the kid but not doing anything that couldn’t be disturbed, so he came over and stood outside the window, smiling, "Pavilion Master, much information was sent to us these days; would you like to have a look?

  The boundary between the Immortal Realm and the Devil Realm hadn’t been repaired, but the situations of both sides were stable. Because the Devil Lord had died, Gu Yunjin took the opportunity to recapture his force and was too busy to go to the Immortal Realm to make trouble.

  Furthermore, Gu Yunjin was good at enduring silently. If he couldn’t ensure success, he wouldn’t provoke the Immortal Realm.

  For the moment, Gun Yunjin wanted to control the whole Devil Realm, from which it could be seen that he was quite ambitious. If there were no way to contain his force, he would always be a lurking peril for the Immortal Realm.

  If there were a person that had a close relationship with the Immortal Realm, he would be Mu Chen, who was in the Devil Realm. That was why Yue Mingze sent a letter; he wanted to inquire that whether Gu Yunjue could join hands with him so as to achieve a balance of forces in a short term.

  Bai Yi simply narrated it and showed them the letter Yue Mingze sent. After he read it, before Gu Yunjue reacted, Mu Chen got angry, but he said smilingly, "Yue Mingze have really progressed a lot. I didn’t expect that he has learned to sound me out!" He jabbed the table with his two long and thin fingers, which poked two holes there, and there was trace of fire around the holes. Looking at Mu Chen’s serious face, the man in white touched his neck and suddenly felt that the little Chief’s prospects would suffer a lot. But Yue Mingze’s words did have the intent to sound Mu Chen out.

  As a Chief, and standing in the position of the Immortal Realm, what Yue Mingze did was understandable. However, when Yue Mingze was a little boy, Mu Chen took good care of him, and Mu Chen saved his life once, so they had an intimate relationship before. What’s more, Mu Chen indeed treated Yue Mingze as his nephew. Naturally, he would get angry for being tempted by Yue Mingze.

  "When things about Mu Dong settle down, I want you to accompany me to come back to the Lofty Cloudy Sect." Mu Chen grinded the residuals on his hands and said coolly.

  Gun Yunjue couldn’t help smiling, "No problem. It’s up to you."

  "Atishoo!" When Yue Mingze was thinking of ways to repair the Devil Suppression Pilllar, he suddenly trembled all over and felt a chill starting from his heel and runing to his head.

  "I’ve finished!" Yue Mingze clapped a hand to his forehead and regretted what he had done. He felt an impulse and wrote the letter, thinking of Mu Chen’s temperament that he hated troubles and soundings, Yue Mingze realized that he should say directly what he thought and asked Mu Chen’s opinions about this,

  Mo Jinyang and Bai Xunrong gloated over Yue Mingze at the same time.

  "Big brother, I think uncle Mu must be very angry, maybe he is planning to divide you into five parts and hang them on the stone pillars out of the gate of the mountain to dry, then he will join the broken parts together and save you, and then he’ll divided you again and save you again, and divide you again and save you again……he’ll repeat the process until he is no longer angry with you!" Bai Xunrong glanced at Yue Mingze sympathetically, "Take care!"

  Yue Mingze swallowed, in his mind, uncle Mu’s serious face was terrible enough, to think that uncle Mu was such an image in others’ mind, which was much more horrible.


  Three days later, Ronggu Peak, the Devil Realm.

  "Master, when we come back to the Lofty Cloudy Sect, what will you do first?" Gun Yunjue asked curiously.

  "Pull Yue Mingze out and beat him." Mu Chen replied, with his face frozen.

  It looked that Gu Yunjue had already know the answer. Just when he was about to say something, he saw that Mu Dong, sleeping on the soft bed, turned over and directly fell down to the ground.

  Mu Chen came to something, sweeping a streak of spirit power, and lifted Mu Dong up. Mu Chen threw a disapproving glance at Gu Yunjue, who saw Mu Dong falling but had no intention to catch him. Gu Yunjue was really bad!

  Mu Chen sat up, winked his eyes confusedly. As the environment was "strange" to him, he was a little alerted.

  Mu Chen’s heart missed a beat, and he felt something wrong happening.

  Looking at Mu Chen, Mu Dong tilted his head and considered for a while, then called Mu Chen gingerly, "Dad?"

  The corners of Mu Chen’s mouth twitched, and he realized that the kid’s memory was influenced, and the part that had been influenced made Mu Chen feel concerned.

  Because Mu Dong lost a part of memory, and children always did something by intuition, so Mu Dong’s first reaction was that he was close to Mu Chen, and they looked alike, then he naturally thought Mu Chen was his father.

  Mu Dong jumped down from the soft bed, walked to Mu Chen, looked at Gu Yunjue, frowned and didn’t know What he should address him.

  Mu Chen corrected Mu Dong, "I’m not your dad. You can’t call me like that."

  Mu Dong twinkled his eyes, felt confused and said wisely, "So, you are my elder brother?"

  Mu Chen felt relieved and nodded.

  Mu Dong grabbed Mu Chen’s sleeves, leaned in smilingly, "I know. Daddy is afraid that I would impede you to do bad things, so you don’t acknowledge me deliberately."

  Mu Chen, "……I am really your elder brother."

  "Yes, yes, yes, you are my elder brother."

  The corners of Gu Yunjue’s mouth raised, and he couldn’t help laughing. Mu Chen didn’t acknowledge his identity stubbornly before, but he admitted it by himself at the moment while the kid didn’t believe him.

  Mu Chen held his head and felt headache.

  Mu Chen looked at Gu Yunjue again and noticed that the divine senses on their bodies were connected. He looked up and searched his memory but didn’t find any women who had an affair with Mu Chen. He had been brought up casually since he was born, his grandfather had taken care of him for a few days and his eldest brother had also looked after him for several days. He had contacted little with his mother, so he had little memory of her, let alone the only impression he had about her was lost. Staring at Gun Yunjue for a while, he leaned over and asked in a low voice, "You are my mother?"

  Gu Yunjue rubbed Mu Dong’s head smilingly and said in a deceitful voice: "I’m your father, and he is your mother. As your mother is shy, you can’t call him casually."

  Mu Dong cupped his face with his hands, being stunned. He thought the curious story was different from his bedtime story, so his brain couldn’t accept it instantly.

  Mu Chen raised his leg and kicked Gu Yunjue, feeling annoyed about the evil disciple’s misleading words. Mu Chen glanced at Mu Dong. Obviously, the kid believed Gu Yunjue’s words and was still surprised.

  Mu Chen snorted angrily, stood up, turned around and walked out.

  Gu Yunjue picked up Mu Dong and followed Mu Chen. He saw that Mu Chen pinched the last puppet that Mu Qing left and went out of Ronggu Peak. Apparently, Mu Chen was flying toward the Immortal Realm. He smilingly explained to the kid in his arms, "He only has one weakness that if he got angry, he would go back to his parental home."

  Mu Dong looked at the back of Mu Chen, who had already flown away, and looked at Gu Yunjue, then he asked abruptly, "Why my family name is Mu, but not Gu?"

  Gu Yunjue, "Because I was adopted to your mother’s family."

  Mu Dong, "……"