Chapter 333 - 333 Friendly Apology
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  "She'll let you go now. But make sure you keep that contract in mind. After all, you made a deal with the devil," Noah told the girl, letting a smirk escape his mouth. Lilith sliding away from her, and the ceiling lights right in front of her face, Noah watched the girl cover her eyes with her hands, averting her gaze for a while, before sitting up on the bed.

  "Eh? Where's the woman? Where's the scary guy?" she asked, only seeing the handsome Noah in front of her.

  "Those are just figments of your imagination. Let's call it even, since you tried to break into my house," Noah said, shrugging before standing up from the side of the bed and turning towards the girl. "Are you Sha's sister?" he asked, seeing the similarities in the girls' features. Though this one's hair was definitely black, not even close tho the other girl's hair color.

  "I see…… You're Noah. I hadn't recognized you at the door," she said, looking down in shame.

  "How can you come to a person's house, sreaching for information about them, and not recoginize them at all?" Noah asked her, dumbfounded.

  "It's not my fault, okay. I don't even know how they came to your address only knowing your name. Sister is not on good terms with the people at home, so there's not much for them to get from her. Also, sorry for trying to break in, it's not like I had a choice. You know…… family things," she said crossing her legs, and checking to see she had no injuries whatsoever, even though she had just taken a massive fall. "Did you, by any chance, heal me from that fall there?" she asked, baffled, as she touched her own head.

  "Let's say I had someone deal with that," Noah shrugged, taking a step away. "Rather, I feel your skills could be useful to me. Would you mind giving me your number so I can get in touch with you at another time? Also, I would really appreciate if you just left, I have another business to attend to," he said, looking at the clock on his phone, and realizing he'd lost half an hour of possible sleep.

  "Oh, right, sorry. She stood up, extending her hand to take his phone and type in her contact. After all, he probably didn't mean her any harm, and if he were to give her an opportunity, 'Maybe he can help me get away from the house, just like Sha did,' she thought, as she typed in the numbers. "About my coat, can I please have it back?" she asked, looking up at Noah's face as she let go of his phone.

  "Sure, it's there," Noah said while pointing at the corner of the room, where Lilith was coiled next to a small mound of black cloth.

  "Umm," she muttered, taking some courage to ask him for the favor, "can you deal with the snake, please."

  "Sure," Noah agreed without issue, calling Lilith. 'You don't have to be so annoyed about her and the other girl, you know that,' he said, before asking. 'Would you mind coming here and letting her get the stuff and leave?'

  Lilith quickly uncoiled herself, slithering across the room and climbing up Noah's legs and torso, staring at the girl as her head stood at the same height as his.

  "…… I better get going, then,' the girl said, as Lilith's behavior startled her. She grabbed the coat from the ground, covering herself and putting the hood over. "Thank you for not doing anything to me even though I…… You already know. I won't forget the favor, or that contract thing."

  "I hope you don't, since it wouldn't be good for you if you broke it," Noah told her, as he saw the girl walk out of the room, staring at the ground, and quickly make her way towards the front door with him on tow, before leaving the house.

  "Noah." She turned around, just after leaving the house, making Noah nervous, "Please take good care of my sister."

  Lilith hissed hearing the girl, who quickly turned and left for good, leaving the two staring at the doorway in silence, as Noah tried to find a way to deal with Lilith's erratic behavior. "You really need to know how to heep your feelings in check. Sometimes it feels like you hate every woman that comes close to me," he told her, furrowing his brows as he stared at the sour snake.

  'Because I do,' was the thought that crossed Lilith's mind, but she didn't dare speak out, or even relay to him. Although, he could probably feel this without her having to tell him, or at least he should.

  "So, let's get going," Noah said, shoving all the pointless gimmics from the Elders on his pockets, before heading back to the door. "You guys, take good care of the place. You saw how it's supposed to be done," he tould the unicorn, and Terrence, who was somehow riding him for no reason, as they peeked at the two from deeper into the house.

  Noah took off, taking Marcel's ferrari as a means, heading up towards the bank. However, Lilith's silence ever since the house was starting to grind on his mind. "Lilith, you've been silent for minutes already. Can you at least say something?" he told her, annoyed at the snake's now common anger.

  "What? Go ahead and talk to the girl she told you to take care of," she snarked at him while coiling herself on the seat of the car, visibly frustrated.

  "You know, you used to be a lot less moody. Not sure what's been up with you these days," he complained, staring at the road, and took a deep breath. He opened his mouth to say something, but his phone started ringing. Noah reached for his pocket with the phone, dropping a piece of Essence on the car, before he managed to pull it, "Such an annoying thing," he complained, before managing to get his phone out. "Lilith, mind using this Essence for me? I have no better use for it right now and I need to answer this call," he said, recognizing the contact on the screen which said something along the lines of "Pink Healer".

  [Noah? I'm sorry! I'll pay for anything that happens. I'm so sorry they did this—] As soon as he picked the phone up, Noah was hit by a barrage of nervous words coming from the healer.

  "Hold up, what the hell is it? I can't understand anything if you talk that fast," he responded, taking the phone away from his ears for a second, as the loudness was a bit too much. He also changed lanes, since he wasn't confident he could pay attention to both things while going on the fast lane, and slowed down the car.

  [My family is meddling around my life again. I just heard they sent someone to break into your house and get information or something. So if anything gets broken or goes missing please tell me, I'll make it right.] Noah noticed how nervous and distraught she was, and it brought a faint smile to his face.

  "You mean your sister deal? It's ok, I've already dealt with her," he said, confidently, and he took the exit towards the city, now close to his last chore for the day.

  [D—dealt with her? What happen—]

  Realizing his blunder, Noah quickly stepped up, interrupting the girl, "No, no, no. Everything's okay. I just so happened to be leaving home when I spotted her. We talked a bit and she's already gone her way. She's okay."

  [Good grief……] Noah was mildly annoyed at how she sighed in relief after hearing that, realizing she had trully thought he would've done something to the girl.

  'Damn…… What the hell does she thing I am?' he thought to himself, as he bit his lower lip, inadvertedly telling it to a particularly snarky snake.

  'A guy who sets people on fire and killed a lot of people at the Arena yesterday,' Lilith didn't lose the opportunity, shooting a particularly annoying sentence at him, just out of spite.

  'If I wasn't on the phone, and driving, I would shut you up myself,' he told her in thought, so the healer wouldn't hear it. "If that was just it, don;t worry too much. I made a deal with her around this issue, so unless they send someone else, nothing bad will happen at all," he said on the phone, as he searched for somewhere to park the car near the bank, not wanting to have to park indoors for the hassle of the poorly designed buildings used at the bank.

  [Thanks…… I don't think I can stop them for now, but thank you for forgiving my sister, it must've been really tense for you,] she said, giving the hint the subject was over.

  "Don't worry about it. Rather, I'm happy it didn't escalate, since I thought she was someone from the Hyu Family at first because of what happened today," he said, finding a place to park into.

  [Today? Did something happen to you?] The girl's obliviousness surprised him, who thought everyone had come to know about the car chase earlier today.

  "Yeah, they tried to tail me and hit my car. Thought you already knew it," he summarized the whole ordeal, as he finished parking. "I have to go now, just got to the bank. I'll explain the whole situation to you later," he said, waiting for her to hang up, and turning towards Lilith. "So, you're staying in the car? Or you wanna try your luck at getting inside with me," he asked the snake, who quickly responded.

  "Me? I'm going with you…… If they say I have to stay outside, I can leave then," she said, still sounding snarky, and making Noah realize she was trully angry at him for what had happened.