Chapter 331 - 331 First Attempt
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  "Nah, I'll hop by home and let Terrence and the Unicorn out. I want them to keep an eye for intruders," he said, taking the car off the parking lot.

  "Do you really think they'll start aiming there too? I mean, what's there for them to take in that place?" Lilith asked, looking out the windows to see the street.

  "To he honest, I doubt they are doing this for the money. Also, it could be that it's not even the Hyu Family doing it in the first place," Noah said while taking the way towards downtown Eyrin. "This car is so silent it's unsettling," he said, as the car accelerated down the road.

  A little while later, Noah looked out the window as he stopped by his home, parking the car right in front. "Lilith, I'll go in Tunelling. Come here," he asked, amking the large snake slide across the console and coil around his arm.

  "Did you forget the keys?" she asked, teasing him.

  "Why would I? Haven't I gone in like this since I got hell tunneling?" he looked at her while furrowing his brows, before trunign the keys and locking the car with them inside. "Welp, here goes nothing."

  "Noah, you think it's a good idea teleporting from inside the car? Hell tunneling creates fire, you know……" Before he finished, Lilith reminded him of something that had escaped him in the whole thing. Since the car wasn't his, setting it on fire accidentally was not good practice.

  "Right…… Damn it. I didn't want to risk getting recognized after leaving the car, though," Noah said while clicking his tongue, and unlocking his door. "Let's teleport once we're out." Stepping out, Noah looked around to see if there were any people spying them, but found no one, which hurried him to lock the car down and teleport straight inside. Taking a few stops, Noah stood in the certer of his living room, looking around the place that was filled with memories.

  "You know, I had thought of just renewing the place, instead of moving out. But I feel I still owe this place a lot, and changing it too much would be painful……" he muttered in a low voice, aimed towards himself, but letting Lilith hear it just fine. He shighed, sitting himself down on the old sofa, looking downwards.

  "Noah……" Lilith muttered his name, as she saw his face. "You could still live here, you know, the way it is. I know it already took a lot for you to commit to moving out to the capital, but I don't think anyone would condemn you for wanting to stay," she said, trying to help him.

  "No, Maggie deserves better. And if I can afford to give her more comfort, why would I take that from her? It's just my selfish wish…… Either way, we can still come back here whenever we want. I'll just keep this house as is, only doing some maintenance here and there. I can't go around changing my mom's home," he said, before standing up and calling Terrence and the Unicorn back from hell. The appearance of a massive unicorn into the small room made it seem out of place, but that wasn't what caught Noah's attention. "Terrence, you've gotten larger," he said with a smile, as the previously tiny bird now had a wingspan of over a full feet. "You know anything about it, Unicorn?" he asked, as the bird flew onto his shoulder, and Lilith got herself down to the sofa.

  "I mean, he was bored, so he went out to hunt for insects and what not. I guess he defeated a couple of small fries and got a little stronger." Noah could imagine the unicorn shrugging as he said this, as he himself wasn't interested in Terrence's growth. But Noah didn't feel like it had leveled up at all, and decided to check his status.

  [User: Terrence

  Title: Lucifer's Descendant's Companion

  Level: 02, 547/1000 exp

  HP: 15/15

  Strength: 11

  Agility: 20

  Stamina: 17


  (Excess Anger Lv 01 198/1000: Angry Birds are animals characterized by the large amount of rage they possess, but the user was raised in an environment that did not provide anything that could stimulate this unbridled rage. Making the user able to control the own anger.

  Effect: User can activate the skill and get angry, or by getting angry naturally all stats will be increased by 30%. If rage is artificially increased through the skill, energy will be consumed to maintain that rage.)]

  'Interesting,' Noah thought while readign the status, realizing Terrence had gained some status points and Exp, despite not having levelled up. "You did well, I see you used Excess Anger for the first time too," Noah said out loud while petting the bird's head, receiving a caw in response. "Now, back to what I was saying before. I'm afraid people will start aiming for this place. Be careful not to be seen, and don't go around flying during the day. Make sure nobody tried to do any harm to this place, and don't let any intruders get out. Can you guys help me with that?" Noah asked the two, looking at the unicorn.

  "Yes. But if someone breaks in—"

  "Kill them. Just try to not damage the house in the process. This place is very important to me," Noah interrupted the unicorn and gave his orders, making sure to say everything he had to.

  "One thing," Lilith butted in, "If you see someone you guys think you can't defeat, tell us immediately. Things have gotten a little tricky," Lilith told the two. Before, Noah could've been annoyed by this, but after all they had gone through, he actually enjoyed having someone as reliable as her willing to have his back and help whenever possible.

  Noah took a second to explain to the two what had happened with the angel and the families, before taking the word back and saying something else. "I intend to train some imps and have them help secure this place. But for that to work, they need to be well trained. Until then, it's all up to you guys," Noah said, standing up and heading towards the door to the backyard and opening it up. "Me and Lilith have to go now, but you can always talk to me through telepathy," he said, heading towards the front door, "Oh, wait…… Lilith, I don't think I can take you inside the bank. You rather stay in the car or here?' he asked her, and waited for the snake's response.

  "Um, I feel I'd be more comfortable waiting at the car. These guys are good enough to guard this place without me." Noah knew she was lying at the end, and that she was worried about him instead. But, in the end, it didn't really concern him whether she went with him, after all, she was good company.

  "Since you say so." He shrugged, walking towards the front door with an annoyed expression, "We're leaving. Make sure to tell if anything happens," Noah opened the front door, to a stunned woman dressed in black casual clothes, kneeling at the height of the keyhole. "Anything I can help you with?" he asked, making the woman leap backwards in fear, and faceplant into the ground.

  Lilith had already wrapped herself around her legs, making the girl lose her balance and lunge towards the ground instead of leap.

  'Damn it, I wanted this to be quick so I could sleep,' Noah bemoaned finding the lockpicker, as he would now have to question her before deciding to kill her or let her go.

  'Umm…… Noah?" Lilith called, him, making he look down.

  "What is it?" he asked, thinking about how to deal with the woman without losing too much time, since he still had to head to the bank, and check everything in the car……

  "I feel the woman has passed out. She's not moving any more," Lilith told him, which made Noah look at where she'd fallen, and notice she'd slammed her head against the steps in his doorway.

  "Perfect……" Noah rolled his eyes annoyedly, realizing unless he healed her, the woman would take a while to wake up. He knelt down, feeling her pulse, and ensuring she wasn't already dead, before issuing Lilith an order. "Drag her to my room and tie her up and blindfold her. I'll think of how to deal with her next," he said, using healing flames on the woman to avoid her dying from brain bleeding. He'd already ensure there was nobody else around, and noticed they probably sent her thinking there was nobody home. Even if she woke up immediately, Noah knew she wasn't that strong, so he wasn't really afraid.

  "Better check the stuff on the car while I'm at it, this could be a while……" he muttered to himself, as he saw Lilith grow in size and pull the woman inside by the legs. While he himself walked down the steps towards the street, where the car was parked. "At least it was one person, and not a group," he said, opening the trunk of the car, and piling up things under his arms, leaving behind only the Essence and his armor, before walking back towards the house with a bunch of small and medium sized boxes.

  'Any problems so far?' Noah asked Lilith in his thoughts, as he walked into the home, dropping the boxes on the sofa before turning back to lock the door.

  'Not really…… But this woman doesn't look that different from someone I remember…… I think this is not related to the Nine Families at all.'

  Lilith's words confused him deeply, but Noah sat back down and started readying himself to go over the stuff he'd gotten from the Elders, before heaving inside the room. "Remove anything that makes it hard to identify her face and make sure she's well tied up and blindfolded…… If she has nothing to do with the Families and we can assure that, there's no reason to kill her if she doesn't know about you and the others."