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Museum of Deadly Beasts
Author:Diabolical Eggplant Words:1275374 Last update:2022-07-27 Status:Ongoing
Lin Jin never imagined he would ever transmigrate. And to such a peculiar world at that. Here, deadly beasts were regarded as sacred, and thankfully, he owned a museum for deadly beasts. “Master, this is just a dying little tortoise…” “Wh..
My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World exce
Author:Southernterrace Words:406803 Last update:2022-07-27 Status:Ongoing
A god of a different world had abruptly appeared in my classroom and semi-forcibly summoned the entire class to his world.ーーーーexcept for me, Kamiya Yato. Because I was taking a seat in the corner of the class, the round summoning magi..
My Gu Can Cultivate on Their Own
Author:Furious Pimple Words:308720 Last update:2022-07-27 Status:Ongoing
When Fang Yuan was transmigrated into a world where Gu Breeder was the main profession, he found that he was not gifted. Not only that, the Gu in his body could cultivate on their own. [Your Iron Skin Gu has trained profoundly and has ach..
My Master Disconnected Yet Again
Author:Yóu Qián Words:1244378 Last update:2022-07-27 Status:End
Everyone said that Yi Qing was the number one Sword Cultivator in the world, with a swordsmanship and cultivation that no one could surpass. Whether it was when he was cultivating in the Lower Realm, or when he was in the Ten Heavens of t..
My Pet Is a Holy Maiden
Author:Muku Bunchou Words:325311 Last update:2022-07-26 Status:Ongoing
Yamagata Tatsumi and his family were traveling in their car when a wild truck smashed into their car. But wait! The MC wasn’t dead yet, his entire family was though. With his entire family dead and relatives abandoning him, the only one r..
Nano Machine (Retranslated Version)
Author:bu.zhi.dao Words:845826 Last update:2022-07-26 Status:End
Until the time of him becoming the master of the lowest rank in the order of rankings, the lonely side of his life without luck was changed. One day suddenly, a future descendant injected him with a nano machine, and the machine started ‘..
Night Ranger
Author:Dark Blue Coconut Milk Words:1237837 Last update:2022-07-26 Status:End
After transmigrating into a weak noble body, Marvin discovered that he was familiar with the world, this was the game he played in his previous life and... Damn! He only had six months before the Great Calamity! As a former top player, he..
Nobunaga's Imouto is My Wife
Author:Newt In The Well Words:97488 Last update:2022-07-26 Status:Ongoing
The male student, Fukai Nagamasa, ignoreshis studies for college entrance exams in favor of following the path tochuunibyou. As he fainted during night cramming session before theexams, he realized that he was transported to a parallel wo..
Once Human, Now a Parasite
Author:Thecrow Words:1518670 Last update:2022-07-26 Status:Ongoing
Arthur, a Rich businessman was kidnapped and tortured for months by men his wife hired. After months of this hell, he was given a second chance, a new life in a different world and, of course, Arthur would rather start a new life than sta..
Peerless Battle Spirit
Author:Supreme Villain Words:3252464 Last update:2022-07-26 Status:Ongoing
In the Canglan Continent, there existed a rule: only those who managed to awaken a Martial Spirit were able to pursue the path of cultivation, and a Martial Spirit’s rank was determined when it was awakened. Born in Linshui City, Qin Nan ..
Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious
Author:feng.dan Words:465067 Last update:2022-07-26 Status:Ongoing
She is a top-class spy, a poison specialist, but also a young and cute girl with a sinister temperament. In spite of her sweet and innocent appearance, she can complete any tasks without the slightest hesitation. One day because of an inc..
Practicing Basic Sorcery for Billions of Times Mad
Author:Abundance Every Year Words:258336 Last update:2022-07-26 Status:Ongoing
“Ryan was transported to a world of swords and magic, and he discovered that he was contracted with a system that made him stronger as long as he continued to practice basic magic! When everyone else was learning all sorts of fancy magic,..
Prime Originator
Author:Pointbreak Words:1433879 Last update:2022-07-26 Status:Ongoing
In a world where strength reigns supreme and only the strong are revered, conflict and injuries are commonplace. The Divine Medicine King was a saintly doctor that saved the lives of many practitioners with his highly accomplished art of ..
Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith
Author:Shui Qingqing Words:2479424 Last update:2022-07-26 Status:Ongoing
When trash becomes a genius—one word: Fierce! Two words: Two-faced! Three words: Too heaven defying! She is the foremost and outstanding armament refining master. Passing through a dynasty, and became a publicly humiliated and bullied Thi..
Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home
Author:Tang Chuan Words:1933663 Last update:2022-07-26 Status:Ongoing
This book narrates the joyful cultivation tale of an ordinary commonplace university student and a cute and coquettish little fox. Please observe this human-animal… *cough* …human-demon love story.