Chapter 1733: You Even Remember These?
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  Looking into Gregory’s deep and serious gaze, Gu Mengmeng’s heart skipped a beat.

  He had been meticulously and seriously noting down all her antics and this feeling of being treasured was really great.

  “You even remember these?”

  Gregory held her little hands up and kissed it, saying, “During the thousand years that I was guarding the mountain, it was the seven days’ memories that accompanied me and kept me going. Every scene had been repeated countless times in my head, how could I forget them? Moreover, anything that is related to you, even if I do not try to recall it deliberately, they still won’t ever be forgotten.”

  The sun had gradually risen, with the bright rays forming solar flare on Gregory through the layers of leaves. There was a unique fog emitting from the forest, shrouding him in an air of immortality.

  Gu Mengmeng was a little dazed looking at him.

  She still remembered the first time he had been in Sauder, Lea had his guards up against him and even lost confidence in his handsome looks.

  He said that the beauty of a bird clan was different from a land creature, and the vultures were even the cream of the crop.

  He was afraid that after seeing so much zealous behavior from the land beasts, she would treasure Gregory’s presence as something ‘precious because of its rarity’.

  That flirty fox was really afraid that her passion would subside as his beauty fades.

  With a gentle gaze, Gu Mengmeng reached out her hands to touch Gregory’s cheek and said, “Alright, let us head back. It’s a huge matter to become partners, we should inform our family about it.”


  Gregory replied simply, but his heart was not calm at all.

  It had been a full thousand years that he had been by her side, yet he did not even dare to hug her, as he was afraid that she would detest it, she would abandon him, and would shoot him a cold look of rejection.

  Finally he was going to become her male partner, really belonging to her.

  This was the time he was going to return to the family that he had spent a thousand years with the identity of an official partner. It was undoubtedly nerve wrecking for him.

  When they returned, they did not take the high speed rail. Instead, Gregory transformed into a vulture and flew Gu Mengmeng back to the castle in the 6000 meter high sky.

  An ordinary human eyes would not be able to tell anything different from this height. Even if they looked up, they would only think that a bird was flying in the sky.

  After returning to the castle, the three men who should be busy were all sitting in the courtyard.

  Elvis sat against the Chinese parasol tree on the ground, with his back against the tree bark, one leg bent and the other leg straight, one arm gently placed on the bent leg. His head was slightly lowered, as though he was thinking, also as if he was quietly waiting.

  Snake sat lazily on the steps of the entrance. Majority of his body was in the shade and only his long and slender big hands that had obvious bone structure was casually flipping under the sun, as though he was wanted to catch something in the sun, or as if the sun was keeping his hand warm, so that she would not be cold if he hugged her.

  Lea had already set up a temporary stove in the courtyard and the food on the stove had been 80 percent cooked, as though he was waiting for someone to return, so that he could increase the heat and prepare the food for her.

  “We are back.”

  When Gu Mengmeng said this sentence softly, the three men in the courtyard immediately looked up.

  It was rare that none of them stood up and approached her. They were all focusing their eyes on her face, as if waiting for her to make an announcement.

  Faced with such an intense gaze, she indeed felt a little pressured.