Chapter 118: The Beginning of a Battle to Death
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  The reason why I became an adventurer was to support my siblings.

  Born in the slums of the Freedom Kingdom, my parents died when I was very young.

  Despite being laughed at, I desperately dove into dungeons and worked myself to death to earn enough to live by the day. I felt a sense of accomplishment when I defeated my first goblin. I felt a sense of growth when I defeated my first Orc Soldier. They were also a sense of elation when I defeated my first Ice Golem. And finally, when I defeated a Deviant Vampire, I ranked up and became an A-Class Adventurer.

  I continued to dive into dungeons without making any friends. So, I was always alone in every battle.

  The battles gradually turned into fierce battles with the medals engraved on my body, I experienced a life and death situation.

  I continued to challenge dungeons relentlessly and was full of fighting spirit.

  Before I knew it, I was fascinated by the dungeons.

  That’s why I was chosen.

  The fire-breathing demon sword wanted him.


  The lone A-Class Adventurer sat on a thick branch of a big tree and felt the fresh breeze.

  It’s not bad to calm down like this once in a while.

  As I savor the view of the lush greenery of the Imperial Kingdom, I waved his hand in response to a voice from below.

  “Rinkan-onee-san! Excuse me! We’re leaving the empire!”

  The B-Class Adventurer, whose partner had been injured, seemed to have made a decision to escape from the dangerous, monster-filled empire.

  Adventurer parties were sometimes ruthless. It’s common for them to disband once they were no longer have an interest in the party.

  Rinkan remembered the purpose of this expedition after she watched the B-Class Adventurer Duo disband.


  It was not within Rinkan’s motives to be in this expedition.

  The Guild Master of Adventurers’ Guild, the southern headquarters’ Nemesis, had directly asked her to destroy the dungeons in the Empire in the form of a special quest.

  A-Class Adventurers were qualified to enter S-class dungeons that had been through hundreds of years. They could earn a lot of money just by diving deep inside. There was no advantage in going all the way to the Empire and entering a dungeon that had been abandoned for over a decade.

  For Rinkan, an A-Class Adventurer, dark dungeons were all that mattered.

  Flesh and blood dancing on the sides of the battlefield.

  No one who became an A-level adventurer dove dungeons for money.

  All they want was to fight to the death against dungeon monsters, a struggle with their life hanging in a thread.

  Rinkan, who reached A level, now wants to become an S-level adventurer so that he can fight to the death. To do so, she must become a special A-Class Adventurer, which gave him the right to challenge the S-Class Adventurers.

  (Lengram-sama gave a special quest to destroy a pack of mutant vampires that had destroyed a small country. When he successfully completed it, he would join the ranks of the S-class. I thought it was out of reach before, but… with this Flamberge-!)

  “I wonder where Frenda-chan went? “

  When the B-Class Adventurer Duo announced their departure from the empire—

  “Pervert Rinkan! I’ve finished what I’m supposed to do, so I’m leaving now! I’ve found some interesting people! They, no, the fatty is interesting! Goodbye, then!

  “… fatty? Frenda-chan, you make it sound like that person is not a human.”

  —So, after saying her piece, Frenda left.

  Rinkan wondered how such a pure child, dressed in the cheap gear of an F-A-Class Adventurer, stepped into the dangerous business of being an adventurer.

  But even as an F-Class Adventurer, Frenda was clearly hiding her powers. Though the B-Class Adventurer Duo didn’t seem to notice.

  “In the first place, I’m good at diving alone. A pair of B-Class Adventurers is nothing but a liability to me. It’s only because the Adventurer’s Guild ordered me to bring a few adventurers with me. It is to keep me from running amok in this country that I bring them with me. I don’t know if they trusted me or not at all.”

  Rinkan jumped off from the top of the branch of a big tree.

  She landed near a huge spring and inhaled the fresh cool air.

  She already defeated thirty-five A-Class monsters single-handedly. The number of dungeons she destroyed already rose to more than the fingers of both hands could count.

  She was rumored to be the closest person to special A-A-Classdventurer at the moment.

  The lone adventurer who dove into dungeons all by herself and rose to the rank of A-A-Classdventurer. She made a name for herself by acquiring the Flaming Sword Flamberge.

  “A total of five magical tools that reduced damage, reduced impact, double my arm strength, and many more. I learned my lesson the last time I dove in Demon Territory and bought a bunch of stuff, but I didn’t need it.”

  There was no one beside her anymore.

  There was no one to restrain her.

  The adventurers that the adventurer’s guild grouped with her as a leash were already gone.

  She was alone in the huge forest, surrounded by huge trees and a huge lake.

  With a horrifying smile on her face, Rinkan began to walk.

  Then she spotted a group of baby orcs sipping water from the lake with their hands.

  They were probably orcs living in that orc village. The orcs in that village all wore something on their bodies. The little Orcs were no exception. They wore handmade crowns on their heads, probably woven from grass.

  “Hahahahaha! Let’s get started then! The supreme authority of the Adventurer’s Guild, Lengram-sama promised! If I get the credit here, he promised to promote me to Special A-Class! If that’s the case, defeating the Orc King with over a thousand Orcs and other monsters is not a bad idea!”

  “Bupi?! There’s a creepy faggot here!”

  Her silver bracelet shone dully as if to recognize the excitement of being a Special A-Class Adventurer.

  —Now, the battle to death began.

  —With a ferocious smile on her face, the A-Class Adventurer became a lone demon. The Kingdom of Hujack monsters was soon engulfed in flames.

  One of the four major alliances in the south, the Freedom Kingdom, located in the lower right corner of the continent, was a major city.

  He was the Guild Master of the Northern Headquarters of the Adventurers’ Guild, based in the dungeon city of Universe.

  With a mysterious magical eye named “Red Lotus Eye: Ultra Red,” there was an outstanding person who has reached the glory of being the third rank of S-Class Adventurer’s top runner, which only seven people were allowed to exist.

  In just a few years, he had risen to the top of the Adventurer’s Guilds scattered across the continent.

  And now, she was the number one young adventurer chosen by him to clean up the dungeons that grow in the Empire.

  “— So let’s go, Flamberge!”

  The wedge that had been set in place by the A-Class Adventurer was now broken.

  “There’s fire pi! Magic pi! I’m also a magician pi! I’m not like the orc wizard… it’s a human! I thought it was a monster!”

  Well then, let’s start the second battle.

  Let’s go fight against the opponent that spreads the huge flame.

  This time, the opponent was neither a monster nor a villain, but a lone adventurer.

  Originally, she was the one teaching the main characters in an anime.

  She was the A-Class Adventurer who taught Shuya, who was troubled by the power of the Great Spirit, how to use the powerful weapon.

  The first move was made by the adventurer who was to become Shuya’s fire master.

  “… Orc wizard? I’ve never heard that term before, but it’s fine. That’s okay, it’s just you. Now, bring the Orc King to me! Bring me the Orc King without anyone knowing and I’ll let these kids go! “


  This was an S-class dungeon that was recking havoc in the hometown of a certain princess.

  A semi-naked adventurer found a magical tool that spews out a fire that was rare in the world in Demon Territory, where demons walk around.

  With her partner, the flaming sword Flamberge, in tow, the A-Class adventurer stared at the summit, seeking more fierce battles.

  With the Orc King beheaded, the Orc village was the perfect way to gain the right to challenge the S class.

  Now, let’s raise the curtain for the second battle, which was tinted with a raging fire.

  The heatwave was so intense that it almost burned herself, but she couldn’t help but squirm.

  —Let’s start the fierce battle with adventurers wearing magical equipment that cannot be purchased even by Shuya.

  The battle took place in the depths of the Empire.

  In the monster-infested homeland of the Princess, the fight was not just against powerful monsters, but against the reassuring allies who have become the saviors in the anime.

  —But this was her story.

  She was not afraid of hot flames, be cold as ice, or fell in the dark darkness.

  But now they’re —

  “Orcs on meal duty! More food! Bring more and more! Buh!”

  “Slow is getting fatter and fatter! I’m no match for him… But I can’t have ten refills… Orc wizards eat a lot!”

  “Master Slow! Not “Master Slow”, but “Slow-sama”! Please stop! Your belly is so big now! You’ll go back to normal again!”

  “I’ll be fine! I can use a lot of magic when I gain weight! That’s what Alto Ange said! Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh! Oops, bring me the last refill, buh-buh-buh!”

  —The wind prodigy repeatedly had second helpings in the Orc village of the Empire.

  “Shuya! It’s a slime! I’ve never seen one before! It’s coming over here. What should I do?!”

  “Don’t make a fuss! You’re a dungeon novice!… Oh, Alicia is an F-Class Adventurer…Flame Arrow!”

  “Oh… it’s disappearing.”

  “The first rule of being an adventurer, gain knowledge! Don’t shout too much while diving in a dungeon! It’s like telling other monsters where we are…—I see you, I see you, I see you! I can see the monsters gathering when they heard you shouting!”

  “Here they come! So many slimes! Aaah, aaah, aaah!”

  “Oh! Don’t run away without me! —What? What’s with the crystal ball? Are zombie monsters in trouble? I mean, why is there a zombie soldier in this low-grade dungeon! Alicia! Don’t go that way!”

  —The fiery hot-blooded fortune-teller had no time to spare to earn some money.

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