Chapter 658: Birthday Banquet
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  Jing Yichen went to find Lu after he rushed back from B City.

  When she got to know that he was here, Lu understood that he was here to award her. In the beginning, she was meant to get nothing, because finishing Tang Shunian was her mission. But recently, she and Jing Yiran had been living a difficult life, so she asked Jing Yichen for some money.

  She had been living at the Jing Family before and ate her meals there too. The butler of the Jing Family would always get everything that she needed, including clothes and weapons, so she didn’t have to spend even a single penny. Also, Jing Zhongxiu always gave her monthly allowance so she never worried about money. When she started to live on her own, she realized how quickly money could be spent.

  The property management fees, alongwith the water and power expenses of the villa were quite a lot. In addition, she had to eat a lot and spend on bullets, guns and micro-bombs etc.

  Without money, she could do nothing.

  Jing Yichen gave her 5 million yuan without hesitation, which was the highest payment Lu had ever received as a killer.

  At around five, Jing Yichen returned home.

  Although he had numerous matters to handle, he postponed all of them without hesitation.

  There would always be things for him to deal with, and it was impossible for him to finish all of them. However, he needed to spare time for his wife and child during the evening.

  If he kept himself busy the whole time, the little guy would forget about him.

  After dinner, the family went for a walk by the seashore.

  Finally, they had no strangers following them and that made Shangguan Ning feel relaxed and she smiled more brightly than before.

  She happily taught her son how to identify the sea and the sailboats as well as colors of swimming rings and shells.

  Jing Yichen followed her with the baby pram, feeling satisfied and happy.

  It had been a long time since they freely went out to have fun. He had got way too many enemies who kept causing him trouble, and he had asked his wife and son to stay at home in case they ran into danger.

  Luckily, Shangguan Ning was a very understanding girl who never complained. And she did not always crave to have fun outside. Most of the time, she was sitting at home quietly and supporting him.

  Jing Rui was very curious about everything. It was all new to him. The little guy got quite excited by the wonderful things and kept giggling.

  The evening breeze was a bit cold. Fearing that Jing Rui would get unwell, Shangguan Ning did not let him stay out for long and went home happily with Jing Yichen.

  Jing Yichen said in a low voice as he saw them having fun by the seashore. “If you like it, then let’s have fun here every single day.”

  Shangguan Ning understood how he was feeling at the moment.

  She smiled, “We spent too much time at home this time. But if we are here every day, then it won’t be interesting enough. Ruirui is still young and too much exposure to wind would make him sick. When he grows a bit older, we can have more fun outside.”

  Shangguan Ning was telling the truth. She had been living by the seashore since childhood, and didn’t think that playing by seashore was too much fun every single day. But spending half a month indoors, being trapped for so long, she felt great to be among lively people and feel the breeze on her face.

  What was rare, was dear.

  Jing Yichen did not say a thing, but swore to himself that he was going to create a safe environment for his wife and son, so that they could play outdoors whenever they wanted instead of worrying about danger.

  Now, the next step would be to finish Yang Muyan.

  These two were his worst enemies, and had not stopped pestering his family. He had many other rivals who were out to get him, but none of them crossed the line. They only fought on the business field rather than getting family involved.

  Shangguan Ning was now back to her quiet and cozy life. Soon Jing Rui would turn 100 days old. The Jing Family held a large birthday banquet where many noblities attended the function and Jing Rui was the star of the evening.

  He was not intimidated at all and did not fear any of the strangers. Instead, he kept smiling at them and the guests praised him for being very smart.

  Jing Zhongxiu and Jing Tianyuan were both very glad to see such an heir of the Jing Family.

  But Jing Yichen was still as cold-looking as before. He did not like it when other people stared at his baby boy and hated it when Jing Rui’s hands were touched and caressed.

  The banquet lasted for a long time but Jing Yichen took his son away as if someone was out to steal his boy. That made Shangguan Ning feel quite helpless.

  She had never seen a father protecting his son in such a way, and the same went for the guests who got startled as well.

  Everyone liked playing with babies, and it was so unreasonable not to allow him to be touched.

  But those who were at the banquet shared a very close relationship with the Jing Family, so they knew Jing Yichen’s nature.

  Jing Rui was supposed to be out there only for a bit. Being young and as the heir of the Jing Family, he had to be well protected instead of being exposed to the public too much.

  Jing Yichen had always been under strict protection of Jing Zhongxiu, and his information was not revealed to the public. Very few people had known what he was like when he grew up.

  The banquet was quite lively. Zhao Anan, the Old Lady of the Zhao Family and Zhao Zhao were here and they were sharing the table with Zheng Jing and Zheng Lun.

  The Mu Family were sitting at the next table, where Grandpa Mu and his grandsons were all gathered. People kept toasting to Grandpa Mu, hoping to flatter him on this rare occasion. He was a legendary doctor who barely stepped out.

  Zhao Anan was eating distractedly as she kept glancing at the Mu Family. But Mu Qing was nowhere to be seen.

  Strange that Mu Qing was not here, when his entire family was.

  He and Jing Yichen were good brothers. Why was he absent on Jing Rui’s birthday banquet?