Chapter 442: [Extra] SSS-Class Barbarian (4)
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  “What about now?”

  “… Hmm?”


  “I’m amazed by how calm you are about this, Ssosia.”

  “Hmph! You look down on me too much, husband! I’m the Second Demon. I already knew from the beginning that I was your second love. I just didn’t know who the first one was.”


  My jealous, cowardly wife taking this situation with so much composure made me feel strange, but after hearing her reasoning, I understood.

  Her curse put her second in everything.

  Of course, that didn’t mean she was the second strongest in the world, but being second in her life was like fate.

  “So, what about now?” She asked again.

  Just as calmly, I replied, “I like her. You already know that, right?”

  But not because she was my first love. Rather, it was purely because of the time we spent together when she was still Trainee Teacher.

  Ssosia glanced at the proud Morality Teacher for a moment, pouting cowardly.

  “Don’t lie to me.”

  “Don’t you trust me?”


  Snorting profusely, she ate up her remaining black-bean-paste-filled fish-shaped bun.

  Afterward, amid our conversation, she stood up with a bag full of fish-shaped buns that she had ordered as extra.

  “I’ll be going now.”


  The obscene stingray popped out of a gap in space.

  “I’ll be back soon.”

  “… Hmph!”


  Ignoring the earthlings’ eyes, my wife turned around and returned to Fantasy.

  It made our surroundings a bit noisy, but no one directly meddled with us.

  That alone told me Earth had become accustomed to the concept of fantasy.

  “… Shall we walk for a bit, noona?”

  “Ah! Sure!”

  “Haha! Please speak comfortably around me. Like back then.”


  “Aren’t you on vacation?”

  Like Ssosia, I also acted without paying attention to the gazes around me.

  After all, they would forget us the moment we left.

  Like I did in the past.

  “… Huh.”

  “Well, we don’t have much time. Let’s go, shall we?”


  We followed the same route we took when she was still in college.

  It wasn’t even funny. I completely forgot about it, but wasn’t I on a date with my cowardly wife?

  Still, now I know.

  This wasn’t a trick done by a transcendent being like the Goddess of Destiny. And this wasn’t a coincidence either.


  This was just like how ants couldn’t see the entirety of a human body at a glance.

  “Back then, we walked along this famous street side by side.”


  “The only difference was…”

  I held her small hand tightly.

  Intimidated by my wife, she became withdrawn, but she was now gradually regaining her vigor.

  Still, deep hesitation lingered in her hand.

  I knew why.

  “If I had been a god back then, I’d probably have a little daughter by now that’s around the age of a college student, and she’d resemble Morality Teacher.”


  As soon as she heard my words, she blushed and visibly panicked.

  ã??A certain restless demonic god wants a certain righteous divine being to stop.ã??

  ã??A certain innocent goddess watches anxiously.ã??

  ã??A certain ignorant war god supports youth.ã??

  ã??A certain god hands out popcorn joyfully.ã??

  … What were they expecting?

  We walked in silence.

  We weren’t as loud and rowdy as the couples around us, but our tightly clasped hands were enough for us, just like in the past.

  Still, I couldn’t help but wonder if it felt different now that 30 years had passed.

  Even without words, I conveyed what I wanted to say only with my facial expression and eyes. No, Morality Teacher probably had the same thoughts I did.

  “We’re almost there.”


  The road might no longer be exactly the same as before, but we still managed to reach our final destination.

  The hotel where I stayed.

  I burst out in excitement when I saw this building during our school field trip, but now that I got another look at it, I finally realized how small and shabby it was.

  “Compared to President Kang Han Soo’s current house, of course, it’s shabby.”

  “Oh! Did my expression tell you what I had in mind?”

  “No. I just had a feeling.”

  Unlike in the past, her expression was brighter and no longer awkward.

  It had been a long time since I had been on such a quiet date.

  After all, I always started conversations by grabbing my opponent’s spine or pelvis.

  I wanted to go all the way to the hotel, but now that I was the Righteous GGG-Class Hero, I had too many responsibilities on my shoulders.


  I slowly released her hand, even though she didn’t seem to want to let go.

  “Hmm. So…”

  “President, may I ask for a favor?”


  “When someone bothers me again, can you be there for me once more?”

  My eyes widened.

  Morality Teacher, avoiding my gaze, looked so lovely both physically and mentally that I wanted to hug her tightly.

  I suppressed that urge, however, and answered with a smile instead.

  “… As many times as you need me to.”

  “Thank you.”

  ‘Come on, Kang Han Soo. Muster up the courage to tell her!’

  If I passed up on this chance due to lack of bravery, I could never call myself the GGG-Class Hero again.

  “I don’t believe in nor expect eternal love. But if we don’t do this right, our love won’t end in happiness.”


  “Please continue guiding me in the future, Morality Teacher.”

  “Of course!”

  “On that note, the secretary position…”


  “Well, then.”

  She didn’t change a bit.

  The same went for me.

  ã??A certain restless demonic god complains of frustration.ã??

  ã??A certain innocent goddess is very impressed.ã??

  ã??A certain ignorant war god secretly leaves.ã??

  ã??A certain sea god appears with a hot fish-shaped bun.ã??

  Even the noisy deities became silent.

  Just because my memories of the past, which were sealed because of my low rank, had returned, it didn’t mean I was no longer the GGG-Class Hero.

  Nothing had changed.

  “You applied for four nights and five days of vacation, right?”


  “Relax and take it easy. I’ll be going now.”

  “Are you going to be okay?”

  I knew full well what Morality Teacher was worried about.

  The incarnation of jealousy, Ssosia!

  My cowardly wife went home quietly as if nothing happened, but she’d be waiting for my return.

  That much was clear even without looking at it.

  “It’s okay.”

  If things started looking dire, I could just attack her pelvis.


  After returning home, I gave her plenty of love until she passed out and then quickly returned to the frontlines.

  As the Righteous Hero.

  I remembered Fugitive Senior’s words.

  “Your home should be peaceful.”

  He who couldn’t even protect his family had no business saving the world!

  An ordinary male ruled by the 11th finger saving the world?

  That was a joke even passing slimes would frown upon.

  If it were that easy to accomplish, anyone would’ve become a Hero by now.

  However, few understood that simple principle.

  “Do what must be done! Just please stop that horny Hero!”

  “The very person who defeated the Demon Lord himself has gone crazy!”

  “Please save my daughter from the clutches of that savage!”

  “How can he be so shameless?!”

  The universe was wide, and there were many Heroes.

  Summons, reincarnation, regression, resurrection…

  They appeared through different methods, but they had one thing in common: they started with fraudulent talent or unique skills.

  Simply put, they weren’t picked based on their personality.

  Controlling those who had become infinitely free after eliminating the Demon Lord’s threat was impossible.

  “This is Type B.”

  I categorized Heroes based on my experiences with them.

  Type A put their beloved colleagues on a leash and locked them up in deserted islands or dungeons.

  It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say they were born in Fantasy to mate.

  Type O insisted on the world belonging to them because they were the ones that saved it.

  Type AB had gone crazy because of how many spouses and children they had.

  Type RH refused to defeat the Demon Lord, their main goal, and instead enjoyed their freedom right from the beginning.

  There were also GL, BL, XXX, and XYY, but they all generally fell under the aforementioned five types.

  The one before me was type B.

  If not dealt with early, he was most likely to transition to becoming Type AB after indulging himself in his fantasy.

  “As expected of someone like you.”

  Biologically, females were often Type A, while males were Type B.

  Unable to tend to the complaints of all the handsome men they had collected, female Heroes were forced to make the extreme choice of confining their companions.

  Meanwhile, male Heroes considered their ability to impregnate several beauties at the same time by themselves an overwhelming advantage, which was a manifestation of Type B.

  O had an equal ratio of men and women, and AB, an advanced version of B, was dominated by men.

  A lot of females were also Type RH since they didn’t desire barbaric battles.


  Just thinking about them hurt my head, so I decided to skip explaining them!

  “Ugh! This smell is disgusting.”

  It wasn’t hard to find the active Type B Heroes on rural planets since after defeating their sworn enemy, the Demon Lord, those who belonged to that category often began to move out in the open, knowing full well no one could put a stop to them anymore.

  He gathered all the beauties he had collected through his adventures in a spacious, luxurious mansion and diligently produced the next generation.




  And numerous pregnant women were silently watching his frenzy with emotionless eyes.

  There was no need to ask whose seed they carried.

  There was only one man in this place, after all.


  “Ugh, ahhhh~”

  Tap tap tap.

  The sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed throughout the quiet garden.

  Bold outdoor play? No, they were the only ones in this area. Hence, to him, there was probably no difference between indoors and outdoors.

  Well, that reduced the time it would take for me to search for him by one second, at least.


  “Who are you? You must have a death wish—Keugh?!”

  “Haha! I’m Hero A! As I conveniently passed by your home, I decided to pay you a visit. It won’t be a problem, right?”


  “Thank you for your warm hospitality!”

  I greeted him with the Righteous Hero’s smile, which could make even the most arrogant beauty bow down before me.

  Oh, no!

  My hand slipped, causing me to accidentally put more strength into my grip.


  “Oh my god!”

  Type B Hero died in vain due to a minor accident, so I decided to clean up his mess.

  There was no need to worry, however. I was the Righteous GGG-Class Hero, after all.

  I was an expert in cleaning up messes.

  “I can guess why you young ladies rejected the courtship of many handsome men and married him instead.”

  “I truly loved him…”

  “If you don’t truly understand your reality and the situation you’re in, please keep your mouth shut.”


  “Where was I? Oh, yes. Marriage! You must have given your body and soul to this Hero in anticipation of familial glory and powerful descendants. But as you can see, he’s already dead. That’s why I offer you an alternative.”

  I handed out the contract I had prepared in advance to the deceased Hero’s wives, then explained its contents.

  “This is an application for admission to the Fantasy Institution, which specializes in nurturing Heroes.”




  “You can enroll your child, which will be born later, or you can enter the school yourself. Doesn’t it sound appealing?”

  Yesterday, today, tomorrow…

  As the Righteous GGG-class Hero, I continued to run my own business to nurture and train my juniors into becoming excellent Heroes!