Chapter 334: The Great Warring Period (15)
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  “I can’t just agree to that!”

  “We are just trying to receive a blessing……”

  Two men sitting opposite each other raised their voices .

  “As I said, if you’re looking for a blessing, move your camp and receive it near the border of our empire!”

  The person who had a louder voice of the two, was a youth with a tough, sturdy body . He, who had thick impressive eyebrows and a tall nose, was none other than the seventh imperial prince of the Estia Empire, Moyce Ron Estia .

  “That will be us being impolite to the Church and His Holiness . ”

  Sitting on the other side of the table was Viscount Nile Allen of Lucia Empire’s troops, wearing an awkward expression . He was here in the stead of Count Hail Crew, who was left behind in the Church, and was having a negotiation with Moyce .

  “Hulhulhul . The two of you are very stubborn . ”

  That was when a strange sound of laughter escaped . The owner of the laugh was Pope Beldrica, who was sitting down at a place slightly further away from Moyce and Nile .

  Despite the smile on his lips, his cunning expression was full of irritation .

  ‘Disgusting . Having a war of nerves for three days straight……’

  Beldrica placed his right hand on his forehead . Three days ago, the Estia forces under Moyce had a dispute against the Lucian army, which had settled down in the surrounding regions of the Church .

  Beldrica had quickly organised the divine regiments and the Holy Knights to end their dispute . He didn’t like how his secret weapon – the divine regiments – had to be mobilised but it was an unavoidable decision made in case something extreme might occur .

  As soon as the war ended, Beldrica summoned the representatives of the two armies . Moyce Ron Estia was the representative of the Estia Empire, while the Lucian army had Viscount Nile Allen as its spokesperson .

  Ever since they had first met, the two of them raised their voices and were having a war of nerves, and that had been continuing for three days .

  Meanwhile, Beldrica couldn’t even return to the Church and had to stay in a temporary tent while pacifying the two parties . Quite obviously, the situation didn’t flow the way he wanted it to .

  ‘I can’t stay here trying to please these guys forever . ’

  He didn’t want to continue living in this uncomfortable and dirty tent . Besides, he didn’t want to keep the divine regiments exposed either .

  ‘Since I’ve been diligently giving prayers for the past three days, I’ll have the Lucian army leave soon……’

  Before he could finish his trail of thought .

  “Your Highness Moyce . Emet is here . ”

  Viscount Emet Zerom was one of Moyce’s close subordinates and was originally someone who undertook the position of a commander of one of the provincial armies .

  Moyce lowered his head slightly at Beldrica and Nile, before turning to the entrance of the tent .

  “Come in . ”

  In response to his words, Emet who likewise had a sturdy build appeared .

  He walked up in quick steps and whispered in an extremely soft voice into Moyce’s ears . The man’s attitude was so secretive that no-one could hear what he was saying despite lifting their senses up .

  “Hmm . ”

  On the other hand, Moyce made a slight frown after hearing the story and soon gave a short mutter . He then casually waved his left hand and Emet left the tent after lowering his head once .

  “Did something bad happen?”

  Beldrica gave a careful question after glancing at Moyce’s expression . Moyce tapped the table a few times with the tip of his finger in contemplation before shooting out of his seat .

  “It seems that something has occurred at the palace . ”

  He sounded urgent .

  “At the palace?”

  Wearing a frown, Beldrica asked, but Nile on the other hand made a strange, unreadable expression . Moyce looked at Beldrica before turning his head around to Nile .

  “Apparently, the Amaranth has sent a suicide squad . ”


  As if that was the last thing they had expected, Beldrica and Nile let out gasps at the same time . Moyce soon let out a short sigh .

  “I’ll fall back for the time being as it is urgent, but the Lucian Empire, please leave within two days . This is my final warning . ”

  Nile remained silent in response, and Beldrica replied in his stead .

  “You can leave with haste without worrying about that . If it’s a suicide squad sent by the Amaranth, it won’t be easy . ”

  “Yes . Then let me take my leave……”

  After quickly lowering his head, Moyce quickly left the tent . His distancing back appeared extremely rushed .

  “Huu . ”

  Making a bitter smile, Beldrica heaved out a deep sigh .

  ‘I was lucky . ’

  Thanks to the Amaranth suicide squad appearing at the opportune timing, the seemingly endless war of nerves between the two empires had finally come to a close . Beldrica turned to Nile with a bright smile .

  “Since the Estia army has returned to the Imperial Capital, Regium, there’s no need for a further dispute . ”

  “I apologise for the trouble . ”

  Wearing an apologetic expression, Nile lowered his head and Beldrica let out a strange laugh in response, telling him to not worry .

  “Hulhulhul . It’s fine . It’s fine . In fact, I was greatly moved by the faith of the people of Lucia . Attempting to get a blessing even at the cost of a fight…… I was deeply moved, not as the pope, but as a believer of the Devesis Church . ”

  Hearing that, Nile wordlessly lowered his head down . Underneath, where Beldrica’s eyes did not reach, Nile’s expression crumbled .

  ‘Must have been deeply moved by the disgusting bribes, not our faith . Hmph . ’

  It was nauseating, but he couldn’t show it on his face .

  That was when Beldrica’s voice reached his ears .

  “In any case, the blessing for the Lucian army is at its final stages and it will be troubling to have more problems with the attack so……”

  His eyes flickered in a strange light .

  “Isn’t it about time to head for the Amaranth Kingdom……?”

  Nile immediately nodded in response .

  “Actually, I had been thinking of leaving soon, because I was worried that we were causing too much trouble for Your Holiness . It’s just that our empire has our honour and it was thus a bit difficult to finish the war of nerves with Prince Moyce . ”

  Beldrica nodded as if he could understand where Nile was coming from . Then, Nile continued his words with a slight excitement evident in his voice .

  “Since Prince Moyce has left first, we will organise the ranks ourselves before leaving . ”

  As soon as his words came to an end,

  “Hulhulhul . So everything has been taken care of peacefully . ”

  Beldrica gave claps with a burst of strange laughter .

  He appeared genuinely happy .

  ‘Disgusting old man . ’

  Nile found it difficult to keep staring at that and quickly lowered his head .

  “Then I’ll get going . ”

  “Yes . I wish for the blessing of God Devesis to be with you and the Lucian army . ”

  Giving light words of blessing, Beldrica nodded his head as Nile left the tent with a faint smile .

  “Hulhulhul . ”

  Left alone inside the tent, Beldrica let out another strange noise and rubbed his two hands . When the cause of the biggest headache was solved, he was naturally put in a good mood .

  However, that didn’t mean that he had nothing to do .

  “Go to the Imperial Palace . There is a need to check whether Moyce’s words are true or not, and carefully observe the movements of the Lucia army as well . ”

  Beldrica murmured to himself, with no-one apart from himself visible inside the tent .

  But it was then .

  “Your wish is my command, Your Holiness . ”

  A low, heavy voice dug into his ears and Beldrica continued with his strange waves of laughter while taking a deep breath in .

  “Hulhulhul . Things are getting very interesting……”

  He formed a tight fist . It felt like the entire world was in his hand .

  Foolishly enough, Beldrica thought that everything was flowing the way he wanted it to . Amongst the stupid humans, Beldrica was the stupidest of all .


  After leaving Beldrica’s temporary tent, Nile quickly returned to the Lucian army’s encampment . He carried his feet to the middle tent which the grand commander, Count Crew Hail, had been using .

  When he entered the tent after pulling the fabric entrance to a side, he found familiar and unfamiliar faces inside .

  “Ohh! General Allen . ”

  Running up and welcoming him was the owner of a familiar face, Crew Hail . He walked up with quick steps and grabbed his hands .

  “General Allen . You have done a great job . ”

  “No, it’s nothing . Sir Count has suffered more than I have . ”

  Nile shook his head with a faint smile . When he soon looked at the unfamiliar faces located at the back, Crew walked off to one side and pointed at his company .

  “This here is Viscount Reil Baker of the Amaranth Kingdom . That person over there is Mister Clyde who has helped greatly behind the shadows with this task and that’s……”

  His hand pointed at a skinny old man .

  “He is the godfather of His Majesty Roan Lancephil, Sir Io Lancephil . ”

  “Hmm . ”

  Nile let out a low mutter .

  ‘Seeing Prince Moyce leave, I did assume that things had been taken care of but……’

  Directly facing Io, whom he had only heard through stories, made his heart beat fast for no reason .

  ‘With this, the shackles that had been grabbing at Roan Lancephil’s feet have disappeared, huh . ’

  Letting out a deep breath, he lowered his head at Io .

  “I am Nile Allen of the Lucia Empire . An honour to see you . ”

  Nile also knew of the kindness Io had shown to Roan, who had been a mere spearman . The current Roan Lancephil only existed thanks to Io’s great insight .

  ‘Plus his loyalty that made him dash into the Church on his own accord for Prince Simon…… he truly is a great character . ’

  It was when his thoughts reached that point .

  “I heard that you have had a hard time due to this useless old man . Thank you very much . ”

  Io gave a deep bow . Nile was startled and soon lowered his back once again . He hadn’t been expecting Io, who had a lot more fame and age, would be acting this polite .

  ‘I was wondering where Roan Lancephil’s modest attitude and words were from……’

  Nile was once again in awe .

  “We better stop the greetings around here and get moving . ”

  Crew chimed in in order to organise the situation . The fact that Nile came back meant that Beldrica would be returning to the Church soon .

  “General Allen . Are the preparations ready?”

  In response, Nile gave a nod with a smile .

  “We can depart whenever required . ”

  “Good . Let us move before the Church can . ”

  As soon as Crew’s words ended, Nile gave a short salute .

  “Yes sir . The Lucia Empire’s army shall depart . ”

  He then left the tent with quick steps and seeing that, Clyde asked with a cautious voice .

  “But is there a need to go to such lengths? I think it would be better off for us to just attack the divine regiments and the Church right now……”

  Standing off to the side, Reil shook his head in response .

  “Mister Clyde . That’s not that good of an option . First, it is unclear whether the currently present divine regiment is the entirety, and second, for the upcoming days, it is crucial to reduce the damage done to the Empire’s army as much as possible . We need to avoid simple frontal battles . ”

  Crew continued from his words .

  “And for Prince Moyce as well, we must take a step back for some time . ”

  A strange smile appeared on his lips . Clyde, who had a quick brain, soon understood his words and nodded . Crew looked at everyone before giving a gentle clap .

  “Now! Should we have some fun now?”

  Faint excitement could be sensed behind his words .

  Soon, the Lucian army with Crew and Nile in the lead, left their encampment and set off . But for some reason, the direction they were headed to, was south, instead of northeast .

  Their incomprehensible charge was carried out in haste .


  The sounds of horse hooves echoed noisily .

  At the same time, the Church’s main building had likewise become noisy .

  “You fools!”

  Throwing a plate of fruits, Beldrica screamed . He, who had never lost his rationality no matter how angry he got, shouted out profanities with a reddened face .

  “Damn it!”

  “S, sorry sir!”

  Cardinals, great priests and priests lined up before him with their heads facing the ground . They all seemed frightened, as their bodies faintly trembled .

  Beldrica slammed the ground with his foot .


  Along with a thud, a hole was made on the floor . It was an immense strength that usually would not belong to an old body like his .

  “Bring me Crew Hail, that little rat right now! Bring me the damn Lucian Empire bastards!”

  His polite speech had similarly vanished . The reason Beldrica was this mad was because he found out that Crew had saved and escaped with Io, only after returning to the Church .

  It was then .

  “Your Holiness!”

  The ornamented gates were shoved open, as a Holy Knight dashed into the audience room . With a rushed expression, he placed one of his knees down onto the ground .

  “The Lucian army left their encampment!”


  Beldrica gave an immediate reaction .

  He was greatly mad . Nonetheless, there was no worry or fear behind his tone, and after collecting his breath, he calmly asked back .

  “And the direction of their troops?”

  “It’s south!”

  The Holy Knight quickly replied .


  Beldrica frowned .

  ‘It’s not the Church, and they’re not attacking the rear of the crusaders either?’

  He bit on his parched lower lips .

  ‘South, as in that they are returning to the Lucia Empire? If that’s not the case……’

  In that instant, his eyes were shot wide open .

  ‘Imperial Capital Regium!’

  Currently, the imperial capital of the Estia Empire had a relatively weaker defence due to their army having left as a part of the crusaders .

  ‘If the Lucian army attacks Regium now……’

  It was possible for the Church to lose its strongest support .

  ‘Don’t tell me that the thing about the Amaranth suicide squad was also planned by Crew Hail?’

  Everything, then fit together like a puzzle .

  “Damn it!”

  Another profanity left his mouth after realising that he had been completely played by Crew’s prank .

  Beldrica bellowed from the depths of his lungs .

  “Summon all the remaining Holy Knight Squads of the Church! We will chase after the back of the Lucian army alongside the divine regiment!”

  It was a cold voice .

  “Yes, yes! Yes sir, Your Holiness . ”

  Cardinals and priests lowered their heads . They dared not disobey his orders .

  “In that case, would you be personally giving them punishments, Your Holiness?”

  When one of the cardinals carefully asked a question, Beldrica shook his head with a cold smile .

  “No . There is someone I need to see . ”

  “Yes? Who could it be, in a situation like this……”

  The cardinals all stared at Beldrica in surprise while the cold smile hanging on Beldrica’s lips became a level thicker .

  “Seventh Imperial Prince of the Estia Empire, Moyce Ron Estia . ”

  A cold voice, as chilling as his expression escaped his lips as a ferocious aura left his body . However, the actual words that escaped through his red lips was a foolish statement .

  “I will join hands with him . ”

  Beldrica, was still in the palm of Roan’s hand .

  End .

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