Chapter 931 - Flame of Wisdom
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  Li Nianfan’s words cause Yang Jian’s doubts to disappear, wiping away Madman Chu’s will.

  Comparing the selfishness of an individual to the good of all, anyone could naturally see which was the better choice.

  “Lord Saint, I even brought a lamp over,” Yang Jian took out the lamp they found in the battlefield.

  The ancient lamp was full of oil stains, and really showed its age. The little cinder of flame within flowed with the wind, looking like it would disappear at any moment.

  Yang Jian said, “The lamp has been burning for a very, very long time, and has never been extinguished. It’s just that the flame has weakened a lot.”

  “It’s that amazing? Could it be an everburning lamp?” Li Nianfan was surprised as he curiously looked at it.

  The fact that Yang Jian said it had been burning for a long time meant it definitely must have. It had probably burned for thousands or even tens of thousands of years.

  That immortal was so polite, giving him something back just to answer a question. It would be really interesting if it really was an everburning lamp.

  Li Nianfan held the lamp in hand, and looked inside. He noticed that the oil was almost finished in the bottom of the flame. However, the oil inside was no ordinary oil. It was incredibly viscous, looking even solid.

  He smiled slightly, “No wonder the flame weakened. It doesn’t have much oil left.

  Li Nianfan might not have oil lamps, but… he had oil. It was one of the first gifts from the system. To Li Nianfan, the oil was completely useless anyway. What was the point of oil without a lamp? Even with a lamp, he did not need it at all.

  Even though the oil was different from the one in the lamp, Li Nianfan decided to try it out first. After all, it was still a reward from the system.

  “Wait here for me, I’ll go look for some oil,” After Li Nianfan said that, he stood up and headed to the storeroom.

  Daji and the others looked at Li Nianfan with looks of anticipation on their faces. Was Li Nianfan finally going to make a move again?

  “This lamp is something that was left behind during the war against the gray mist back then. It was something the supreme beings pout their lives on the line to protect. Can the expert really light it up a again?” Yang Jian mumbled excitedly. He might not know what the lamp represented, but he knew that it was something special. He naturally wanted to protect it.

  Daji said, “Since he’s making a move, of course it’s possible!”

  “Sister Daji, have you felt it? The Wisdom around the courtyard feels livelier ever since the lamp came here.”

  Fire Phoenix’s eyes were fixed on the lamp as he said seriously.

  “Woof, it feels like the future path is being illuminated. The fire within this lamp must be the Flames of Wisdom from legend. As long as this fire doesn’t die, Wisdom won’t stop. It will show the way for countless cultivators.”

  Blackie walked over with a box in its mouth. It placed the box next to the flame.

  The next moment, something that shocked everyone happened.

  The box’s gray mist suddenly started to churn around intensely. The gray mist from inside the box started to flow out onto the flame, turning into a clear smoke as it dispersed…

  They could all clearly feel that the corruption had been cleansed after being burned by the Flames of Wisdom!

  Yang Jian excitedly said, “So this is the method to cleanse the gray mist behind the golden lake. The lamp really can cleanse the gray mist!”

  “No, Blackie, hurry up and take that box away. The Flame’s getting smaller and smaller from the gray mist!” Nanan suddenly cried out as she threw the box aside.

  “So the Flames of Wisdom and the gray mist oppose each other. Not only can the Flames of Wisdom cleanse the gray mist, the gray mist is also able to extinguish the flame! Lord Dog, you almost caused a disaster!” Qin Manyun said apprehensively. If she and the rest had not seen what was happening and just placed the gray mist next to the flame, the results would have been horrifying.

  “The protectors. So the protectors had put their lives on the line to protect the Flames of Wisdom.”

  Yang Jian thought about how intense the battle had been, and could not help but feel a sense of respect. They had used their own undying bodies to protect the last of the flames.

  “Woof woof, I just thought that they were related. I didn’t know that would happen,” Blackie cried out.

  At the same time, next to the golden lake, Little Fox’s aura was still fluctuating within the chessboard. She could clearly feel that she should be able to break through to becoming a supreme being, but she was restricted by the broken down world, and forced back. The person who set the chess board was not someone a normal supreme being could even compare to. His chess Dao continued circulating around beneath Little Fox’s feet. The chess board was incredibly eyecatching.

  He wanted to help Little Fox stabilize within he supreme being realm!

  In the hidden realm, the battle continued. The quiet battlefield waas once again filled with spells. Everyone’s bodies had at least exploded apart once, but they were all Wisdom Dictators. Their lifeforce was terrifying, and they could reform their bodies in a flash.

  “I, Xiao Chengfeng, hate those who move in the dark the most. Eat my blade!”

  Xiao Chengfeng’s moustache flew as he continued staring at Bai Piao. The Sky Melting Sword had a murderous red aura to it. Xiao Chengfeng unleashed a terrifying slashed right between Bai Piao’s legs.

  “Taking away the seeds. Piercing the eggs in one slash!”


  My eggs!”

  Bai Piao let out a cry of agony as the terrifying sword aura pierced through his balls. It had incredibly destructive energies, and the shattered eggs were sent within his body.

  He hurriedly activated his lifeforce, trying to recover his body. At that moment, he suddenly felt like he could no longer move!

  It was not just him.

  Everyone else as well.

  Everything around them suddenly turned quiet!

  They noticed that, at some point, many intersecting lines had formed beneath their feet. They stood in between the lines, feeling like they had become chess pieces!

  No, it was not that they felt like chess pieces, they were actually chess pieces!

  A terrifying aura suddenly pushed down on everyone’s hearts. They had no way to fight back against it, and were forced to submit to being moved around.

  Right after that, a massive hand formed in the skies, reinforcing the point that they had become chess pieces. That hand could casually move them around, determining their fate.

  “Everything under the heavens is a chess piece, and the fate of everything can be moved! This is… a supreme being in the chess Dao!”

  “Another supreme being appeared. What a strong force. We can’t even move.”

  “No, this hand isn’t targeting us, but the entrance… Is it targeting the chess board?!”

  “There must be a huge secret in the chess board!”


  They might not be able to say anything, but their hearts could still speak. They were incredibly shocked.

  The person in the most pain was Bai Piao.

  His balls had just been shattered by Xiao Chengfeng when he stopped being able to move. Not only did he maintain his stance, the most important thing was that the only thing restricted was his movement. His injury was not stop.

  His balls were not just flowing within his blood, but Xiao Chengfeng’s destructive sword intent as well. He felt that, if he did not hurry up and stop standing in that stance, he would quickly die…