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  Cayenne thought she was just thinking too much and that everything was just her imagination because she was so concerned for Rissy's welfare. She checked on Chris' social media account and found that what happened last night was true. Hundreds of congratulatory messages were left below the pictures of their intertwined fingers.

  Some people were asking them when the wedding will be and some were asking if Rissy was doing better. There were so many people who were happy for them especially after knowing what hellish accident Rissy went through. On the comment section, Cayenne found that most of the people who expressed their well-wishes first were Rissy's former students.

  The reason why they were able to congratulate them first was because of Luiz. Before the pictures were posted, he already sent a bunch of information and photos in their group chat. The students were just waiting for the official news in either account – from their teacher or from their teacher's boyfriend – now fiancé.

  "Are you done reading the news? Come and take a shower now. You will be late for your class."

  "Give me a sec." Cayenne got off the bed, arranged the bedsheet and blanket before running to the shower room.

  "I have prepared your clothes. I'll downstairs to prepare breakfast for you."

  Cayenne's voice was muffled from the shower room but Stefan was still able to get her reply clearly. "Thanks, love." That's what she said.

  And once again, her life went on like how it should be. Stefan accompanying her to school; sometimes waiting for her right outside her classroom and sometimes inside his car. During her vacant time, she'd call Marian and ask how she was doing.

  While she was busy doing her own things, Stefan was also busy communicating with Luiz and the event organizer. He didn't want any problem to occur during her birthday. She didn't even know that Stefan already asked the school for two days leave of absence. Thinking it was still about her health, the faculty agreed and reminded Stefan to take care of his wife. They didn't know that he asked for leave because he was taking her for a vacation.

  On Wednesday night, Noah and Faith received a message from Stefan, telling them to come tomorrow for Cayenne's birthday. The two of them knew that Cayenne's birthday was coming but they didn't expect to receive the message from Stefan. Nonetheless, the two of them promised that they'd come at the mentioned time.

  Cayenne really thought that she won't be having a birthday party because she was thinking that she'd celebrate it overseas with her friend. Without her knowledge, Stefan was already inviting people to come over. He invited his maternal relatives but they only promise to come once the Dumrique family leaves. He also invited Cayenne's biological father, Reuben, along with his wife, Ingrid. Of course, the Madrid and Madrigal family wouldn't be missing from the list of guests.

  When Thursday came, she woke up in groggy state while feeling the other side of the bed with her hand. She felt it cold and suddenly opened her eyes. "Is this guy getting back at me?" She asked herself while closing her eyes again. Stefan was no longer there on their bed. "He must be getting back at me after what I did in the past. Hmp! You're sleeping outside our room tonight." She noted to herself, as if she was sleep talking.

  The door softly creaked and she could hear the faint footfalls on the floor. "It's my birthday today but you chose to get out of the bed while I'm asleep." She mumbled without looking at her husband. She heard a soft thud on the bedside drawer which made her peered at him. "What are you doing?"

  "I woke up early to cook longevity noodles for you."

  "Really?" Cayenne instantly sat on the bed and shifted her position to look at him. "Morning hug." She said, opening her arms to him. "And kisses."

  "Oh? You're offering yourself to me?" Stefan teased while hugging his wife happily.

  "Just this once because you make a longevity noodles for my birthday."

  "Will I get the same treatment if I make noodles even if it's not your birthday?"

  "No, you won't. Stop dreaming."

  "As expected." Stefan's retort was accompanied with faint chuckles. "Happy birthday my dear wife. I wish for us to stay blessed and happy for more years to come in your life. I will continue to do my best to keep you and our family safe."

  "And give me children."

  "Ah? I'll make that wish once you turn twenty-five."

  "Hmp! I can't really trip you up." After hugging for quiet sometime, Cayenne ate the noodles slowly as she could without cutting it. As soon as she was done, she went to the bathroom to take a shower, thinking that she'd be going to the university.

  "You won't be going to school today. I asked your teachers for leave and they agreed. We will be going to the mall again because we will have to buy some things for our trip overseas."

  "Can't we buy them abroad?"

  "They'd be quite expensive there."

  Cayenne rolled her eyes at him and snorted. "Really? You are telling me this reason now? Why didn't you think about the prices when we buy matching stuff?"

  "Money is out of the question for those things." Stefan replied immediately which made Cayenne smile in helplessness.

  "Fine. Let's do whatever you want."

  When she opened her phone, she received birthday messages from friends and acquaintances. When they came out of their bedroom, the helpers as well as the guards greeted Cayenne for her birthday. Jonas greeted her, too. As for Luiz and Kyle, none of them greeted her a happy birthday early in the morning. Luiz greeted her around noon and Kyle greeted her in the afternoon. She thought that they were too busy to remember her birthday so, she didn't bother herself with it.

  "Do we need to buy so much stuff?" Cayenne asked Stefan while roaming inside the mall. They've been checking store after store and still didn't find the thing that he wanted to get.

  "Let's take a look a bit more. Also, Kyle and Luiz sent some things that they wanted me to buy."

  "Why didn't they send the list to me?"

  "Because they knew that you wouldn't buy it for them. You'd think it's a waste of money. Let me spoil my brothers-in-law while we have no kids."

  Cayenne knew that he was right. She would most-likely scold her brothers for asking her to buy things that she thinks were too expensive. Unlike her who thinks too much before buying an item, her brothers prefer Stefan even more because he would just buy whatever those things were as long as he got money to buy them.

  In truth, Kyle and Luiz didn't send him anything. Stefan was just using this random excuse to spend more time inside the mall. "Let's take a rest first." Stefan told Cayenne while looking around to find a café where they can relax for the time being.

  Cayenne looked at him but she didn't say anything. Somehow, she got the feeling that he was lying to her about something but she couldn't tell what it was…… "You better not be up to something strange or I will never let you inside my room."