Chapter 569 - AFTER FIVE YEARS...
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  Cayenne got inside the house. It was huge and even though it was quiet, the house didn't look life less. There were many paintings hanging on the wall and there were pictures of the nature as well. There were many books stuck in the shelves and there were flowers on the coffee table.

  They continued walking and reached the patio at the back of the house where a beautiful flower garden can be seen. And there saw the woman that she missed for a very long time.

  "En-en." Marian muttered when she saw Cayenne standing at the threshold of the patio and the house.

  "Bubby." Cayenne whispered and ran towards the woman in front of her. "Bubby." She mumbled again while hugging one of her best friends. "I missed you so much. I really, really miss you." She uttered without letting go of Marian.

  The two women hugged each other for a long time, their tears falling on their faces and wetting their clothes but none of them seemed to have plans of letting go. They cried and cried, making Veronica cried in happiness as well. In all the years that she's been with Marian, she heard so many things about Cayenne. She even went to City A to accompany her young miss just to check her best friend. But she never once appeared in front of her because she felt self-conscious with her look and her fragile appearance. And after fiver years, they finally met each other again.

  After almost ten minutes of hugging and crying, the two of them finally let go of each other and Veronica gave them a box of tissue. "I'll be in the living room. Just call me if you need something."

  "Hn." Marian nodded her head while wiping away her tears. "I'm so happy to see you again."

  "Me, too." Cayenne muttered while holding Marian's hands. "I'm so happy. I'm really happy." The tears that they tried so hard to stop were falling once again because of their reunion. "Why didn't you tell me anything earlier? What if you really couldn't go back here in the country? I'd be kept in the dark for a long time."

  "Right. How did you know that I'm here? How did you know about my illness?" Marian asked as she crumpled the tissue and threw it inside the small trash bin on the side of the couch.

  "I received your letters. I have read them. I found the safe deposit box and my husband asked someone to look for you as well." Cayenne cried while speaking, still not able to contain her emotions. "I felt so horrible for not knowing anything."

  "Shh. It's not your fault." Marian gently squeezed her best friend's hands. "I didn't tell you because I don't want you to be worried. You're already worrying about your mother and it would be troublesome if I add on to your burden."

  "How can that be?" Cayenne retorted. "Even if I worry about you, that didn't mean you're a burden."

  "Alright. I know you care for me. Let's be thankful that we've met again. That's all that matters. Tell me about your life so far. I want to hear about you."

  "Didn't you monitor me online?" Cayenne stated since Tristan also mentioned in his report that Marian had been paying attention to Cayenne's issues and even left comments whenever she can. That was why Stefan mentioned the name was familiar. He saw it when Cayenne was being scolded by the netizens on her issues before. She supported Cayenne even though she knew that her name will be drowned amongst thousands of names online.

  Cayenne started telling her what has happened when she stopped coming to school. She also informed her that her mother has died which made Marian felt sorry for her. But even so, happiness overcame the other negative emotions she was feeling. Cayenne lost so many things and opportunities in the past and that's really saddening but now, they knew that everything happens for a reason. She lost them in order for Stefan to fill in the missing pieces. She lost them in order for her to become stronger. She lost them because a better future was waiting for her.

  "When I heard that you're going out with Stefan Dumrique, I was really worried." Marian commented after Cayenne shared so many things and stopped at the point where she's happy of having Stefan in her life. "I was worried that you'd be cheated. I mean, everyone should be aware of his reputation and yet, you fell for him. But, who would have thought he'd become a wife's slave?"

  "Well, I thought he's that kind of person as well. I didn't even want to acknowledge that I like him because I was still having little feelings for Arthur that time but, when Arthur came, I realized I didn't have feelings for him. I realized that I fell in love with my boss who's really annoying sometimes. And lots of things happened but we're still together."

  "I'm so glad to hear that. Wait, you mentioned that you found my safe deposit box so, when are you going to Turkey?"

  "My husband will plan about that. I'm no longer leaving the house without him."

  "Well, you better be. After all that happened to you, I think having him by your side all the time is acceptable."

  As they continued to talk, outside the gate, John could no longer contain his doubt. He stepped out of his car and walked towards Stefan's vehicle. The guards immediately approached him and stopped him from moving forward. "Wait. I just want to talk to him." John stated while looking towards Stefan.

  "Let him come." Stefan ordered and the bodyguards immediately moved away from John. "What do you want?"

  "You lied to me, right?" John asked as soon as he got to Stefan's car window. "You're looking for Marian. You are Stefan Dumrique and your wife is Cayenne Dumrique. You are not acquainted with Mrs. Wyatt but your wife is Marian's best friend in senior high school. Marian is inside that house, right? The maid was lying to me."

  Stefan looked at him in the eyes for few seconds before shifting his eyes to the house in front of them. "Does it matter if we lied or not? Even if we're telling the truth, you won't still have the chance to get inside."

  John was stunned to hear the harsh yet truthful words. He knew that he's got no rights to see his ex-girlfriend but he didn't want to miss the lifetime of happiness if he gives up now. He still loves her.

  "Let me ask you a question, do you remember the promise you once told her?"

  "Hn. I have never forgotten it."

  "Then, when she showed up in the university, why didn't you greet her? When she showed you the fact that she still got the ring, why didn't you speak to her? When she went to your dorm and left in fear, why didn't you chase her? Why didn't you stay beside her when she needed you the most? The time she went to your dorm, that was the last straw for her…… You lost the person already. So, why cling to her now?"