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  "Young miss, that man isn't leaving." Marian's personal maid stated when she came back to the house. "He's really stubborn."

  "He'll get tired someday."

  "When is that day? He's been coming here for two months now. Even though I told him that you're not here, he won't leave at all. Well, he left sometimes but he'd come back like a boomerang. I don't know how to shoo him away anymore. I might hit him one day."

  "Just let him be. Just keep telling him that I am not here."

  "Young miss, I have a question if you don't mind."

  "I'm just thinking that you love this person – "

  "Loved, you mean?"

  "Oh! Loved. Past tense." The maid muttered. "So, you really have no feelings for him anymore?"

  "Feelings? I have thrown it away. What can my feelings do? Make him suffer with me? How many days I have left? Why should I bother with him when I am dying? There's no point having feelings for him. It's a waste of time and energy."

  "But in all honesty, you still love him, right?"

  Marian closed her eyes and sighed. "Go and cook something for lunch. I'm hungry."

  "I already cooked lunch for you. Shall I bring it here or do you want to eat at the patio?"

  "At the patio please."


  Marian stood up and looked outside the window once again. The car was still there and since the glass wasn't tinted, she could see him sitting on the driver's seat. "In another life, perhaps." She muttered before turning away to go out of her bedroom.

  The house she was staying was one of her parents' properties. She didn't want to live in the city anymore where pollution, noises and crowd could deteriorate her health even more. She wanted to be with nature and breathe-in the fresh air. She wanted to hear the birds singing and listen to the faint sound of the falls not far from where she lives.

  It's a rural area but that didn't mean it's not a poor place either. The people living there were mostly rich people who wanted to get away from the city life. There were many retired armies in the neighborhood and there were other people with health problems who stay there as well. Although she has neighbors, they were actually kilometers away from one another.

  It's different from other rural areas where people grow crops or raise animals. Her place was like a rural subdivision for rich people. Apart from the houses, all you can see were green trees, green bushes, flowers and whatever the nature can offer. It's similar to Cayenne's property in City B.

  "Young miss, what do juice do you want for lunch? Orange? Apple? Pineapple? Watermelon?"

  "I'll have watermelon." Marian answered. The maid left in a hurry back to the kitchen after she placed the dishes on the table at the patio. Few minutes later, she came back with two glasses of watermelon juice. "Come now and eat with me. Stop running around."

  "Yes, young miss."

  "Veronica, aren't you tired being with me?" Marian asked while looking at the food in front of her. "It must be tiring being with me."

  "Huh? What's there to be tired about?" Veronica questioned in return. "In fact, I'm glad that young miss brought me here."


  "Because I have lighter work. All I need to do is accompany you, make sure you eat and drink your medicine on time, cook your food, and clean our rooms. I don't have to wash clothes, clean the house or tend to the garden. Isn't it better? And you also allow me to read books?"

  "Have you saved money for yourself and your family?"

  "Yup! My brother will graduate in college next year. He's even looking for a job now."

  "When I'm gone, what plans do you have for yourself?"

  Veronica blinked her eyes several times trying to see if Marian was just joking. "Young miss, why are you asking me these questions?"

  Marian stopped eating and put down her spoon and fork. She looked at the tree not far from them and smiled faintly. "I don't want you to keep working as a maid just because you're used to it. It's obvious that I'm dying soon. When that time comes, I hope you can leave and do what you really wanted to do. You can go back to school or you can study in vocational classes. Find something better to do than being a housemaid."

  "I'm not a housemaid though. I am your personal maid. There's a difference and besides, I like helping you. It makes me feel like I'm a nurse or a doctor. I don't want to go back to school. It's a hassle."

  Marian didn't say anything anymore. In due time, she knew that her personal maid will be able to find something she'd want to do. Maybe it's not now but she knew that when she's gone, Veronica will leave their home. After all, she's the only tie that keeps this woman around.

  'I wonder what Cayenne is doing now? She's already married and I wasn't even able to congratulate her.'

  "Young miss, would you like to change your wig tomorrow?" Veronica asked after few minutes has passed. She's not really fond of being quiet during meal.

  "Tomorrow? No, let's not do it tomorrow. Let's do it when that guy leaves. I'm still okay with my wig now."

  "Okay. If you say so. I just thought you'd be bored with the same style after wearing it for more than two weeks now."

  "It's fine. I'm already glad that I have this. Besides, it would be troublesome if that guy finds out that I am here."

  The two of them continued eating and no one mentioned about the guy outside the gate anymore. Marian has steeled her heart. She has to. Over the years, she kept telling herself that she has given up and that she no longer loves him. And two years has passed, she still felt the same thing…… It's never easy to not love someone whom you love for over ten years.