Chapter 545 - CAYENNES GUESS
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  When Stefan raised this concern, Cayenne felt that the issue isn't really that huge but it surely impacted a lot of people for him to open up this matter. But since she's home and the media knew about it already, she realized that the issue doesn't involve her. There were only two things that came to her mind; either people discovered his interest towards Clarisse and exposed it or he made a mistake involving people in his work.

  Cayenne wasn't really sure which one was the issue and she didn't have her phone to check on her brother's account. Since her father and Ingrid came, she decided to set aside this issue and focus her attention on them. She was sill unknowledgeable of the current issue that Luiz was facing until she decided to cook lunch with Ingrid.

  Dalia was helping them wash the vegetables but since she didn't have any pocket and the apron she was wearing has no pockets, too. She placed her phone on the table. She forgot to turn it off so, when Cayenne moved around to get something here and there, she caught a glimpse of the current page that the young woman was reading.

  Knowing that it wasn't her phone, Cayenne didn't touch it to scroll down even though she was curious to know what it was all about. The first two sentences were enough for her to put two-and-two together and knew she guessed it right. She was just waiting for the right moment to talk with his brother and see if it was already resolved……

  "Since it's okay now, I won't ask you anymore. I'll just check on it later." Cayenne told Luiz who looked like he received the sickle of death from his sister. "Be careful next time. Don't let this happen again."

  "Aye! Aye! Captain." Luiz return his brother's phone and ran upstairs to get his own gadget. He wanted to see what was really happening now. Seeing that the actor already gave a public apology and seeing that many of the people plead for the guy to not lose his job, Luiz didn't give him a hard time. "I didn't say someone should be banned from the entertainment industry. I am just letting people know that I didn't steal anyone's girl or hook up with a stranger."

  He didn't care about the couple's issue. Either Gavin used Mica as a scapegoat or Mica used Gavin as a stepping stone, he didn't give a damn about their issue. They can deal with it however they like.

  Because of what Luiz posted, Gavin didn't lose his works. Luiz also gained several thousands of fans because of his big heart.

  Anyway, he wouldn't work with this man ever in his life.

  Cayenne and Stefan went back inside their room for her to see her things which Stefan retrieved after the investigation of her kidnapping. Her phone was already repaired with the same phone cover and it was the very first thing that she grabbed. "Thank goodness it's okay now. I was really worried when I stepped on it."

  "I'll guess why you're worried." Stefan replied with a helpless smile on his lips.

  "Go on."

  "You were not worried because of the files or the apps or the other things you stored inside it. You were worried for the possibility that I might buy a new phone for you instead."

  "Absolutely right!" Cayenne clapped her hands in applause. "You really know me."

  "Of course."

  Cayenne opened the phone and saw the same wallpaper that she used ever since she received this gadget. It was a picture of them together. "I miss this phone." she whispered while opening her gallery and her messaging app. "I'm so glad I have it back."

  "Don't I get a reward?"

  Cayenne smirked at him but she still stood on her toes and kissed his lips. "Thank you."

  "You're welcome." Stefan just smiled and caressed her face. "I placed your other items inside your bag."

  Cayenne walked towards the vanity mirror where the last bag she used was sitting on top of it. She opened it and saw her personal belongings inside. "Those abductors were all dumb. If they took my bag instead of me, they would have known that my things are much more valuable to them than I am to them. They could have sold these things and go to some other countries, far, far away from that insane old man."

  Stefan nodded in agreement. If they were just robbing Cayenne off of her things, Stefan would probably just let it go and just buy new things for his wife or look for those items and just buy them again from whoever received them. It would have been better. But then again, things have happened and they couldn't rewind it. There's no if in this world either. They could just swallow their regret and pent up frustration before moving on.

  Cayenne was still checking her things when Stefan hugged her from the back and slipped his hands underneath her shirts. "Hubby, what are you doing?"

  "Touching you."

  "Why are you touching me there? Keep your hands to yourself."

  "But I like touching you here."

  "Why are you so horny? We just did it last night and – " her words halted when she felt him kissing her on the back of her neck. "It's still early."

  "It's the best time. In that way, you can sleep early tonight. Anyway, it's Sunday tomorrow." Stefan whispered to her, caressing her neck and ears with his lips.

  "One round."

  "Let's make it two."

  "No, just one."

  "Okay." Stefan gave in to her before tilting her head to kiss her lips. Cayenne says one because she knew he'd make it two. If she said two, he'd make it three. She's be exhausted again. Stefan just grinned when he let go of his wife. He knew that she understood what he meant. "I won't wear any rubber again this time."

  "Sure. Sure. I don't mind. If I get pregnant it's my luck anyway."

  "Let's hope for your luck to arrive." Stefan stated, playing along with her even though he knew she won't get pregnant because of his calculation.

  While the two of them flirted, Ferdinand and Magnus were having a serious conversation back in the villa. They needed to deal with the annoying maggot before it grows and pester Cayenne and Stefan. The couple suffered so much already. They cannot allow them to face another danger.