Chapter 513 - CONCLUSION
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  Risking the fact that the National Satellite Defense Ministry might trace him, Tristan helped Stefan to get more information as he could. He didn't bother browsing the confidential information that the nation has. If they catch him, he can just wiggle his way to apply as their employee but as long as no one can track him, he will be fine.

  Even if he's the number one hacker in the world, that didn't mean he can't be traced. If all those intelligent brains worked together, they'd probably trace him in a month. Well, probably.

  Stefan can't act on his own in this matter now that he knew Cayenne was in the hands of her maternal relatives. Of course, he will do anything to get her back but he can't be reckless. For now, she might be safe and sound but if something goes wrong, the Rule family might dispose her. Stefan didn't want that to happen.

  Also, when he was watching the video earlier, unless he was wrong, in his eyes, Cayenne seemed so close with them. As if she didn't hate that family…… As if she lost her memories. Stefan didn't want to dwell on it, hoping that his conjectures were wrong.

  "I heard from Shein that Tristan successfully hacked the country's satellites. Have you found her?" Jillyanna asked Stefan over the phone. She had been worried since Cayenne was abducted but she remained calm and collected, knowing that being in state of panic won't help them resolve their problem.

  Stefan was currently standing at the floor-to-ceiling glass window, overlooking the city in front of him, watching the people walking to and fro below like ants crawling right under his feet. "I've found him but there's some issues."

  "Is she safe?"

  "As I can see, yes. However, I have doubts on some things. Also, I received an email today regarding my wife and I have a hunch of who the person might be."

  "I can ask Shein to help you check it. In that way, you can confirm the identity of the person."

  "I'd be glad to take his assistance. I'll send you a picture of the mail and the name of the courier. Give me a sec." Stefan fiddled with his phone, captured the lengthy poem with his camera and sent Cayenne the name of the courier who delivered the letter. "I'll expecting answer within the day."

  "Alright. I'll tell Shein to hurry up with his work. You take some rest, too. Yen won't be happy to know that you've been abusing your body."

  "You're nagging me again. You are really a perfect match for Travis."

  "Shut up!" Jillyanna ended the call but Stefan didn't sit back on his chair. Instead, he went out of his room to supervise Tristan with his work, wanting to see the information he got as soon as possible.

  Tristan moved his cursor and presented Stefan some of the information he got so far. "She's being monitored inside the house which means, they didn't fully trust her. Also, you might want to see this." He opened another folder and showed Stefan that his marriage record with Cayenne was erased not long ago.

  Stefan clenched his fist in anger but he didn't say anything. He was just staring into the computer while Tristan navigated something to appear on the screen. Ayena Rule, daughter of Amethyst Nile Rule, was registered in their family registry. It appeared to be registered a long time ago but with these forged documents, it's easy as ABC for Tristan to check on them.

  "Have you come up with the conclusion because I have mine already." Tristan stated without looking towards Stefan. His eyes and hands were still busy looking for more info.

  "Let me hear what you have in mind."

  "Cayenne probably lose her memory. I'm saying probably because there's a possibility that she's faking it. Second, since they believed that she lost her memories, they're planting some other ideas in her head and has changed her name. They're probably marrying her off to someone. That's what I have so far. Give me more minutes to gather everything."

  "I have the same idea in mind." Stefan responded. His voice was a little shaky but Tristan didn't comment on that. He knew how despairing this moment is just like how desperate he was to look for his fiancé back then. He was already late one time and paid the consequences, this time, he won't let Stefan down.

  "Don't worry. Their plan won't succeed as long as I am with you." Tristan stated with conviction and confidence. "I won't let your wife suffer anymore. Just wait for me to get everything and we can make plans."

  "Hn. I trust you to do that. Come to my office once you've got everything."

  "Yes, sir."

  Stefan went out and received a message from Shein. The whereabout of the person who sent the letter was now in his email and all he needed to do was get in touch with that person. He got inside his office, checked the email and found that his guess was actually right. The person who's behind the mail was Seiji Sy, the rival that he couldn't get rid off. Seiji may not be powerful in City A but his actually on par with Stefan. The man has a clean record as well or maybe, he was too good in hiding his mistakes.

  At the same time, since Cayenne treated him as friends and he helped Cayenne before, he didn't ask anyone to investigate him further. After this incident, he should ask someone to dig up his dirty secrets but, he went out of his way to inform Stefan of Cayenne's safety which means, he wasn't really that bad.

  "Or maybe, my wife didn't really lose his memory and is colluding with that guy to drag her maternal relatives down. But why does it have to be that guy? Hmp!" Stefan's worry lessened a bit but his jealousy skyrocketed to the highest level of atmosphere. "I'll definitely make him pay if he's done something inappropriate with her."

  Stefan sighed and closed his eyes. 'I really want to beat that guy.' He thought.

  In Seiji's office, he was thinking the same thing as Stefan. He wanted to beat him for not protecting Cayenne. "Well, I can't really beat him. The moment she agreed to marry him, I lost to him already. Sigh. Why do I even have to help them when all this caused me is heartache and endless headache?"

  "That's because you chose to love her even after knowing that she doesn't love you the way you do." Artemis commented while sipping some tea. "Anyway, I'll help as much as I could. Just make sure that I won't get implicated in all this. I don't want to be included in this family war. I just want to live my life in peace."

  "I always keep my words. Play your part and I will make sure to protect you."

  "You can count on me."