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  Stefan went home with so agony ripping his chest. He was angry and disappointed. He was anxious and frustrated. As soon as he came inside the villa, everyone stood up and looked at him.

  Earlier, when he left the house, everyone was playing some games in the living room thus; the saw him left with just a bathrobe on. What could make him leave looking like that? If not for Cayenne then, there's no one else.

  Now, they all stood there looking at him like a savage beast whose mate was abducted by human hunters. Luiz frowned and took several steps forward and grabbed the clothes that Stefan was holding.

  He may not have seen the clothes clearly this morning but he knew it was Cayenne's clothes because he saw her wash these clothes before. He knew it was his sister's.

  "Brother-in-law, why do you have my sister's clothes? What's the meaning of this? Where's my sister?"

  Stefan's body trembled in anger when he's questioned but it was directed to himself. He was angry that he wasn't able to protect his wife. "I'm sorry Luiz. I'm sorry Kyle. I'm sorry, Pa. I'm sorry, Dad and Grandpa. I'm really sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't protect her. I'm sorry."

  "What exactly happened?" Magnus asked his son. For the very first time after 15 long years, Stefan called him Dad genuinely but it was under such circumstances.

  "On her way to Justin's home, they met some people but base on what I heard during the call and what Arlene stated, it was a trap set specifically for her. The bodyguards were injured and Justin was also unconscious. They were brought to the hospital but Cayenne was abducted."

  "Why didn't you tell us?" Kyle interrupted in question. "You should have told us about it."

  "I wasn't sure. I was in a hurry to get to her. I was only thinking of getting her back and protect her but I was still too late."

  Luiz's legs wobbled and he slumped on the ground from the shocking news. His heart was beating so fast as if he was in a race with someone. His mind was making conclusions but he shook it off, still hopeful that she's not being mistreated.

  Things happened so fast that even after two hours, they still had difficulty in accepting this fact. But Luiz was holding Cayenne's clothes. It's obvious that they weren't having a nightmare.

  Stefan went inside his bedroom and cried. "Ayen." He sobbed quietly, not letting anyone hear him. The pain was reflected in his voice while he clutched on her pillow. "Wifey, where should I find you? What should I do now?"

  The news of Cayenne's abduction was reported immediately and many people were shocked of the news. Stefan even made a post, giving a huge sum of money to the person who can tell him where his wife is.

  Luna was currently baking some bread for her grandpa when she heard the news from Ali who called her. It was so sudden that she loosened her grip on the bowl and it fell on the floor – glass breaking and scattering the tiny pieces.

  "Lulu? What happened?" Ali called for her attention but Luna was already in a daze with tears blurring her vision. "Babe, don't think too much. She will be fine. She's good and kind. God won't let anything bad happen to her."

  "Ali, I'm going back to City A this afternoon. I'll come and pick you up from work, okay?"

  "I'll just go home and pick you up from there. I don't think it's a nice idea for you to drive."

  "Okay. Come back here as soon as you can. I want to see my younger brothers there." Luna has always treated Kyle and Luiz as her own younger brothers because she has none. If she has, her parents wouldn't be so strict to her just for the sake of their business.

  In Clover Hotel, the place was shrouded with gloomy atmosphere. Celine didn't feel like working and she missed Cayenne so much. She was the only employee who didn't feel afraid of Celine's strict working attitude. In fact, Cayenne was even thankful for having her as a partner.

  For the very first time, Manager Kim was staying in the lounge far longer than usual. Normally, she would only go there during her breaks or when she needed to find someone. But this time, she had been sitting inside the lounge for almost an hour and she had been staring on the locker that Cayenne used to own.

  The other employees were the same. They have never felt so exhausted in their life until this moment. Cayenne had always been the light of their darkest days. She always lent her ears to them. She always helped them. Whenever she's not busy, Cayenne would chat with them while helping them do their work.

  She was well-liked by everyone except for those jealous monsters.

  It wasn't just Clover Hotel. The companies under Stefan's management, be it his own businesses or the business under the Dumrique's empire, they felt sad for what happened and there was fear accompanying this sadness as well.

  The Stefan without Cayenne was very difficult to deal with compared to the Stefan with Cayenne in his life. And now that the source of his happiness was taken away, they could only imagine how difficult their coming working days would be.

  Shein and Tristan didn't stop working. They still looked for clues and checked the other cities for Cayenne's whereabouts. Since the last touch was at the port, they believed that she was taken away by boat or by ship. However, the fishing port management said that none of their boats and ship left that day; which means, the abductors took Cayenne using private-owned boat or yacht.

  "Tsk! How could he be so careless?! There are many people out there who wanted to take Yenyen away. Why didn't he put more guards around her? He should have used his money on her." Arthur grumbled angrily while looking at the news on his phone.

  "Stop thinking about her. You cannot do anything about that either." His mother stated with a deep sigh. Although she hated Cayenne, she didn't want the woman to experience this horrible incident. "We can only hope that she's alive and kicking."



  "I don't feel the sincerity in your hope."

  "Shut up!"

  In Singapore, Seiji was having a video conference meeting with other shareholders from different cities and countries when someone mentioned Cayenne's incident. They knew that Seiji treated Cayenne as friend so he ought to know about the sad news involving her.

  Seiji's grip tightened on the folder he was holding, crumpling it in the process. His secretary reprinted the documents and gave it to him once again.

  "Book me the earliest flight to City A. I want to see Stefan." Seiji told his secretary who immediately left to book his flight.

  The shareholders stopped talking about Cayenne, afraid that their chairman will lose his mind and blame them.

  Cory, Stefan's grandmother had a heart attack after hearing the news that Dominic and Stanley tried so hard to keep. If she didn't hear the guards talking about their young madam, she wouldn't know about it at all. Because of the too much stimulus, her heart couldn't take it and she fainted. She's not lying on a hospital bed with so many apparatuses connected to her.

  "I'm sorry, sir Stanley. I didn't know that your mother was listening to us." Martin, the bodyguard bowed his head in apology.

  "It's not your fault. Sooner or later, my mother will still know about it. Don't think too much." Stanley gave the man a gentle pat on his shoulder, not blaming him at all.

  David also heard the news and immediately called Luiz to see how he was doing. He knew that Luiz loves his sister so much and treated her as his anchor. If that anchor was taken away – David sighed. He could only imagine how devastated this young man be.

  Kath also called Kyle when she heard the news. It so-happen that her brother Kai was at home so, he listened to their conversation since she wasn't hiding it anyway.

  While everyone was worried sick for Cayenne someone shared the same emotions as Stefan. He was angry towards Stefan and he was angry that someone took Cayenne away. It was none other than Natsu. He had been planning for a long time to get the woman of his dream. He considered a lot of things just to obtain her. And just few weeks before he could lay his hands on her, someone took her away.

  Around 4:00 in the afternoon, Luna and Ali arrived in City A. They went directly to Cayenne's house but they weren't there. One of the bodyguards drove them to the villa instead to allow them to meet Cayenne's family.

  Time quickly passed by and evening came. Ever since Stefan came home and went to his room, he didn't come down once again. He didn't talk to Ali and Luna. He didn't even eat the food that Lucia prepared for him. It was still sitting right outside his room.

  "If this is worrying us, Stefan must have felt twice the worry and fear in his heart. Cayenne has been the center of this world. She's like the gravity that's keeping him intact. I don't know what will happen to him now." Magnus commented with a sigh. They were all facing each other around the dining table but none of them touched their dinner.