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  Cayenne sent a message to Stefan, telling him that she'd be taking a little bit of time since Diana came to talk to her. Stefan was worried at first that her wife will be bullied but since Cayenne told him to stay and wait for her in the car, he could only obey her and wait.

  "So, what do you want to talk about?" Cayenne asked. They were at the back of the science building where many plants have been planted; the same place that she met Noah for the very first time on the first day of class.

  Diana took a step forward and handed Cayenne a letter. She raised her eyebrow at the letter, thinking it must be something to bribe her. When she opened it, her face darkened but she didn't react strongly to it.

  'Can I have your number? I don't want to say something to you because I am being monitored. Grandpa sent other men to check on you and probably take you away when the right time comes. Since you don't want to go with us, I can help you with that.' This was what the letter has stated and Cayenne looked towards the woman in front of her.

  "You hate me so much?" she asked.

  "No. I just don't want anyone else to covet the inheritance that should fall right in my hands, I worked so hard for it and if you come, I know that grandpa will do his best to give it to you."

  "Why do you think he'll give me a piece of your wealth? Why didn't you think that he must have been looking for me to kill me?"

  "W-what?! Hey! Even if you hate us that much, you don't have to accuse my grandpa like some killer."

  "Whatever." Cayenne shrugged her shoulders and rolled her eyes. "Give me your phone." Diana pulled out her phone from her handbag and handed it to Cayenne. After few seconds, Cayenne's own phone rang and on the screen was Diana's number. "I'll save this. Let me know if something related to me happens in your end. You only have one thing to do; prevent your family to get me." Cayenne mumbled softly before turning around to leave.

  "Be careful always." Diana reminded Cayenne which was really out of her character. Even so, Cayenne nodded her head in agreement and continued to walk away.

  Not far from where they stood, two men emerged and went to Diana. The back garden of the science building didn't have many hiding spots so, they had to hide behind a pillar which was a bit far from where the two women were having conversation. Because of this, they didn't hear what they were talking about.

  From Cayenne's condescending look and expression of disgust, they have concluded that she refused to come with Diana again.

  "Young miss, did your cousin refuse your invitation again?" one of the men stated while glancing at Cayenne's retreating figure.

  "Don't let her hear you addressing as my cousin. She will flare up." Diana responded. "So, you've witnessed it yourself. No matter what we do, no matter what kind of bribe we use to entice her, she wouldn't budge at all."

  "Don't worry, young miss. We will surely find a way soon. We will inform the headmaster of your effort."

  "There's no need to tell him about me." Diana started walking out of the place as well with smirk on her face. She's opposed to the idea of Cayenne coming back to them and Cayenne's plans complemented with hers. They will surely get along with each other if there is no bad blood between them.

  Almost half an hour later, Cayenne came out of the gate and found Stefan's car waiting for her. She immediately got inside and kissed her husband who was waiting for her for a while now. "Sorry, I took so long."

  Instead of replying to her, Stefan scanned her from front to her back and from her head to toe. He observed her expression for any slight discomfort but she seemed fine. "She didn't do anything to you, right?"

  "Nope. We have the same goal so she's helping me and also, she's no longer assigned to get me back to their family. Her grandfather sent other people. I'll ask her to send me pictures of those people so that we can prepare against them."

  "That's good to know. Let's go back." Stefan started the engine and finally drove out of the vicinity. The university was closer to the villa but since it was Friday and noon time at that, they took a bit of time to arrive.

  Lucia was in the kitchen, helping the chef of the house to make Lunch. She arrived first with Justin and other guards after Stefan told them to leave and go to the villa first.

  When Cayenne and Stefan arrived, lunch was already prepared and Ferdinand was waiting for them to come home. Magnus didn't even go to work just so he could spend time with his son and daughter-in-law. He also heard about them having a fight but since they appeared together, looking sweet as usual, he ignored that news.

  "Dad, thank you for taking us in. We will be troubling you this weekend. I am so sorry about this." Cayenne tactfully expressed her gratitude and apology which shows that she has a good character.

  "No problem. I am so glad that you have come to stay." Magnus responded. "Come on in. Lunch has been prepared. Let's join my father."

  "Thank you."

  Like usual, Cayenne conversed with Stefan's father and grandfather while Stefan stayed silent beside her. If he's asked a question, he'd answer with a 'yes', 'no', 'hn' and other monosyllabic response. Or if he's not in the mood, he wouldn't answer at all. He only paid attention to Cayenne and no one else.

  In the afternoon, Cayenne played with the dog that Magnus had kept for over two years now. She saw this dog before but she didn't really have the time to play with it for a long time because they spent so short time in the villa before. If such crime didn't happen close to their property, Cayenne was sure that they'd never live in the villa.

  Around four in the afternoon. Jonas came with Kyle and Luiz. They were warmly welcome to the house and Cayenne talked to them as well. They were all anxious of what was happening in their property but Cayenne didn't want to ask the guards about it.

  Around eight in the evening, the whole family, along with the guards and helpers, they ate their dinner while leaving the television open in the living room. For the very first time, Cayenne was paying attention to the news reports but there was no news about the missing children.

  "Stop thinking too much." Stefan commented and placed some dishes on her plate. "Eat properly. You still have so many things to do tomorrow. Trust me, everything will be alright."

  "I trust you. I really do. I just can't stop myself from getting nervous." She whispered back to him, making sure that other people won't hear her cowardly statement.

  Despite the situation and location they were in, Stefan pulled Cayenne a little bit closer and kissed her temple. "Better now?"

  "Hn." Cayenne smiled that even her eyes turned to a crescent moon and her dimples appeared but her smile quickly disappeared as well. "I felt so unlucky these past few days." She mumbled which didn't escape Kyle's hearing. Well, he was sitting beside his sister so, it's not that difficult to hear her mumbling.

  "You are not unlucky, sis. It's just that, some people have horrible ideas and attitude towards you." Kyle commented which made Cayenne raised her head to look at her brother. "Don't ever think you're unlucky."

  "Alright. I won't. Thanks Kyle."

  In the whole family. Cayenne's the only woman which was why, her emotions and her well-being were very important to them. Although Stefan has a grandmother, they didn't spend so much time with them so Cayenne was like the core that's holding everyone together, preventing them to crumble.

  After dinner, the whole family watched and action movie in the theater room on the first floor. In that way, Cayenne's attention will be shifted to something else. It was very effective and she even fell asleep halfway through the movie. Stefan didn't bother finishing it and scooped up his wife to carry her off to their bedroom.

  Supposedly, Friday night shall be spent with them rolling on their bed, love making and such but because she was emotionally distress, Stefan didn't do anything. He might be shameless but when Cayenne's not really up to doing it, he would never force himself.

  "I'm sorry I couldn't put you at ease this time." Stefan whispered and kissed the top of her head. He was upset that she's worried and bothered. He didn't want her to feel that but he couldn't really do anything this time because he's got no hold of what's going to happen. He could only ask Lucian for some news.

  On that same night, Jean Nikko Rule finally ran out of patience and told his men to get Cayenne back using any means possible.