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  Noah and Cayenne did their research in the library and with the bodyguards following them. Stefan kept glancing at the red dot on his computer screen which indicates Cayenne's location. He was still worried for her but since she said that she'll be fine, he tried to relax himself.

  During lunch, Cayenne didn't meet with Stefan. She ate in the cafeteria with Noah and her bodyguards in order to discuss their activity. She was very attentive to al the details he said, making sure that she won't miss a single thing because it will be for her future grades.

  In the afternoon, Cayenne finally used the pen that Shein gave her. She unplugged it from her power bank and placed the pen on her desk in front of her. And because of this, Stefan finally saw the person who found the pen for Cayenne. 'He looked good.' Stefan told himself while watching his wife and the man not so far from her.

  "Why are you taking it out if you are not using it?" Noah asked while stealing glances from the pink pen in front of her.

  'None of your business.' Stefan inwardly stated while observing but of course, no one would hear his thoughts anymore.

  Cayenne smiled while looking at the pen which melted Stefan's heart. She knew that he'd be watching her. "This pen is very important to me and as much as possible, I want to see it every second of every day. It makes me feel closer to my husband."

  "Oh." Noah didn't say anything anymore at the mention of Cayenne's husband. He didn't like it when she's talking about her husband when the two of them were together.

  Seeing the man's intense gaze to his wife, Stefan took a screen shot of his face and sent it to Tristan. "Investigate this man as soon as possible. I want to know if he's a friend or a foe."

  Tristan sent him a thumb's up before starting to dig up for information.

  On the other hand, David finally found something that he could busy himself with. In this way, he could quickly forget the pain caused by his one-sided love for Chris. He looked for works that will suit Luiz and made sure that his school won't be negatively affected.

  Currently, there were five modeling job in his hand which Luiz needed to work on Starting next month. Four of them were for well-known brands while the last one was for an environmentalist campaign. He will be taking photoshoots in a zoo. The last job wasn't decided by David but Luiz himself. He didn't even care if the modeling fee wasn't high as long as he could help. He got famous because of the birds singing around him. This time, he wanted to help other animals with his face. David didn't argue with him. Since Luiz wanted to do it, he can only support him while making sure that nothing bad will happen.

  Suddenly, his phone rang and it was Kai who was calling him. Last time, during the first modeling shoot that the Ardolf brothers took, David had the opportunity to exchange contacts with Kai. They decided to keep in touch with each other and has been exchanging messages since then. Sometimes, they'd talk about modeling works and sometimes they'd talk about his movies. But most of the time, they would just talk about random things.

  David picked up his phone and answered it before taking a seat on the couch at the window of his room. "What's up?"

  "Do you want to watch a movie together?"

  "Movie? That's very sudden. I'm a bit busy at the moment. When do you want to watch it?"

  Kai pursed his lips for a while before answering him. He looked troubled and worn out. "I just needed some distractions. I think if I stay at home, I'll go crazy."

  "Huh? What's the matter? Are you having issues with the movie that you're making now?"

  "Not really. I just thought that it's annoying to have an ex who won't let you go even if he already has someone else."

  'He?' David thought to himself but he didn't want Kai to feel that he was being intrusive so he didn't ask about his sexual orientation. "That really happens sometimes. But did you have a clean break up with your partner?"

  "I think we did. I told him that we're over and that I no longer love him. I even sold the apartment that we used to stay before. I didn't want anything to do with him."

  David nodded his head in understanding while thinking of a way to help him. "Since he's not willing to let you go, why don't you hire a bodyguard to keep him away from you. You can specifically tell your guards to be alert when he comes. In that way, you don't have to worry about him."

  "That sounds good."

  "Right? Also, you can look for someone to pretend as your partner. In that way, he would finally think that you're over with him and that you already found someone else."

  "And where will I find that person?"

  "I don't know. You think about it carefully. If you need help, you can always call me. I'll give you an advice."

  "Then, how about you pretend to be my new date?

  "Excuse me?" David was stunned to hear Kai's suggestion. It's not that he couldn't do it but he was afraid to do it. "I don't think that's possible."

  "Of course, it's possible." Kai insisted. "Besides, you don't need to do anything intense. We'll just pretend to be dating. Just dating."


  "Why not?"

  "I don't want to be seen in the public with my partner. If I'm in a relationship, I'd keep him to myself. I don't to tell the world about him because he will be bashed and scolded by the netizens."

  "In that case, you don't need to worry about me being bashed. I'm quite famous in this area." Kai stated which made David frown deeply.

  "You mean, your relationship was known by the public?"

  "You…you don't really know anything about me?"

  David blinked his eyes several times, not knowing how he should respond to that. He opened his mouth only to close it again. "I don't gossip and I don't talk about other people's business. I seldom use my social media account and I only talk about business with mt clients before. If you ask me about your movies, I know almost all of them but if it's your private life, I have no idea."

  Surprisingly, Kai only laughed at his response. David also smiled knowing that the other person wasn't offended for his lack of knowledge.

  "You are really interesting." Kai commented. "Anyway, since we're friends now, you'll slowly know more things about me."

  "Hn. I'll share some things about me as well."

  "And to put a great effect on that which will both help us, won't you pretend to be my date? I'm fine being bashed."

  "Then, I'll help you on that."

  "Let's watch a movie later, then. We can discuss it after watching a movie."

  "Alright." David couldn't believe himself. In the end, Kai was able to make him agree to his decision. 'Well, it's a good idea to completely forget Chris.' He told himself while listening to Kai's mumbling. They talked about the time and venue of their movie date before finally ending the call.

  David continued to sort out the signed contracts and the unsigned contracts on the table. He needed to look at the unsigned contract later and discuss with Luiz on weekend if he likes to accept some of them.

  As for Luiz, his life was getting busier but he's really an epitome of a smart and well-rounded students. He studies in advance when he didn't have any work to do and when it's time for class, he focuses his attention to it. Every ten in the morning and three in the afternoon, he would dedicate his time to his fans and would talk to them in whispers inside the library in the pretense that they were reading books when they're not.

  Half an hour past noon, they will also come to find him in the cafeteria. Luiz enjoyed their company because they didn't make any ruckus and excessive demands. They would just chat with him like how normal friends would.

  During lunch, he would always eat with Clarisse and his fans would see this but they didn't make any issues regarding this matter. They didn't ask his relationship with Clarisse either. And he was very thankful for that.

  Another person who was very grateful was Natsu. Using his intel, he found that Luiz will be working again next month which means, he will get the best chance to get Cayenne. He had been waiting for so long and he thought that God has blessed him this opportunity. But the truth was far from that.

  As for Diana, she's absent from her class on the next day. She failed again and again so now, her gadgets were taken away from her and her allowance was cut by half. It angers her and because of that, she didn't go to school but that didn't mean she has backed down. She may have been pushed in a corner but she won't accept defeat because this time, she has decided to cooperate with Cayenne. 'We have one common goal…… To keep her away from our family.'