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  Diana pulled a chair and sat in front of Cayenne. The two of them measured each other but not a minute later, Diana pulled back and relaxed her guard. "I won't be arguing with you. I'm here for the earrings."

  "If you have the earrings and it's proven that your lost auntie is my deceased mother, what will happen?"

  "I'm not sure about that. It's grandpa who wanted to bring you back. It's not just the earrings that he wants." Diana responded softly. "I don't know what he's up to but I know for sure that he wanted his family to reunite."

  "Ha!" Cayenne scoffed without hiding her disgust at all. "Family, huh?"

  "Whatever your opinion is, I don't care about that." Diana muttered. "Can I have the earrings now?"

  Cayenne opened her bag and pulled out a small black box. She handed it to Diana and the other party checked it herself. "If it's proven that we're not related, I hope you can stay away from my life. I don't want anything to do with you."

  "You can count me on that. I don't want to be family with you either."

  "Cool." Cayenne smiled and leaned back on her seat. The expression on her face showed relief and it really bugged Diana why Cayenne didn't want to accept them. Truthfully, she was happy that Cayenne didn't like them but she was also bothered by it because she can clearly see the disgust and hatred in her eyes.

  Diana kicked her leg on the floor, giving her chair a push backward and stood up. "Just a farewell note, if proven that you are blood related to us, grandpa will do his best to get you back."

  "Then, can you help me refuse him. You don't like me and I don't like your family. Doesn't that mean we have the same goal which is to keep from each other's life. How about you help me refuse him?"

  "Even if I want to, grandpa will probably break my legs if he finds out."

  "I won't tell. He won't know."

  Diana looked torn between agreeing and not. She hated Cayenne for no reason and she didn't like her but she didn't want to disobey her grandfather as well. After sometime, she raised her head and looked Cayenne directly in her eyes. "I'll think about it."

  "Sure. Let me know as soon as possible."

  Diana left the library without looking back. As for Cayenne, she wasn't the least bit bothered by it because she knew that her husband will always stay to protect her.

  And speak of the devil, the devil comes.

  Cayenne's phone buzzed and it was Stefan's face reflecting on her phone. She answered it immediately while walking out of the library with the bodyguards following her.

  "I'm at the gate already." Stefan told her. He was looking at the gate to see if she's coming out.

  "I'm on my way. Just give me a minute."

  "Hn. Don't run or you'll be tired."

  Cayenne just smiled with his reminder before ending the call. She took out her umbrella and used it because it was very hot at noon. As soon as she got out of the gate, she spotted Stefan's car and got inside into the passenger's seat.

  "I missed you." She leaned over and kissed him first. She said it earlier and she said it again when she sees him. It only proves that she really missed him this time.

  When she was about to pull away from him, Stefan held the back of her head and deepened the kiss. It's not just her who missed him. He missed her, too. Thankfully, the car was tinted or the other students could've seen them already.

  When the two parted, Stefan wiped the corner of Cayenne's mouth with his thumb. "You look sexy after being kissed."

  "Stop it. You're just horny." Cayenne kissed cheek again before finally sitting down properly.

  "How about I eat you instead?"

  "No, can't do."


  "I'm not a food."

  "You look tastier than food." Cayenne grinned but that grin looked threatening to him. "Okay, I won't eat you. I'll wait for Friday." He started the car and the two of them left the university to find a restaurant for lunch. The bodyguards were following them like always.

  Not far from the gate, a man was standing with his head tilted a little in curiosity. He saw Cayenne walking in a hurry earlier and a small pen fell from her blouse. "Guess I have to return it when I see her again." He walked towards the cafeteria with the pen in hand.

  Since Cayenne got a little bit more of time for lunch, she took her time dining with her husband. Sometimes, she'd feed him, ignoring the look that other people threw their way. They talked about her classes this morning and she shared a lot. She didn't get to do this thing with her mother when she was a student but now, she can share her experiences with her husband.

  "By the way, I gave the earrings to Diana." Cayenne told Stefan when she was eating her desserts. Her meal won't be completed without a dessert because she's fond of sweets. Stefan looked at her with questioning gaze without saying anything. "I want them to stop pestering us. I don't know what the old man is up to but I think, Diana will come to a conclusion to help me."

  "Help about what?"

  "Help me to refuse any relationship with them."

  "I bet she will. After all, she didn't want you to have any shares if that's the old man was planning. Anyway, whatever your decision on this matter, I will support you always."

  "And I'm always thankful that you've got my back."

  "So, how will you thank me?" Stefan clasped his hands together and placed it on top on the table while looking at her with obvious mischief.

  Cayenne flicked his forehead and fed him the cake on her fork. "That's my thank you cake."

  Stefan didn't manage to trap her and she didn't fall for his tricks as well. He could only chuckle and chew the cake she fed him. "I love you."

  "Sweet! I love you, too." Cayenne winked at him, a flirtatious move that he didn't expect at all.

  In the afternoon, there wasn't much to do and the teachers weren't as serious as their first class. They gave them time to relax and get to know each other and they also played some games to lighten up the atmosphere. Although they were enjoying it, they all knew that later on, they will be faced with many activities and projects. They can only take this chance to relax a little.

  Cayenne's class ended with nothing much to think of aside from her first subject.

  On the other hand, Luiz was enjoying his class very much. He likes mathematics and loved problem-solving that teachers give them. Although they weren't having serious class yet, their math professor made them play a game that involves math problem. It was a group activity and the group who got many correct answers was the group that Luiz belonged to. Most of the answers came from him as well.

  Although they all passed the entrance examination for Trine Elite University, the students felt that Luiz was on another level. Given that he's also a model, they admired him even more; specially the girls.

  When it was time to come home, he stayed a little bit, waiting for Clarisse to finish her class. They talked a little bit about their first day but when her driver arrived, they needed to bid farewell or Mr. Rodriguez, Clarisse's father, will get mad at her.

  Luiz left with his bodyguards as well to go back home.

  Kyle was different. Since it was the first day of school and there wasn't much to do yet, he took this time to go on a date with Kath. They will have more hectic schedules and more activities to do in the future. So, while they could, they grabbed the chance and spent quality time for themselves.

  It wasn't just them who's having progress with their lives but Rissy, too. With the help of Chris, who stayed by her side all the time after getting the vacation, she was slowly getting back on her feet. Although she didn't talk about what happened to her on that horrible night, she's starting to talk about the happy moments in her life.

  Probably, it was a defense mechanism she put up around her but at the very least, she started talking to them. Sometimes, her former students would call her during their free time or in the evening once they're home.

  The constant person who kept checking on her without missing a day was Luiz. He will talk to her about random stuff for half an hour and she would also respond although, most of the time, it was only Luiz who will talk and talk while Rissy listened to him.

  "Are you going to call her again?" Cayenne asked her brother over dinner.

  "Hn. I'll call teacher Chan after dinner."

  "Send my regards to her and Chris."

  "Okay." Luiz just ate his food without bothering anyone. He seemed to have something in mind but he didn't know if he should say it or not.

  "Do you have something you want to say?" Stefan asked him because he noticed the deep frown on the young man's face.

  Luiz raised his head to look at his brother-in-law before shifting his gaze to his sister. In the end, he decided to keep it and shake his head…… "It's nothing."