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  After changing her clothes to a t-shirt and leggings, Cayenne and Jillyanna started with a warm up for few minutes. "By the way, I've talked to your future secretary already. He will be coming on Monday to apply formally."

  "Is he really good?" Cayenne asked while stretching her arms and legs.

  "He is. You might not know this but, there are some instances that Stefan has to ask Shein for help. And I'm afraid that he won't have enough time to spend with Riley. So, I gifted you a very talented person. Shein even said that this man is more knowledgeable than him."

  "Why won't you tell me his name?"

  "That's a surprise for all of you. If you knew his name, you might slip your tongue and Stefan will know. Then, our surprise will be ruined."

  "Fine. I won't ask anything about him anymore. Thank you so much for helping us, Jill."

  "No, problem. I'm glad to give this person a better place for his talent."

  The two of them continued to talk while stretching their limbs. They needed to do this or else, Cayenne will have muscle cramps and pain later on. Jillyanna didn't want that to happen. After ten minutes of warm up, Jillyanna and Cayenne started their first session.

  For starter, Jillyanna has to teach Cayenne simple things. She didn't really need to do all these things every day but this is just for emergency purposes which probably wouldn't ever happened. Jillyanna planted a person to monitor her and Diana. Stefan also placed a lot of his bodyguards on her. If the enemies can infiltrate them and break their tight security measure, she would really bow down her head to this people.

  "Let's study two defense moves today until you perfect them."

  "Okay. What's the first one?"

  "The first one is called Heel Palm Strike." Jillyanna responded. "So, for this movement…" She started explaining a bit about it an moved several times to show Cayenne how it's done. "You need to look at the eyes of your opponent, focus on it while observing his or her other body parts through your peripheral vision. Also, make sure that you put enough strength to your strike. Don't make a half-baked attack."

  Cayenne started imitating her actions while observing as well. "Are there any specific attacking movements that this defense can be used?"

  "This is very effective to those malicious people who wants to get your body for pleasure. Many women lose their rationality when someone attempts to rape them. It causes them to make unnecessary movements which will expend their strength and anger their enemy. So, if someone does something to you, stay calm and as that man grow closer, use this attacking movement. There're are other movements that you can couple with this as well. You will learn it later on."

  Cayenne listened attentively to Jillyanna's words specially that she's almost raped before. If not for that good man who called someone for help, she would probably have died already.

  They trained for two hours until Jillyanna gave her a satisfying thumbs up. When she's done, she was sweaty and her clothes were wet. "I can't believe that you're very knowledgeable in this area." Cayenne commented while wiping her sweat off with the towel that Stefan prepared for her.

  "I learned it when I was fifteen years old." Jillyanna replied with a faint smile. "I didn't know that I would excel in this field."

  "Why didn't you join the military?"

  "Hmm, my sister is there already."

  "Sister? Which one?"

  "Winter. Lieutenant Colonel Winter Avery. She's my husband's cousin but before I knew they're cousin, we came from the same training school and she's a sister of me."

  "Oh. I see. Ever since I married Stefan, I learned so many things."

  "Learning is good."

  'Knock! Knock! Knock!'

  The door was opened and it was Auntie Sisi, Jillyanna's helper. "Jill, we're having a little bit of trouble."

  "What happened auntie?"

  "Ethan…he…Ethan doesn't want to let go of Jade."

  "What do you mean?"

  Auntie Sisi went inside and handed the telephone to Jillyanna. "It's ma'am Jackie. She's been trying to reach you but you're not answering your phone."

  "Oh! Sorry about that. I forgot where I placed my phone." she received the telephone and answered Jackie's call. "Sorry. I don't where I place my phone. I'm currently training with Cayenne."

  "Sis, what should I do with this little guy? When Jade arrived, he's been clinging to her. He didn't want to let go of her at all. Should I just knock him out?"

  "No. Don't. Don't do that. He's sick already and you're planning to knock him out? That will make things worse."

  "So, what should I do? If we don't get home by four, your husband will get angry. Jade and I will be doomed."

  "I'll take it from here. Can you give your phone to Ethan?"

  "Sure." There was a rustling sound on the other end of the line before a hoarse and raspy voice came through. "Auntie Jill."

  "Ethan, how are you?"

  "I'm not okay. Auntie Jackie wants to take Jade away from me. I don't want her to go home. If she goes home now, she won't come back to me anymore." Jillyanna couldn't see the young man but base on his voice, he's definitely crying. 'My goodness! What's wrong with this child? Should I just let Jackie knock him off?' Jillyanna thought with throbbing headache. "She will come back to you. Trust me, okay? I will let her come back to you tomorrow. As for now, Jade needs to go home. If you won't let her go home, your uncle Travis will get mad and he will no longer allow you to visit her."

  "But I saw it. She left and didn't come back."

  'He must be seeing things because of his fever.'

  "Ethan, you need to let Jade go home for now. She won't disappear, I promise you." It was his mother Tiffany, trying to convince her child but Ethan wouldn't just give in.

  Jade took a deep breath and sighed. "Can I talk to my mom?"

  Ethan nodded his head and gave the phone to Jade. Seeing her pitiful expression, Jade wiped his tears away with the tissue on the bedside table. "Mom, can you buy me some time? I'll be back by five. I promise."

  "Okay. I'll let your father know. Don't mention about Ethan clinging to you or your father will flip our house over."

  "Hn. I understand." Jade ended the call and handed the phone back to Jackie. "Can you all go out for a while? I want to talk with Ethan alone."

  Jackie, Tiffany and Ethan's nanny went out of the room to give them space. They didn't know why but it felt like they were leaving two lovers alone in a room. It didn't sit well in Tiffany's heart. If her son does something outrageous towards Jade, Travis will surely kick them down to their grave. She was pacing back and forth in front of Ethan's room with so much worry in her face.

  Fifteen minutes later, Jade opened the door and came out of the room. "I will be back tomorrow morning. Please take care of him for me. Don't forget to let him take the medicine on time. And also, if he will look for me again, just give him this letter." Jade handed the letter to Tiffany. "Auntie, I will go home now. My father will be angry if I don't arrive there on time."

  "Thank you, Jade. I didn't really want to impose on you but that child depends on you so much. I don't know what to do with him anymore."

  "It's okay, auntie. I like Ethan anyway."

  Jackie and Tiffany froze on their spots and didn't know what to say. But then again, a 'like' of a child and the 'like' of adults, they're different right? Right? That's what they thought. But they didn't really know what the children were really thinking.