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  When they finished shopping, the bodyguards, for the very first time were holding several shopping bags that contains Cayenne's things. Before, it was always Stefan who would bring her items while the guards would bring Stefan's or everyone else's items.

  "Where shall we go next?" Reuben asked his daughter but Cayenne was shaking her head this time. "You don't want to spend time with me anymore?"

  "Dad, it's not that I don't want to spend time with you but this is really too much. My bodyguards will have sore arms while carrying these things to the parking lot."

  "They're not heavy at all. And your guards are strong." Reuben commented. "You can be honest with me, you know."

  "Ah? What do you mean dad?"

  "You can just tell me that you want to leave and find your husband."

  Cayenne chuckled awkwardly having her inner thoughts exposed but she can't really lie again to her father. She lied earlier already. "Dad, how about you come to our house on Wednesday? I'd cook for you and Ingrid. We can spend the whole day at home."



  "Ingrid will be happy to hear this news. Make sure that you won't forget this. We will surely come to see you."

  Since she made a promise to have them visit her house, Cayenne and Reuben stopped shopping anymore and just decided to call it a day.

  The guards brought all the shopping bags to the back of the car and Cayenne got inside as well. "Dad, thank you so much for seeing me today. I really had a great time. And thank you for the things you bought for us. My husband will be very happy to see them."

  Even without seeing them yet, Stefan was already smiling from ear to ear when he was watching them shop. He wasn't happy because Reuben chose expensive items or that Reuben bought lots of gifts. What made him happy was that they're all matching outfits. The only thing which wasn't a couple outfit was the three dresses he bought for Cayenne but Stefan knew he'd be able to find something to pair with it from his closet.

  "I'm glad that you came to find me, too. Although, I'm hoping that next time, you'll come and visit our home instead of meeting in a café."

  "I'll try to do that."

  "Hn. Take care of yourself and let me know once you've arrived safely to your husband."

  "Yes, dad. Thank you so much. I'll see you next time."

  Cayenne kissed her father's cheek before closing the door of the car.

  Not far from them, Natsu was watching with his new fling which was Stefan's ex-employee. The two of them have taken a lot of pictures without anyone noticing them. Well, it's not that no one noticed them. The woman that Jillyanna assigned to follow Cayenne was able to see everything but since she wasn't told to do anything except for that woman named Diana, she didn't intercept these two fools lurking around Cayenne.

  In any case, she knew that whatever these two were planning, it will bite them back ten folds.

  Cayenne checked the time and found out that it was almost five in the afternoon and it was traffic, too. She turned off the pen and called Stefan with her phone instead.

  "Miss me?" Stefan questioned the moment he picked up the phone and answered her call. His confidence was brimming.

  "I am but I will be late. I'm caught in a traffic."

  "I have expected that." Stefan responded but he wasn't disappointed since he knew that his wife had a great time and she was safe as well. "How about we eat dinner outside? We haven't done that in a while."

  "Right. We've been too caught up with a lot of things. You pick a place and I'll just go there directly."

  "Sure." Stefan browsed on his laptop to find a restaurant that they could dine. "There's a restaurant in City B named Faria. It's a nice restaurant and many celebrities like to go there as well. This must be worth a try. Let's meet there. I have made a reservation for us already."

  "Okay. I'll head out directly to that place. I'll see you later."

  "Hn. I'll see you."

  The call ended so Cayenne turned on the pen once again for Stefan to see where she was at. Since he couldn't really keep bringing his laptop, Stefan opened the app that Shein installed on his phone. In that way, he can still see where she was through his phone.

  He picked up his coat and keys and left the office after locking it. "I'll be heading out first. Once you're done with work, you can go home as well. No need to work overtime."

  "Yes, boss." Elena answered.

  Chris didn't say anything but his fingers were dancing across his keyboard. He was typing faster than usual while keeping his eyes on the time. He was counting the minutes to the end of this shift.

  "This is so unfair." Elena muttered to herself while watching her boss leave so early and Chris who was also trying to finish his work as soon as he can. Obviously, they were rushing time because they have a date waiting for them.

  And since she's single, every time she comes home, she would only watch k-drama or anime, or sing or dance to a BTS song. There wasn't a date waiting for her.

  Elena sat back on her chair and continued to work. She wanted to finish her work for the day and go home as soon as possible. "Hmp! Soon. I will have a boyfriend and we will go on dates, too. Just wait and see." She arranged the documents for tomorrow and finalized Stefan's schedule. "C'mon. Law of attraction, where are you now? I want a boyfriend so attract a kind man to come and find me. Law of attraction. Law of attraction don't be selfish."

  "What are you muttering?" Chris questioned her who was standing right beside her. "It's time to go home. You finish that up and go home as well."

  Elena just nodded her head while pursing her mouth. Her mind was still urging the law of attraction to come and find a boy for her. Is that even how it works?