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  Stefan hugged his wife happily and kissed her temple again and again. He was so happy to see her in flesh and blood. "I missed you so much."

  Cayenne chuckled and kissed his face. "I missed you, too." She pulled away from him and looked at him for few seconds. "You're doing better this time."

  "Hn. I managed to hold on. If Travis didn't invite me for lunch, I don't know what could've happened to me."

  "You're exaggerating again." She pushed his chest while keeping a bright smile. "By the way, I'm still cooking with Jill so, you stay in the living room."

  "Thankfully, you still remember me and your dish. I thought you'd completely forget us after your husband showed up." Jillyanna exclaimed teasingly while holding a spatula. "How did you know he's arrived by the way?"

  "Don't ask me about that." Cayenne waved her hands several times to dismiss this question but Stefan was also curious how she knew that he came. Base on his knowledge, Travis wouldn't tell her about his arrival and Jillyanna wouldn't do it as well. And he was right. But how did she know? "Just ask me anything but this."

  "Why?" Both Jillyanna and Stefan asked at the same time. They really wanted to know how.

  Cayenne blushed under their curious gazes and her face was starting to feel really hot. Her forehead was even dotted with sweats. "How come you become gossipy all of a sudden?" She returned a question which stumped the two for words. Jillyanna went back to cooking and Stefan handed the box of cake to his wife. "What's this?"

  "For dessert." He coughed twice and leaned to kiss the tip of her nose. "I'll be at the living room but don't think you'll get away with my question." He whispered and left the kitchen to give the two women some space.

  Cayenne didn't really want to answer that question though. If she answers it, he will surely think she's a pervert.

  The two of them continued to cook for lunch while she tried her best to figure out some excuses for Stefan.

  Meanwhile, Diana Rule was getting more and more fixated on Cayenne. She didn't know why but she believed that she's getting closer to the answer about her auntie. But if her conjectures were right, her grandfather was bound to be disappointed because Cayenne's mother was dead.

  In front of her was a laptop showing all kinds of information that she was able to get using just a single picture of her. If Stefan was bold enough to take pictures of her for investigation, she was also able to do the same. She first uploaded the picture on her laptop and searched in a browser using the picture. Several photos of Cayenne showed up and she knew that she was on the right track. She found her name and using that she searched for more information since she's considered a public figure after marrying Stefan.

  Sadly though, she met a dead end. The only information she could find were the details from Cayenne's social media account. There wasn't many news related to her.

  "Are they just similar or is there any connection?" Diana mumbled while scrolling through Cayenne's social media account. There were so many photos of her and her brothers. There were photos of her and Stefan as well. There were just so many things in her profile but she couldn't find any picture of her mother. "Let's keep scrolling." She told herself while scrolling down and down, down and down for several minutes, checking pictures after pictures in her account.

  When she was just about to give up, she saw a picture of Cayenne in a silver dress, raising a glass of wine while holding on to her husband. But it wasn't the dress that caught her attention, or the wine or her sweet smile. It was her earrings. It was a pair of amethyst heart-shaped earrings with small diamonds inlaid on the sides of the heart. She couldn't be wrong.

  Diana jumped down from her bed and picked up her laptop. She ran out of her room and looked for her grandfather. Only he could verify if the earring was the real thing or not.

  "Stop running down the hallway." Artemis told her sister when she almost bumped into her. "What's gotten into you?"

  "Where's grandpa?" Diana asked.

  "He's in the living room. He's –" before she could finish, her sister already ran past her. Instead of running down the staircase, she sat on the wooden banister and slid down from the second floor to the ground floor. It was a dangerous thing to do but to her, it was just a child's play. She landed on her steady feet and walked towards her grandfather.

  "Excuse me for suddenly disturbing your conversation." She bowed her head lightly towards the man who was talking to Jean Nikko Rule. "Grandpa, can you give me a minute of your time? I'd like you to check on this." She placed the laptop in front of her grandfather and enlarged Cayenne's picture.

  "Who is she?"

  "She's the one I told you about. I've ran into her a few times so, I decided to look into her background. Guess what I found?" she enlarged the picture and hovered her mouse to the earrings that Cayenne was wearing. "Is it grandmother's earrings?"

  The old man raised his trembling hand to touch the picture on the screen. He felt nostalgic and at the same time, indignant to see that someone else was wearing this pair of items. "Get this woman here. Bring these earrings back to me."

  "Yes, grandfather." Diana took her laptop back and left. The smile on her face widened as she slowly walked upstairs. "Hehehe. Even though you're her daughter, grandpa will never accept you. I will still be his favorite girl." At first, she was worried that the old man was looking for Amethyst to give the inheritance but seeing that the woman was no longer around and that Cayenne wasn't favored, she was elated at the very least. 'If she doesn't want to come to us, I'll help her. If she covet what's mine, I'll kill her."