Chapter 440 - SECOND CHANCE
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  Thirty minutes later, the meeting was ended with the approval from the shareholders. Although there were some who disagreed with his project and didn't choose to invest, Stefan didn't care about it. As long as majority wins, he can always find someone else to invest on his project.

  He went back to his office with Elena and right outside his door, two men were standing, eyeing each other up. One was looking in disdain and displeasure while the other was looking with confusion and helplessness.

  "Get inside." Stefan stated as he strode inside. He placed his personal laptop on the coffee table and received his work-related laptop from Elena. "Sit down." He told these two men without looking at them. His tone of voice already showed it wouldn't be a good conversation. He looked expressionless but the way he spoke can send a chill down someone's spine. He's very cold.

  Joel sat up straight in front of him with his heart trembling in anxiousness. He knew that he wouldn't be fired but the problem was that, his family will be affected. Jason was his cousin and they shared the same lineage of blood and the same surname. What will happen to the other will also affect him in the process.

  While he was trembling, at the point of breaking down, his cousin looked at ease and calm. There was even a slight smile on his face.

  Stefan typed for few minutes on his laptop before putting it down on the table, having the screen facing them. "Would you please explain to me what's happening?"

  On the screen were two different spreadsheets. These were documents of the recent projects that Joel took up and the miscalculation of funds. Basically, the data that was placed were correct but the total was wrong. Each project was compared with another set of calculation. One was the calculation data made by Joel and another calculation data which was tampered with Jason.

  "Sir, I didn't really do any of these." Joel told Stefan stiffly. He was facing his boss head on but his eyes were restless from fear.

  "Are you saying I did this?" Jason questioned and his voice was dripping coldness while looking at his junior cousin, obviously threatening him with a glare.

  Knowing that Stefan would side with the truth and the honest people, Joel didn't cower this time. He didn't let his cousin bully him and put all the blame on him this time. "I didn't say it was you. All I'm saying is that it wasn't me. I didn't even mention your name."

  "But there are only the two of us here. Are you saying that the boss did these, then?" Jason taunted but his face was already showing a sign of anxiety and fear.

  Joel didn't back down at all. When he glanced Stefan, the boss was busy watching his wife on the screen but he looked at them from the corner of his eyes. "The boss needed an explanation. I didn't put any blame on you."

  Stefan leaned back on the couch and crossed his legs while watching the two of them. "If you're honest with me, it will be a minimal damage to you and your reputation. If you won't be honest and place the blame on someone else, I will not only fire you but make sure that you won't be able to do any finance-related work.

  Drop. Jason dropped to his knees and kneeled in front of Stefan, kowtowing for forgiveness. He knew. When Stefan said those words, he knew that the boss has come prepared to eliminate all rotten eggs from his business. If he casted the blame to his cousin, Stefan still knew the truth and would no doubt, expose him.

  He can only admit to his mistakes.

  "I'm sorry, sir. I'm really sorry. I didn't really mean to do all these things. I was envious that he's getting more projects than me so, I did such horrible things."

  "So, the funds added to these calculations, where did it go?"

  Jason and Joel looked at each other, both of them showed a clueless expression on their faces. "Surely, I don't have it." Jason responded with a blank look. "I only know how to tamper the calculation but I didn't pocket any of these excess funds."

  "I don't have it either. I always check my bank accounts for any transfer of funds and there was nothing that showed these excess amounts." Joel also mentioned.

  Of course, there wouldn't be. Stefan would always double check the calculation before approving it. Which means, there was no excess funds in any projects that Joel handled. He was just trying to test them for one last time.

  Stefan took his laptop and closed it before giving it to Elena so that she can place it on his table. "I hope this will serve as a lesson for both of you. My company isn't a battle ground for you to vent your anger and do shameless things for revenge. You both get to where you are now because of your own capabilities. Jason, I'm really disappointed in you. In the past, you've been doing an excellent job and you never make any mistake. Now, not only you harm your colleague but you harm my company as well. And Joel isn't just your colleague, he is your cousin. I don't know what family issues you have but don't bring it in my business."

  "I'm really sorry, sir. Please give me one last chance. I won't do it again. I really like my job here." Jason bowed his head again and again, hoping that Stefan would forgive him.

  Stefan took a deep breath and sighed. "Thankfully, this doesn't concern my wife or you would definitely lose your job. You will be demoted from your position. In the next three years, reflect on your behavior and do your best. I will not fire you and I won't say anything about this matter. You can make your own excuses as to why you're being demoted. The next time I find something unethical as this, you can say goodbye to any work from anywhere of this country."