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  It's still very early in the morning but Erwin felt so tired already. He didn't know if he could last a day with her around. She's not only exhausting him physically but she wasn't good for his heart either.

  "You'll be staying here." Erwin pushed the door open to the guest room. It was spacious and complete with room furniture and one thing she noticed was that, it looked exactly the same as the guest room of Stefan's property in Tuscany, Italy.

  "I love this. Thank you." She jumped on the bed like a child would and laid her body in a careless manner. "Just put my things there. I'll take care of it later."

  Erwin didn't say anything and just left her suitcase to the side of the bed.

  "I haven't eaten my breakfast yet." Sabrina mentioned while looking at him. "Can you cook for me?"

  "I'm not your chef, alright? I was only told to look after your safety, not become your servant during your stay."

  "Cooking for me is looking after my safety, too. I shouldn't become hungry or I will faint."

  "Whatever. What do you want to eat?"

  "Anything that you'd make. And please bring it here in my room later."

  Erwin's frown was becoming deeper as time passes by but Sabrina didn't give him a leeway. She'll annoy him all the time. When Erwin left to cook her food, she was left all alone in her room. A wide grin appeared on her face, making her look silly yet cute.

  Meanwhile, Cayenne and their whole family where having a great time. With the help of the local guide that the hotel provided, they were able to see a lot of beautiful places. There was also a Taoist Shrine in the island that many female tourists would like to visit, especially those who wanted to have a baby. The god that the people prayed to was said to be the god of fertility. Of course, Cayenne won't let this pass.

  Helpless with all her whims, Stefan just followed his wife wherever she wanted to go. He's the happiest when his wife was smiling brightly.

  "Hon, let's pray together for a child, okay?"

  "Sure. I'll pray for the baby to come after two years."

  "Hmp!" she snorted which made Stefan chuckle. And then, a funny plan formed in her mind.

  They left to visit the shrine when a call came in from Erwin. Seeing his name flashing on her phone screen, Cayenne couldn't stop laughing. "Yes?" One simple word but Erwin heard the faint traces of laugher from it.

  "Young mistress, you are so cruel. You should've told me in advance that she's coming. I haven't prepared myself to be the servant of this princess yet."

  "You can do it." Cayenne cheered. "You don't have to be so uptight around her."

  "I don't think I can do that."

  "You can. I trust you which is why I left you to look after her."

  "No, you just want to tease me."

  The two of them talked for almost five minutes before Erwin ended the call. He was currently cooking for Sabrina who was still holed up in her room.

  "Sir Erwin, the woman that came earlier, who is she?" Daisy asked while washing the vegetables that Erwin wanted to use.

  "She's a friend to the boss." Erwin responded while drinking a glass of water to calm himself.

  "Oh! I thought she's your girlfriend who came to visit you."

  'Pfft! Cough! Cough!'

  The water that didn't make it to his stomach yet came out of his mouth and was sprayed on the table. He was so startled with her words. "Little girl, don't make such scary remarks."

  Daisy was holding back her laughter while handing him some tissue and cleaning cloth to wipe the table. "I was just saying my observation. And you look good together."

  "Nah! That princess won't look good with a peasant like me. Anyway, don't think too much." Erwin waved his hand to dismiss the idea that Daisy was having.

  After half an hour, he came knock on her door and Sabrina opened it for him. He was holding a tray of foods and this time, she has already changed her clothes and unpacked her things. "Your food. I'll be staying the living room so, once you're done, just call me and I'll come and get the tray and empty dishes."


  He opened his mouth only to close it again. He really wanted to ask her something but he was hesitant about it.

  Noticing his expression, Sabrina took the chance to speak first. "I want to take a rest after breakfast but, can you give me a tour in the afternoon?"

  "You're not going somewhere?"

  "I'll be going out tomorrow."

  Erwin nodded his head in understanding and smiled faintly, something he wasn't aware he's doing it. "Well, just call me if there's anything you need."


  He left her room once again and decided to stay in the living room to make it easier for her to call him if needed. But since he's left with nothing to do, he took out his computer from his own room and decided to play a game to pass the time. He looked at the small little red riding hood icon on his friends list. It's inactive for almost 12 hours already.

  He ignored this matter and thought that his friend would probably go online at night. But he was bound to get disappointed.

  On the other hand, the sweet couple was having so much fun. After visiting the shrine, the local guide showed them some of the places that they can go on adventures but some of these places weren't good for old people, so Jose and Cory decided to go back to the hotel first to take a dip in a hot spring.

  To make their adventure even more fun, Stefan and Cayenne decided to have a contest for their family. The EZ adventure park had many obstacle courses that you have to take and the last one was bungee jumping. They will have to do rock climbing and once they reached the peak of the course, they will have to take a zip line to another obstacle course which was to do sky biking. After the bike, they will have to cross the hanging bridge which wasn't really high then, they will have to climb a tree using a rope and after that, they will wave to ride another zip line to arrive the last course.

  The first three people to finish all the courses will be given a prize. And to make it more interesting, they picked other contestants from the crowd who wanted to take the adventure as well.

  Cayenne explained the mechanics of the contest and the players didn't have to worry about their safety because there were many people who will look after them.

  While they're group was having fun, Erwin was bugged by Sabrina at home. She said that she'd take a rest but then, she changed her mind and wanted to have a tour of the place to get herself familiar and to know which places her off limits for her. Erwin had to introduce everyone to her as well in order for her to know which people belong to their property and who weren't.

  "This whole place, is this really owned by Cayenne?" Sabrina asked while looking at the dense forest not far from them. There were many trees around her and there were very few houses you can see. During her trip to her property, she only saw three houses and they were far apart from one another.

  Erwin had his hands on his back as he walked slowly beside her, matching her small steps. "This is given to her by her father."

  "Oh! I thought she's poor. I heard a lot of rumors about her being poor and that she used to be Stefan's employee."

  "Those are actually true." Erwin looked up into the sky but the sun was too bright he needed to raise his hand to block the shining rays. "Young mistress has a very complicated background. Anyway, if you want to know about these things related to her then, just ask her when she's back."

  "Then how about you?" Sabrina changed the subject from Cayenne to him. It was a very good technique to know someone. "How did you get to know them?"

  "Her father picked me up."

  "Picked you up? What are you? A cat?"

  Erwin chuckled, for the very first time, he laughed around her when he's always grumpy and looked annoyed when she's around. "It's literally that. He picked me up like how other people pick up some dogs or cats on the streets."

  "Now, we have something in common." Sabrina smiled brightly at him. "I never said this to anyone and if I may say, only Stefan figured this out. I'm actually adopted, too. I was also picked up by my current parents in front of their gate. They couldn't have any child because my mother has a problem with getting pregnant. I may be an accident to my biological parents but I'm a blessing to my foster parents now. Don't you think we're a perfect match?!"

  Unexpectedly, Erwin knocked her forehead and threw a bucket of cold water over her head. "We're not a match. Stop thinking nonsense."