Chapter 381 - FAMILY DINNER II
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  Soon, their foods were served and Stefan was done reading the contract that Kyle handed him. There was a frown on his face which worried Kyle and Luiz. They're both smart but they don't know much about the entertainment industry. At the same time, they knew that there were many hidden works and agendas in this industry which always worries Cayenne. She didn't want her brothers to be wronged when all they wanted was to model for work. And that's why Stefan was tasked to read the contract for them. He needed to spot those 'hidden' clauses.

  "Is there something wrong with it?" Cayenne asked as she put her hand on his wrist.

  Stefan shook his head and gave the papers back to Kyle. "You can sign it. There are no problems with it. In fact, you got more benefits in this work. It made me doubt the contract for a little while. I mean, for starters, there were just too much for you."

  "That's what I thought so when I looked at it." Kyle responded. "I thought there was something wrong with it and that they're traps set for us."

  "I'll call the magazine director later. Don't sign it yet before I get confirmation. Anyway, let's eat for now." He finally started eating his food that Cayenne had placed on his plate.

  They chatted over dinner but since it was a good event, Stefan didn't ask anything that involved his past and his mother. They didn't even talk anything that involves his parents. Most of the time, they only talked about the future of the children as well as Cayenne's plan of going back to school.

  With everyone's plan falling into places, Stefan was starting to worry for himself. And in fact, he was the only one worried. Cayenne seemed to be enjoying so much.

  After dinner, they all bid farewell and went home. Now, the guards were divided once again. It surprises Stanley and his parents that Stefan would give them several body guards. Dominic was not bothered with it at all. And he was very closed to the guards since he spent time with them during the trip and somehow, he knew little things about them.

  When they reached home, Stefan pulled Cayenne for a hug and buried his face on the crook of her neck. He just wanted to embrace her like this for the rest of their lives. His anxiety was starting eat him before she could even start her plans. "Honey, can't I really come with you to school?"

  "You can't."

  "But I really have to see you."

  "You can call me during breaks."

  "I want to see you all the time."

  Cayenne was speechless and she started to waiver in front of him. She also didn't want to leave him but if this continues, they wouldn't be able to move forward. She didn't want to affect his work that much knowing that he has so many responsibilities to shoulder.

  "Stefan, I know that this is really frustrating and causes us to have anxiety but, we both need this to grow. You want me to study and I'm accepting this. However, you can't sacrifice your work for my studies. There are things that we needed to do separately. In any case, let's just take this one step at a time. We'll get use to this."

  "But I don't want to get used to this."

  Cayenne sighed helplessly as she rubbed his back to comfort him. "Sorry for doing this."

  Stefan didn't say anything because he knew he couldn't change her mind this time. He could only hug her to comfort himself a little.

  And so, Cayenne was punished after having their baths. She had to make up for the time that they'll be separated. They made love until she was thoroughly exhausted, she didn't want to get up anymore.

  "Are you still thinking of pursuing your plans?" Stefan whispered as he laid on their bed beside her. He didn't even pull out himself from her yet.

  "I won't change my mind no matter how many times we do it. But love, can we stop now? You know that my stamina can't keep up with you."

  Stefan kissed the side of her neck and smiled. "Let me stay like this for a while. I won't do it again."


  They just cuddled together, ignoring the stickiness they felt with their bodies pressed on each other.

  On the other hands, Chris was still lying on the bed inside the guest room of Rissy's house. After collapsing in front of her, Rissy could only ask her father for help to carry him to bed.

  "He didn't run away? He's the first to withstand what he saw and just stayed there to continue watching your room." Her father commented when he carried Chris to bed earlier.

  "He was probably too shocked to even move an inch." Rissy whispered with a trace of sadness and disappointment in her voice.

  After putting him to bed, she just stayed by his side while reading some messages from her students. She didn't reply to the chat group but she reads all the messages that she missed. They were just sharing their experiences for the day.

  After two hours of being unconscious, a frown appeared on his forehead as he started to wake up. Rissy looked at him before looking back to her phone. As soon as he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the white ceiling. He looked to the side and found that he was inside a normal room and Rissy was sitting on a chair next to him.


  This was the first word that came out of his mouth. He wanted to know why she showed those things to him. It was like seeing to the deepest part of her soul and her mind. It was like he's invading so much of her when he only informed her few things of himself.

  Rissy looked at him and smiled. "Because I'm not really a kind person. I'm not an angel. I'm not perfect. I'm not good. I wanted to show you the evilness that I've had since I was young."

  "But that is not really the case, right? You were bullied."