Chapter 351 - TEEN LOVE III
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  Some of their classmates were planning to take pictures at the photo booth as well and they saw Luiz walking with a pretty lady beside her. They were even smiling happily while talking about some things that only the two of them knew. Sean frowned but when he realized who it was, his eyes bulged in surprise. Before he could say anything, one of their classmates already ran towards Luiz.

  "Yo! Where's Clarisse? Didn't you ride the Ferris wheel together?"

  Luiz looked at his classmate then he looked back to Clarisse. "Is the difference so big that he didn't recognize you?" Luiz asked Clarisse who was half hiding her face with the teddy bear.

  Their classmate was stunned to hear the words and he couldn't stop blinking his eyes while looking at the woman in front of him. "No way! There's no way! You just rode a Ferris wheel and you become like this?! Holy cow!"

  "What are you fussing about?" Another classmate asked while looking at Luiz and to the woman beside him.

  "Do you recognize her?" the first classmate who approached them asked.

  "No. How would I recognize someone I just met?" the second classmate retorted.

  "How about you Sean? Do you know her?" the first classmate asked Sean.

  Sean snorted and raised the corner of his lips into a mocking smile. "I may not be as intelligent as these two but I still have brain. Of course, I recognize her. Isn't this Clarisse?"

  "Clarisse?!" Everyone who came with them was shocked to the point that their jaws were dropping to the ground.

  The all looked at her from head-to-toe which made her hide her face even more until only her eyes are showing to them. They just couldn't believe it.

  "How did you know it's her?" Someone asked Sean and the latter felt like smacking his classmate on the face.

  Sean pointed at Clarisse's bag and dress. "Didn't Clarisse wear these clothes when we left? She was also bringing this sling bag. And besides, who left with Luiz's earlier? Wasn't it her? There's no way Luiz would leave her so suddenly after so many years of –"

  Luiz looked at him and Sean halted his words. "We're going first. You guys can enjoy. We still have several minutes left before leaving." Luiz led Clarisse away from them and the two of them looked for a place they could sit and talk once again. "You know what, I'm happy that most our classmates weren't paying attention to you."


  "Because it means, I'm the only one who knows a lot of things about you."

  "Like what?"

  Luiz thought for a while as he composed his thoughts. "You're allergic to shrimps. You like drinking strawberry milk juice. You would wear headset when it's time to study. You like eating mint candies when thinking. You like butterflies. And you like…" Luiz listed lots of things that he noticed about her. It was not until this point that Clarisse realized how much he paid attention to her.

  "Sean knows that you like me?" She asked because she heard what Sean said earlier and even though he stopped, he was till able to get its meaning.

  "Well, Sean, Chloe and I practically grew up together. We were very close since we were young and we like to hangout together as well. They already noticed it when we were still in primary. They thought it was just a passing feeling that will change over time but as we continued to grow, my feelings remained the same. They found me staring at you several times and smiling at you even though you weren't doing anything special."

  "Why didn't you say anything until now?"

  "Then, let me ask the same thing. Why didn't you say anything until now?" Luiz returned her question but he still answered first because she asked him first. "In my case, my priority was to study hard and get scholarships to lessen my sister's burden. Second, we're still young. Third, I'm not sure how things will end between us. I was thinking it would be very awkward if I confessed to you while we're still studying and get myself rejected. So, I waited until we graduate. I thought it would be fine if I get rejected. In any case, we'd be going on our separate ways after this. I didn't expect that things would go well and we're even planning to enroll in the same university. Isn't it our fate working to bring us together?"

  Clarisse smiled and nodded her head. She was really happy to hear his words and at the same time, she did the right thing to confess now. At this point, everything's settled and they're finally free of being classmates.

  The two of them talked about different things and not far from them, hiding from the crowd, Cayenne was taking pictures of her brother's date, sending them to her stepfather and Kyle. Earlier, they went back to Stefan's car to put their stuff toys but when they came back, they found Luiz walking with a pretty lady beside him. Thus; Cayenne stopped and secretly took pictures of them.

  "Looks like someone's going to have another daughter-in-law soon." Cayenne messaged within the chat group that she created for her family. Luiz was included in that group as well but since he was busy with Clarisse, he didn't pay attention to his phone.

  "She's good." Jonas commented.

  "Isn't this the top 2 of their class?" Kyle asked in the group chat.

  "Good eyes my dear brother." Cayenne responded. "And guess what? She was also planning to go to Trine just like Luiz. Isn't it fate? Luiz didn't even tell anyone that he's enrolling to Trine."

  Cayenne chatted with her family with a wide smile on her face. Watching her childish behavior, Stefan couldn't help but steal a kiss from her.

  "Hey! We're in the crowd."

  "But you're neglecting me. You're not paying attention to me anymore." Cayenne rolled her eyes at him but at the same time, she placed her phone inside her bag and held his hand. "Where do you want to go?"

  "Anywhere as long as I'm with you."

  Cayenne looked down on her feet to hide her blushing face. Whenever, wherever, there were really times that his simple words can make her heart skip a beat. She felt so foolish yet happy.

  "Alright. Let's go and ride pirate ship together." Cayenne intertwined their fingers together and led him to the booth to buy tickets for the pirate ship.